598 Preparing for Battle

    "Uncle, it's your call. They were the ones that stabbed you," said Jiang Fei as he turned to Si Tujianxin.

    "Well... It's enough to just teach them a lesson. There's no need for anyone's death."

    Si Tujianxin was a gang member himself. He understands that the gangs in China were never the same as those overseas. China had things under control. The weapons they used were at most, knives that could cut watermelons. At the very end, China's gang members were only a bunch of delinquents.

    In normal street fights, there was never a case where someone would end up dead. At most, they would either lose a finger or two, get broken bones, or pass out in the streets. If someone was killed, it would definitely be a serious case. None of them were like Han Tianyu, who could simply kill over a hundred men just with a simple call. It was a feat that not even Si Tujianxian could do.

    "Ok. Uncle had said it. Brother Yu, try not to kill anyone. However, I cannot forgive those who had stabbed my uncle. Please see to it that they would never be able to stab anyone again!" said Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei wanted no one would be killed, but the people who stabbed Si Tujianxin must be punished severely.

    "Phew..." Si Tujianxin sighed in relief. He was glad that Jiang Fei did not ask Han Tianyu to kill anyone. Knowing from his position, things would only get uglier. On the other hand, he was thankful for Jiang Fei as he did not want a man's death to be in his conscience for the rest of his life.

    However, unbeknownst to Jiang Fei and Si Tujianxin, Han Tianyu had ordered at least ten of those that were involved in the stabbing chained up and tossed into the ocean to be drowned.

    Naturally, if Jiang Fei knew what Han Tianyu had done, he would not be affected by it. One of the reasons was that he had already killed several people himself. On the other hand, he understood how Han Tianyu handled things.

    "Thank you very much, Mr. Han," said Si Tujianxian. It was a satisfying ending even though things had turned out that way. Those who had wronged him were killed and at the end of the conflict, he might even be able to reel in those from the other gang to his side.

    "Tuying is outside waiting. She was worried sick. Shall I call her in? Now that you're well?" said Jiang Fei.

    "Yes please," said Si Tujianxin as he laid down.

    "Father! Father! Are you alright?!" cried Si Tuying as she crashed through the door and rushed over to Si Tujianxin's side.

    "I am fine. It's nothing but a flesh wound," said Si Tujianxin. He could not explain how he was healed. He remembered that when he was admitted to the emergency ward, the doctors had issued emergency surgery to be held because of his fatal condition.

    "B-But... The doctor... They said that you were dying!" cried Si Tuying.

    "Don't believe what the doctors had told you. They were only cheap liars," said Jiang Fei.

    Si Tuying nodded and accepted the truth from Jiang Fei.

    Now that everything was all and well, Jiang Fei left Si Tuying and Si Tujianxin to be alone. After he talked to the doctors in charge, he left the hospital with Han Tianyu.

    "Are you planning to hide it from her?" Han Tianyu asked.

    "At the moment. Yes."

    Jiang Fei could not muster the courage to tell Si Tuying about the world that he was living in.

    "Well. What I am about to say might seem heartless but the Metahuman world and the common world cannot be mixed. What you are doing is akin to playing with fire. Eventually, things will go out of hand. I suggest you give up on Si Tuying and find a partner from the alliance," said Han Tianyu.

    "Thanks for the advice but, I've decided to play it by the heart," said Jiang Fei. He could not help but feel cautious of everyone from the alliance. After all, every single one of them had proved that they would only approach him with a hidden objective.

    "Don't say I didn't warn you. Anyway, I'll take my leave now. Remember, I've got your back. From time to time..." said Han Tianyu as he patted Jiang Fei on his back and left for the roof of the hospital where his helicopter was parked.


    For the next two days, Jiang Fei continued to roam around the world with Isabella on the Skygliding Dragon and stayed over at Si Tuying's house during the day. Due to the miraculous effect of Jiang Fei's health potion, Si Tujiangxin was discharged from the hospital shortly after he was treated by Jiang Fei. Even though he had recovered physically, he was still weak from the blood loss. He needed a few more days to fully recover.

    On the third day, Han Tianyu called in.

    "Get ready for battle. Tonight, we are leaving with all the members of the second attack squad," said Han Tianyu.

    "Hmm? The Level 5 beast in Japanese had been killed?" said Jiang Fei.

    "Yes, albeit it comes with a cost. Either way, without the Level 5 beast protecting Japan, we can now go out all to attack Japan," said Han Tianyu.

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    "Alright, I'll see you then," said Jiang Fei as he hung up the phone.

    Before leaving, he made sure to tell his parents his usual lies about going to his master's place to train. At this point, they were fully on board with the idea and let Jiang Fei go without a shred of doubt and worry.

    Si Tuying was not keen on letting Jiang Fei go. Although she did not know what sort of business he was doing, she did not doubt him. After the commotion with Si Tujianxin, everyone in her family assumed that Jiang Fei was an important business partner to Han Tianyu. Hence, there was nothing to worry about whenever Jiang Fei went missing for a long time.

    Once everything was prepared, Jiang Fei headed straight to Han Tianyu's office.

    Yang Qing and Yang Po were there with him since the two lived in the same building. In this case, all of them would leave for Japan at the same time.

    "I need to remind you that the second attack squad, that is us, the alliance, are not the main attack force. There are a total of three groups. You, Zhao Ganming, and Old Hai."

    "Alright," said Jiang Fei.

    The main threat to the assault on Japan was eliminated and the remaining foes were the Bio-Humans. Although they had the numbers, they did not have the same fighting force as the alliance. It would not be hard to attack the designated targets. The fact that it was easy since the assigned targets were not vital to Japan was because of the Mutant Brotherhood. They had purposefully assigned the alliance to strike places that were not important because they wanted to solely claim the information and data of Bio-Human experiments.

    "Brother Jiang, we will be in your care," said Yang Po as she bowed to him.

    "Big Brother Jiang Fei, I trust that you will protect us!" cried Yang Qing as she jumped to Jiang Fei and hugged his arm.

    "Let's go," said Jiang Fei as he ignored the two of them. He removed his hands from Yang Qing and proceeded to the rooftop where Han Tianyu was ready and waiting in his helicopter.

    The group flew to the nearest military air force command center where most martial artists that were assigned to the second attack squad gathered.

    Compared to Zhao Ganming and Old Hai, Jiang Fei's group was smaller. They had at least 15 men in their group. However, the total combat prowess of their group was much weaker compared to Jiang Fei's. Besides Zhao Ganming and Old Hai, the rest were not strong. The strongest of them was only the Pinnacle stage of Level 3 and the weakest one was only at the Beginning stage of Level 3.

    After greeting Zhao Ganming and Old Hai, he went on to group up with his own group members.
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