599 Assault on Japan

    Besides Yang Qing and Yang Po whom Jiang Fei tried to ignore, the rest of the girls in his own group were standing in a single file, waiting for Jiang Fei. The first one that Jiang Fei recognized immediately was Xue Aohan, the classical beauty that smiled back at him.

    The rest of the four girls were unfamiliar. On the other hand, he had seen their files and could roughly make each of them. The girl tightly clad in black robes and had the lower half of her face covered in black mask should be Soaring Cloud Sect's Shang Guanqi. After a quick glance at her. He had found that the girl had no life in her eyes. It was as if Jiang Fei was staring into the eyes of the dead.

    There was the girl wearing a green long skirt and a sleeveless shirt looking at Jiang Fei with condescending eyes. Attached to her waist was a long Nine-Tails Whip. Jiang Fei immediately recognized her as Han Tianyu's fellow student of his sect, the Green Willow Peak's Ding Menghan.

    The two other girls remaining was dressed in an old fashioned qipao that was re-designed to fit for combat. The one that had a long Chinese flute, sheathed inside a pipe-like casing should be Lian Feiyi. She was exchanging glares with Yang Po and Yang Qing as he was examining her. The girl standing next to her was holding a long Seven Star Dipper Stick. No matter how one looked, the girl's perfectly honed muscles made her look formidable. The girl must be Yun Yu from the same sect as Lian Feiyi. She too was glaring at Yang Qing and Yang Po.

    "How troublesome..." said Jiang Fei to himself. Although that was only the first time he saw the girl, he could already tell that there would be trouble.

    "Get ready to depart!" cried Han Tianyu.

    "Let's go," said Jiang Fei as he followed Old Hai and Zhao Ganming, getting on a huge aircraft that looked like it could fit in at least 10 tanks.

    "Please make all preparations for combat. This is an activity that is not recognized by the government. We are not authorized to fly into Japanese airspace. If you look at your designated seats, there should be a suit that allows you to float on water. We will drop you somewhere closer to the waters, a few clicks away from the west of Japan. After that, you are on your own!" said Han Tianyu through the speaker system. Jiang Fei left the girls to themselves and went to the pilot's cockpit.

    As soon as he entered the pilot's cockpit, Han Tianyu started the aircraft's engine and was waiting for the engine to warm up.

    "Nervous?" said Han Tianyu.

    "Nope. Not at all. As a matter of fact, I'm worried about the girls. Why are you not coming with me?" said Jiang Fei.

    "In your dreams. Nay! Not even in my dream would I dare to fight the Japs in their land! It's suicidal and you know that! Stop screwing around!" said Han Tianyu as he jokingly slapped Jiang Fei's arm. The poor man was only a Level 2 fighter. A simple gunshot could kill him if aimed properly. How could he survive fighting an army of Level 3 Bio-Humans?

    "You best get to the passenger's cabin. I'm about to take off now, I can't have you feeling sick before the big fight," said Han Tianyu as he chased Jiang Fei back to where he should be sitting, with the group of girls.

    The entire cabin was quiet besides the roaring sound of the engine. Ironically, it was a deafening silence. Every young fighter that was participating in this fight were not truly ready for a real fight. Having to fight in their own land would at least be safe since they would have reinforcements at any moment. Without support in the land of the rising sun, fighting against an army of mindless beasts would be extremely dangerous. It was only natural that all the young ones were nervous. To make things more awkward, Old Hai and Zhao Ganming were there, they could not spoil their image when two of the great elders were fighting alongside them!

    Without warning or announcement, Han Tianyu pushed the ignition and burst into high speed and into the sky. Thankfully, no one got sick albeit it was mildly uncomfortable. With Han Tianyu piloting his own ship, the entire crew reached the waters of Japan in less than an hour.

    "Get ready! The landing zone is clear! Ready to drop in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Godspeed," said Han Tianyu.

    "Ding!" The red hue of the entire cabin turned green and the large hatch cargo door where everyone entered from, opened wide. The ship was flying extremely close to the sea water at high speed. Dropping from this altitude would not be as painful as dropping from several hundreds of meters high in the sky. The momentum of jumping off a plane at high speed was terrifying and it would not take a scientist to know that landing on waters at that speed would still be lethal. However, every single one of them was not your average Joe. They were fighters. Some might be weaker, but they were still several times stronger than your average marine soldiers.

    "This old one shall take the first leap. I'll see you on the other side," said Zhao Ganming as he walked closer to the edge of the platform and jumped down casually with his hands still in his pockets! Old Hai followed next and then the rest of the fighters.

    Jiang Fei waited until everyone left, except his own group.

    "Remember to follow my lead! Follow me!" Jiang Fei shouted from the top of his lungs as the noise of the wind was too loud. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Big Brother Jiang Fei! I'm scared! Would you hold me?" cried Yang Qing as she pretended to be frightened.

    Yun Yu scoffed and jumped off the plane without even waiting for Jiang Fei.

    After Yun Yu, Lian Feiyi and Shang Guanqi followed.

    "If you're scared, go back to China!" Jiang Fei roared angrily. He then pushed the intercom in the cabin and said, "Yang Qing is scared. Please take her back to China!"

    Jiang Fei ran back to the opened hatch and leaped into the sea without even looking at Yang Qing or Yang Po.

    Jiang Fei did not bother to play along with Yang Qing's little games as he had bigger things to worry about. The other reason was because of Han Tianyu's suggestion. If there was a girl who tried to play the damsel-in-distress card in the presence of other girls, it is best to just deny her instantly and leave her alone. If Jiang Fei were to play along with their little games, the other girls will learn the trick and the one suffering would be Jiang Fei himself.


    Yang Qing clicked her tongue angrily as she had enough of Jiang Fei treating her like a complete stranger. Her pride would not allow her to return to China. Hence, she bit down her pride for a second and jumped off the plane with Yang Po.

    Even without training, all the fighters were unharmed as they entered the water. Some even belly flopped into the cold water without even feeling anything.

    The suit that everyone wore was actually just a simple belt-like attachment. Once it made contact with water, the casings around the belts exploded into huge balloons that helped the wearer to float on water.

    Jiang Fei gathered his energy and use Origin Force to enhance his throat. With power, he shouted to his group members to gather around him. Old Hai and Zhao Ganming's group of fighters were more disciplined as they had already swam closer to their leader and got into formation without them asking.

    After making sure that he had not lost any member of his group, Jiang Fei signal everyone to follow him as fast as they could. Jiang Fei channel the energy inside him and focused them into his palm where he expelled them at high speed to increase his swimming speed. Although he was fast, the rest had their own way to keep up.

    As he caught up with Old Hai and Zhao Ganming's group, he realized that he, Old Hai, and Zhao Ganming had a different kind of floater as compared to the rest. Perhaps it was designed to allow the other members to easily recognize their leader.

    The main reason Han Tianyu could not drop them directly on land was not of lack of clearance from the China government. It was so that they would not get shot down before they could even reach Japan! Due to the death of the Level 5 guardian beast, the security had been on high alert and anyone or anything that got close to Japan without proper authorization from the Japanese government would be shot down without warning. In the end, although there were plenty of other methods to infiltrate the land of the rising sun, dropping in on the sea was the easiest.

    "Team leader, what should we do now?" said Ding Menghan as the entire group reached land. Old Hai and Zhao Ganming had a different objective, and so did Jiang Fei's group. The place they landed was different. At this point, without the elders' presence, the girls were to show their true self.

    "The plan is to wait for the signal from the Mutant Brotherhood. We need intel on the Japanese's laboratory before we strike."

    "Well, that's the plan. But what is your plan?" Ding Menghan continued to bug Jiang Fei without forgetting to give him a condescending look. She was obviously not acknowledging Jiang Fei being a Level 4 fighter since he was younger than her.

    When Menghan was finished, everyone then turned to look at Jiang Fei. The protagonist aura of Jiang Fei was too powerful. Unbeknownst to Jiang Fei, every girl then had a secret mission entrusted to them by their own sect. One of which was to make sure Jiang Fei was a person that he said he was.
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