600 The First Battle

    "That is my plan," said Jiang Fei.

    "However, there is-" Jiang Fei abruptly stopped. The 0541 proximity detection system had picked up something in its radar range.

    "Prepare for combat!" cried Jiang Fei all of the sudden.

    "What is going on?" cried Yang Qing. Everyone, including Yang Qing, was stunned by Jiang Fei's sudden scream. They could not sense anything coming at them!

    "No time to explain. Prepare to fight. Enemies are coming," said Jiang Fei as he immediately gathered his energy around his arms. The enemies were coming from the beach, 15 kilometers away from them. As they got closer, Jiang Fei could detect a large number of powerful Bio-Humans.

    Even though Jiang Fei and the other two groups were infiltrating, they had failed to account for technological advancements of the Japanese. It was technically impossible to escape the radar range when he reached the beach. The Japanese were on high alert after the defeat of their Level 5 beast. Be it a ship, log, or even a box, anything that had a certain size that fitted in the cross-section of their preset detection system will alert the Japanese. They would not care if it was an attack from the Metahumans, or even refugees, the Japanese would send a team to investigate. If the infiltrators were Metahuman, they would be destroyed. Refugees, on the other hand, would be forcefully used for experiments!

    Jiang Fei, as well as the other teams, had already been detected as soon as they came to shore. At that point of time, alarms blared at their base and teams of Bio-Humans were dispatched to investigate them.

    15 kilometers might be a challenge for some but the Bio-Humans were not travelling on foot!

    They were fast. As Jiang Fei and the rest of the team got ready, the sound of the roaring engines could be heard. It was an armored vehicle used to transport soldiers. It should not come as a surprise since the Japanese were well-equipped for any given situation.

    They did not give Jiang Fei any breathing space. As soon as they got down from their vehicles, they had immediately started to open fire at Jiang Fei and the team.

    "Evade and attack!" said Jiang Fei as he continued to move forward whilst evading the raining bullets. Bio-Humans were using common miniguns, which were weak. The miniguns could not cause significant damage to the martial artists, but being hit by the rain of bullets would deplete their stamina much faster.

    "0541. Give me a sitrep!"

    "Report: There are transport vehicles mounted with metal-projectile based weapons. Threat level: Low. Bio-Human count: 128. 100 Intermediate Level 2 Bio-Humans, 20 Pinnacle Stage Level 2 Bio-Humans, 8 Beginning Stage Level 3 Bio-Humans! Overall Threat Assessment: Low."

    "Thanks," said Jiang Fei as he ditched the defense and focused his energy on offense. 128 Bio-Humans might be plenty but Jiang Fei would not have a problem dealing with them. These men were sent to scout the infiltrators. If the infiltrators were merely refugees, they would be captured easily by these men. They were not fit for combating higher level combatants.

    In a blink of an eye, Jiang Fei dodged all the bullets that were fired at him and flash stepped to the nearest vehicle with a Bio-Human mounting the minigun.

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    "HNNG!" Jiang Fei grunted hard as he swung the Chengying Sword that he had prepared beforehand. Chengying Sword shared the same identical appearance to Zhanlu Sword but lacked the Valium coating that was lethal to Metahumans. In case of the appearance of a powerful enemy, he could simply switch the swords without anyone noticing anything!


    The sword swing was imbued with energy. For Jiang Fei, using such a skill was a piece of cake. Naturally, it was only useful to a certain extent. The energy concentrated on the swing would be powerful as long as the enemy was at melee range. The further away he was from a target, the longer the energy projectile had to travel, diminishing its power.

    The crescent energy that was blasted from Jiang Fei destroyed the vehicle, causing it to explode and killing almost all the enemies that were on the vehicle.

    Seeing how powerful that one man was, the others quickly commanded all the soldiers that were still in the vehicles to get down and attack. Being inside the vehicle was as vulnerable as standing out in the open. Jiang Fei was too powerful. The armored vehicles were nothing but a large metal coffin for the Japanese!

    With a few additional swings, Jiang Fei destroyed all the vehicles. With no miniguns left to use, the girls who were far behind him could finally switch to offense.

    The first one to dash forward was Xue Aohan, the girl dressed in an old-fashioned qipao. Even so, her skills were formidable. The girl was practically dancing around swiftly along with the long sword in her hands. In Jiang Fei eyes, she was like a beautiful goddess of the sword. In the eyes of the Japanese, she was the grim reaper.

    "Not bad. She has definitely better sword skills than I," said Jiang Fei. It was not a surprise since the girl had been practicing the sword for several years now. He had only managed to cough up several days' worth of practice. However, the true combat prowess of Jiang Fei surpassed her by a longshot.

    After Xue Aohan were the twins. Both of their sword skills were not as elegant and lethal as Xue Aohan's but the two were in sync. Alone, Yang Qing or Yang Po might not be powerful, but when the two were together, they would pose a higher threat. Their killing speed was just as fast as Xue Aohan.

    Compared to the three girls that were killing speedily, Ding Menghan was slower. She was using the Nine-Tails Whip that could only slash one enemy at a time. Her movement was sluggish and slow. It felt as though she was playing instead of killing.

    The remaining three girls were close to Jiang Fei. Shang Guanqi of the Soaring Cloud Sect was not killing. She was... just standing there and only moved if there was a bullet coming for her. Her eyes remained dead as ever. Even with a mask covering almost half of her face, Jiang Fei could still tell that she was as emotionless as a dead corpse. Perhaps even a dead corpse could still put on an anguished expression! It was odd since Shang Guanqi continued to stand there, not moving. As if the battle did not concern her.

    Lian Feiyi was trying her best to fend off a few enemies with punches and kicks but when there was enough breathing space around her, she took out the flute from her case and pressed her lips on the mouthpiece.

    The girl inhaled slowly and closed her eyes. As she blew into the flute, a beautiful melody echoed through the beach. Jiang Fei could have sworn that when he heard the melody, his movement became faster and more precise as his mind was no longer clouded. He could focus properly! That was only the start of the show.

    As the melody hit a crescendo, Jiang Fei noticed that one of the Bio-Human soldiers that was standing far from him suddenly dropped dead with his head missing. He paid attention as the next crescendo came and saw what happened. The head of the enemy would suddenly expand like a balloon. As soon as the melody hit the loudest point, the head would pop, killing the enemy instantly.

    While the poor soldier had no idea what had happened to him, Jiang Fei and the rest of the team could not help but feel impressed and fear Lian Feiyi. The girl could be the best assassin if not for the sound of her flute. Her killing method was truly formless.

    While Lian Feiyi was playing the flute, a fellow student of the same sect, Yun Yu was protecting her with the huge metal stick. Her fighting style was purely defensive as she would wait for an enemy to attack to then deliver a punishing blow to the attacker. Like the Yang sisters, Yun Yu and Lian Feiyi was a good combo. Since playing the flute requires a huge amount of concentration, Yun Yu would fill in the role as her defender to allow her to play the flute without being attacked.

    "Are you going to join the fight?" Jiang Fei roared to Shang Guanqi who was still standing at a corner.

    "There's no need for me to..." said the emotionless girl. Jiang Fei was blown away when he heard her voice. Albeit there was no emotion in her words, her voice was sweet. It was not what Jiang Fei had expected. To be fair, he watched enough movies and anime to know that whenever a girl masked her face and put on cold airs around her, she would sound solemn with a deep husky voice.

    "V-Very well," Jiang Fei replied. Jiang Fei could not blame her as the enemies were so weak that they had to rely on physical guns. Although they did manage to put up a fight at the first minute, once they had lost their main weapons, they were basically scarecrows that could move around. Since the threat was almost non-existent, Jiang Fei thought that it was a good chance to see the girls in battle. He could learn their fighting style and perform combination when necessary.
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