601 Mission Objective

    The entire battle only took a few minutes to finish. Jiang Fei and his team stood unharmed albeit a little tired.

    "We need to leave," said Jiang Fei. The scouts were only there to survey and investigate the situation. Once the base did not hear from them, they would send an even larger "welcoming party" for Jiang Fei.

    There were powerful Level 4 Bio-Humans in Japan and their numbers exceeded what Jiang Fei could handle. Even though they were strong, it was impossible to fend off thousands of them.

    "Agreed," said Shang Guanqi, submitting to his order. Before the fight had begun, the girls were not keen on following Jiang Fei's orders but when he showed them what he could do, they had to acknowledge that Jiang Fei was strong.

    "0541, find me a safe spot. We need to rest and recuperate," said Jiang Fei in his mind.

    "Scanning... Safe zone located. 34 kilometers in 0200 direction. It is within the mountain ranges and it is safe to rest there," said 0541. 0541 had factored in multiple aspects of what it considered as safe. The main factor was human presence as well as complicated terrain to allow Jiang Fei and his team to conceal their movement.

    "Follow me," said Jiang Fei as he led them to the location 0541 had indicated.

    0541 was truly a godsend to Jiang Fei. With 0541's help, Jiang Fei could understand the movements of both allies and enemies. Jiang Fei could even detect enemies that were coming to his directions from at least 50 kilometers away, allowing him to take a different route to avoid confrontations.

    "Team leader, are you familiar with these lands?" Ding Menghan asked Jiang Fei.

    "Somewhat. I did my homework," said Jiang Fei, faking an excuse.

    "I see, no wonder you could move around without being detected by the enemies. Thanks to you, we're all safe," said Ding Menghan. Her speech tone and body movements were so erratic that Jiang Fei could not read her.

    "Brother Jiang Fei, where are we going?" Yang Qing ran towards Jiang Fei and asked.

    "Somewhere safe. We need to rest for a little. We need to avoid any confrontations now since the Japs will be sending their top fighters. I'm fine on my own but you guys are not," said Jiang Fei. With the hoverboard masked as a giant sword and 0541, he could fight an opponent no stronger than the Pinnacle of Level 4. If all else failed, he could simply escape easily. Having the girls with him was like being shackled with weights.

    "Are you looking down at us?" said Yun Yu as she spat on the ground.

    "Mind your manners," Lian Feiyi bowed apologetically. They were already behind enemy lines, and if they angered Jiang Fei, he might expel them from the team, leaving them to die in a foreign land. For that simple reason alone, Lian Feiyi stopped Yun Yu from angering Jiang Fei.

    "I'm not underestimating you lot. Don't misinterpret my words. I am strong and so are you. I am only reminding you that we are in enemy land. A simple mistake would be the end of you. Do not let a single victory to get inside your head. I simply do not wish to see the entire team fall to the Japanese because of a simpleton taking on an enemy beyond her capability," said Jiang Fei with a cold stare.

    Jiang Fei was already at his last straw. If he was not entrusted by the alliance to take care of the girls, he would have already ditched them a long time ago. Alone, he would be unstoppable, but he had already accepted the responsibility to babysit the girls. At the very least, he should keep all of them alive.

    30 kilometers was nothing but a short stroll for the martial artists. In no time at all, the team reached the mountains and hid inside the forest.

    "This is a safe place for us to rest. Gather your strength. We will move on soon," said Jiang Fei.

    With the technology of the Japanese so advanced, it would not take too long before they could detect the presence of Jiang Fei and his team. There was no such thing as a permanent safe zone. Given time, they would need to leave.

    "Urgh. Killing the bastards was much easier than running across the land," Ding Menghan grumbled.

    "That's correct. Guess what we will be doing next?" Jiang Fei snickered.

    "Are we going to run again?"

    "Yup," said Jiang Fei.

    "Why? Why couldn't we just kill whoever that comes in our way," said Ding Menghan as she brandished her sword. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "There's the simpleton I've mentioned earlier. Listen closely. Killing the enemy is not our mission. That's the Mutant Brotherhood's job. They insisted that they wanted to get most of the achievements. Let them do the hard work," said Jiang Fei.

    "I'm not going to repeat this again. We are in Japan right now. The ground you're standing on does not belong to us. I'd bet you would not even know the name of this province. How sure are you that the enemies you met along the way would not be Level 5? Even if they were Level 2 at best, could you fend off hundreds of thousands of Bio-Humans? Our current objective is to stay alive and maintain our strength. Once the guys in the Mutant Brotherhood sent the intel, we would know the location of the enemy's base. Only then, we will strike them where it hurts the most."

    "This is cumbersome," scoffed Ding Menghan. Even though she understood Jiang Fei's plan, she could not help but feel bored. Although she was the beloved young maiden constantly loved and revered, her name had been appearing on the kill-list of many bounty hunters around China. Her life had been in constant fear and protection hence, she was always bored.

    "I don't care about that. I want all of us could go back home, safe and unharmed. Eat. Rest. You would not want to waste time talking with me."

    Jiang Fei turned away from the girls and found a rock to sit. Once he was in resting position, Jiang Fei closed his eyes and pretended to meditate while he was actually communicating with 0541.

    The plan that Jiang Fei carefully elaborated was not his own but the alliance's. If they had to wait for intel from the Mutant Brotherhood, the alliance would not be able to stop them from obtaining the data of the Bio-Human experiments.

    Jiang Fei would have to think of another plan to bypass the Mutant Brotherhood and to get the data before the Mutant Brotherhood.

    It was midnight when Jiang Fei and the other two attack teams landed in Japan. After the entire ordeal with the attack on the beach, Jiang Fei took shelter in the mountains. It did not take long before the Japanese realized that they had been infiltrated. Beside the scouts that Jiang Fei defeated, Old Hai and Zhao Ganming had also defeated the scouts that had been sent to their locations. After receiving no news about the scouts, another batch of scouts, accompanied by a large fighting force, was dispatched.

    Once they had discovered the dead bodies of the scout team, the entire Japan was put into red alert. All Bio-Human soldiers, as well as the entire Japanese military force, was mobilized. As a result, ear-piercing alarm blared for a while. All the cities and villages in Japan were placed on martial law even though the number of enemies was only close to a hundred.
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