602 Jiang Fei is Angry

    "Tsk, the Japanese sure are good at sniffing us out!" said Jiang Fei out loud as he leaped to his feet. 0541 had detected a small team of Bio-Human fighters coming towards their direction at high speed.

    "What's wrong?" Yang Qing asked.

    "Prepare to fight. There's no running from the enemy this time. They are too strong," said Jiang Fei.

    The current group of enemies was smaller when compared to the scouts that they had encountered on the beach. This time, they only had 20 people. Unlike the first battle, this one would be harder. According to 0541, there were three Level 4 Bio-Humans and one Pinnacle stage of Level 4. The others were Level 3 Bio-Humans. It was a small team, specifically designed to find and kill Metahumans!

    "This is going to be tough," said Jiang Fei as he gritted his teeth. Alone, he could fight the stronger Level 4 Bio-Human but he would not have time to mind the others! Currently, they were lacking in numbers and strength!

    "The enemies are coming, and I can tell that they are very strong. All I'm asking of all of you is to survive. Leave the killing to me."

    "Leader, there's no need to look down on us. We are not weak," Yun Yu snorted as she stomped the ground with her Dipper Stick.

    "Fine. I can't expect much from a simpleton. Your life is your own to care for," said Jiang Fei before turning away. The best lesson these arrogant girls could learn was letting the enemies get them. That should teach them that there would always be someone stronger.

    "There they are! Kill them! Kill them all!"

    A roar could be heard coming from down the slope. The enemy had arrived, and the strongest Level 4 was the one that roared.

    "0541, find the location of the remote controller," said Jiang Fei in his mind. Powerful Bio-Human soldiers were all once powerful Mutants. Before they could be experimented with, they must have had their memories and consciences removed. If they were not lobotomized, the first thing the victims would do when they were biologically enhanced, would be to kill the people who had tortured them!

    "30 kilometers, 0700 direction," said 0541.

    "Sh*t. They are getting better and better at this. They have already increased the range of control!"

    Jiang Fei frowned. 30 kilometer is very far, considering the fact that he had to protect the girls in his team. He lacked the skill to instantly teleport. The only way to kill the pilot is to get rid of the Bio-Humans soldiers first.

    "Here it comes!" cried Jiang Fei. The die had been cast. Jiang Fei would not have the time nor attention to spare to protect the girls this time. They would have to rely on their own.

    Without waiting, Jiang Fei held the Chengying Sword and dashed towards the strongest Level 4 Bio-Human. Yang Qing, Yang Po, and Xue Aohan cooperated to fight the other Level 4 Bio-Humans. The rest of the enemies were handled by the other girls.

    Xue Aohan jumped into the air and descended like a torpedo. She borrowed the momentum of gravity and slashed the Level 4 Bio-Human. It was so fast and swift that the enemy could not even dodge the attack. The attack connected but it was not lethal to the Bio-Human.

    Yang Qing and Yang Po performed their combo-attacks on another Level 4 enemy. Since the enemy was remotely controlled, there was a latency of movement in between. The twins were so fast that the enemy could not even keep up with them. Every tiny bit of lag was completely exploited by the sisters.

    Ding Menghan attacked with her Nine-Tails Whip. She was considered to be a long-range attacker in a melee fight. So far, Jiang Fei could not tell how far her whip could extend, but from the looks of it, it would reach as far as 3 meters away. Since she would need to retract her whip in between attacks, her attack rate was slower and yet, she easily stopped four of the Level 3 Bio-Humans.

    Lian Feiyi pressed her lips on the flute and began to play a melody. Compared to her previous fight, these Level 3 Bio-Humans were more resistant to sound attack. Although she could cause damage, it was only to the point where the enemy would move slower whilst sustaining internal damage; not to the point where their head would explode.

    Yun Yu was standing closer to Lian Feiyi as she was her main support and protector. Anyone who came close to Lian Feiyi would be sent flying away by Yun Yu and her Seven Star Dipper Stick. While that was the case, eventually, she got her hands full when more than 5 Level 3 Bio-Humans surrounded her. Having too many Bio-Humans targeting her, it got harder and harder for Yun Yu to fend off the attackers.

    Jiang Fei was busy fighting but he still had the time to quickly glance through the condition of the battlefield. Alas, the one thing that he did not want to see happen. Shang Guanqi was still standing at the side, not participating in the battle.

    "Just what is that b*tch thinking?"

    Jiang Fei was pissed. While his entire team was having too much on their plate, the girl from the Soaring Cloud Sect was still standing there with her arms crossed. Although he wanted to smack her on the head, it was not the time nor the place to do so. Jiang Fei was still fighting a powerful Level 4 Bio-Human! Even though there were a few moments where the enemy moved sluggishly due to the latency of being remotely controlled, the enemy was still the strongest Level 4 Bio-Human. Rays of green energy beams were fired one after another. Jiang Fei could barely dodge them all safely.

    "I need to get close to him," said Jiang Fei to himself. Jiang Fei had fought the Bio-Humans before and knew their weak spots. It was definitely not in terms of energy. Prolonged, Jiang Fei would lose since his energy capacity was only at Intermediate Level 4.

    At this point, Jiang Fei decided to f*ck him up by hand. He kicked the ground hard and leaped forward whilst dodging a beam attack. With the enhancement of Origin Force, Thunder Gale Kick Technique and Dominating Blade Technique became more powerful than ever before. In close-quarter-combat, Jiang Fei would surely have the upper hand.

    The enemy knew well enough to understand that he could not allow Jiang Fei to get close to him. Hence, he continued to blast out energy beams while continuously running backwards.

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    Just when Jiang Fei was about to land a charged attack with his sword, he heard a painful shriek. It seems that the other Level 4 Bio-Humans had started to use energy attacks on the girls.

    That one attack immediately sent the Yang sisters as well as Xue Aohan flying a good 5 meters away. During the start of the battle, the girls were having the upper hand in the fight. Even though their attacks were not strong, they were fast enough to attack without missing a single hit. However, after their opponent had managed to condense his energy, the girls were completely overthrown. The power difference was too large. Unlike the Level 4 Bio-Human that Jiang Fei was fighting, the energy attack used by the weaker Level 4 were ball-like projectiles. Even though the Yang sisters had blocked the attack with everything they had, Yang Qing, being the weaker one, lost her grip and got her sword knocked off her hands.

    Without a weapon, Yang Qing lost almost half of her combat prowess. As a result, Yang Po and Xue Aohan were forced to revert to defense.

    "Tsk! What is that b*tch still standing there!"

    Jiang Fei had enough of her. At this point, the three girls were in danger, yet Shang Guanqi still refused to participate in the fight.

    "F*ck this. 0541, help me take a hit!" said Jiang Fei as he prepared to make another power leap forward.

    "Understood!" cried 0541 as it erected a barrier that absorbed the two beam attacks from the Bio-Human's eyes. Since the attack was neutralized, Jiang Fei did not lose his momentum and managed to land right next to the enemy.
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