603 The Disappearance of Shang Guanqi

    Once Jiang Fei got close to the enemy, the enemy had lost his edge. When the enemy had the range advantage, he could still make predictions and minor corrections on firing rhythm and range. Jiang Fei could only deflect and dodge all the beam attacks. Now that Jiang Fei was in melee range, the enemy had lost its edge.

    All the Bio-Human soldiers were remotely controlled. No matter how good the pilot was, it would not make do with the 1/100th second of delay. Jiang Fei's movement might not be that fast, but he could still move around to make the enemy see his afterimage.

    With kicks and sword slashes, Jiang Fei had the absolute upper hand on the fight. Although the enemy could still defend against a few attacks, the rate of his deflection was getting lower. Eventually, his guard was broken, and Jiang Fei managed to land a clean kick on his chest. He quickly channelled the power of Origin Force and with a loud bang, the strongest Level 4 Bio-Human then was sent flying.

    The attacks left the Bio-Human in a daze and a few broken ribs. The power that Jiang Fei channeled into his kick was fire based. He even managed to inject that energy into the enemy's body. Even though the enemy had resistance to energy injection attacks, Jiang Fei's power was too great to resist. He was able to get up to his feet, but his strength and combat power were halved!


    Jiang Fei did not stop. Now that he was able to land attacks, he needed to quickly defeat his opponent to help the other girls that were in peril.


    The Bio-Human knew that his body was almost at its limit. He roared deafeningly and while Jiang Fei was about to attack him, he leaped back and spat out a large dark green energy ball.

    "Warning! High energy attack detected! Evasive measure advised!" 0541 cried in his head. It was obvious that the Bio-Human was not going down without giving it his all.

    "Damn! Just die already!"

    Jiang Fei grew anxious by the second. Although 0541's advice was to evade the attack, he could not afford to do so. If he did, the attack would go straight over him and hit Lian Feiyu who was right in the path of the energy projectile. She was in the middle of playing her flute and completely exposed to attacks. Yun Yu could deflect it, but she already had enough on her hands. Besides, attacks that would trigger an evasion warning from 0541 be a powerful one. If that attack were to be connected, the girls would surely be hurt.

    "0541, I will tank that damage. But if something goes wrong, help me out!"

    Wave Barrier!

    Jiang Fei activated the armor's skill.


    A wall of water appeared around Jiang Fei. At the same time, Jiang Fei changed his movement. This time, he was determined to land a clean slash on the enemy and kill him! With the mighty sword in his hands, Jiang Fei kicked the ground hard, thrusting himself at supersonic speed towards the enemy.


    The dark green ball of energy hits on the Wave Barrier. It was almost an instant. The wall of water was not enough to absorb the attack. Right at the second, the water barrier disappeared and 0541 puts up an energy shield.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "That attack had cost 5% of my power reserves. Please do not repeat the same move again to save power," said 0541.

    "Not like I have a choice now, do I?"

    Jiang Fei did not care if it cost him double the amount. He needed to protect the girls and to land the final blow.

    "F*cking die already!"

    Without hesitation, Jiang Fei swung the sword that was fully charged with Metallic based energy converted from Origin Force. The edge of the blade had become so much sharper at the power of Origin Force, it sliced through the neck of the Bio-Human even smoother than a hot knife through butter.


    The head rolled off the Bio-Human's neck. Dark green blood oozed out of the exposed neck and flowed to the ground. As soon as the odd-colored blood touched the ground, it made a sizzling sound, corroding it.


    While Jiang Fei killed the most dangerous Bio-Human, Yang Qing shrieked once more. After losing her weapon, she became susceptible to attacks from the Level 4 Bio-Human. When it was almost impossible to fight, she lost the ability to defend. Alas, when she was dodging one punch thrown by the enemy, she was opened to an energy attack. The eye-beam attack hit her in her left arm, leaving an empty hole in her tricep. In that instant, the wound quickly putrefied. Rotten flesh dropped from her arms as the putrefaction spread rapidly. Even her bones were exposed when the rotten flesh dropped away like melted ice cream!

    "Qing! Cut your arm!"

    The only person that was still right in her mind was Yang Po. She understood the effect of the attack simply by understanding how it spread through Yang Qing's arm. There was no time for treatment in that battle hence, the only way to prevent the putrefaction from spreading to other parts of her body, she needed to dismember her entire left arm.


    Yang Qing was in great pain. She heard her sister's advice and acknowledge that it was the only way to save her life. However, she hesitated. There was no way she could allow herself to live with a single right arm!


    At that moment, Jiang Fei flash stepped towards Yang Qing and took out the Evil Purging Pill and shoved it into her mouth.

    "Ah!? It's the Evil Purging Pill!"

    Yang Qing was all too familiar with that pill since Jiang Fei had once distributed the pills to the many sects in the alliance. However, the quantities were so little that no ordinary members of the sects could get a piece.

    Once he saw the pill effect was working, he left Yang Qing and headed straight to the Level 4 Bio-Human.

    "Go and help the others. This one's mine," said Jiang Fei as he ran past Yang Po who was struggling to stay on her foot.

    "Thank you..." said Yang Po as she had noticed Yang Qing was no longer screaming in pain. She quickly joined the fight in killing the other Level 3 Bio-Humans.

    With Yang Po and Xue Aohan helping, the load on Yun Yu and Ding Menghan was reduced greatly. At the same time, Lian Feiyu's flute melody changed from being fast and high pitched to slow and soft. In that instant, Jiang Fei, as well as the other girls, could feel their spirits being elevated.

    "Heh. I'd never thought that something like a bard could exist outside a game!" said Jiang Fei to himself as he compared Lian Feiyu's flute playing skills like a Bard in a game which mainly played a support role.

    With nothing around to worry about, Jiang Fei focused his eyes on the Level 4 Beginning Stage Bio-Human. Even though he was Level 4, he was not as strong as Jiang Fei. His movement was sluggish and slow allowing Jiang Fei to fully make use of his kicks and sword skills to kill him in less than three moves.


    Jiang Fei swung his sword hard. The speed was so fast that the blood tainting his sword was sent flying away, leaving his sword clean and spotless.

    At that moment, the battle was over. All the remaining Level 3 Bio-Humans were fighting Xue Aohan and Yang Po.


    Just then, he noticed something was off. Shang Guanqi was not around!

    "Where the f*ck did she go?!" Jiang Fei roared.
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