608 The Power of the Zhanlu Sword

    The more Jiang Fei traded blows with the Bio-Human who called himself Yanagi Kenichiro, the more he felt like the man was not being remotely controlled.

    "0541, what is with this guy?" Jiang Fei asked 0541.

    "Captain, I am not detecting any signal from the enemy. He is not remotely controlled! He is moving on his own accord!" said 0541.

    "Could it be that the Japanese had already perfected the technology to make their own Metahumans?" Jiang Fei wondered to himself. However, that did not explain why the man's accent sounded and appearance looked like a westerner! Ignoring the deformity caused by the mutation, the man was no different from any European Metahuman.

    "Little China boy, you dare to look away during a fight!" Kenichiro roared as he blasted energy attacks from his eyes.

    At such a close range, there was no way Jiang Fei could move faster than light. In the end, he could only block the attack with the Wave Barrier.

    The Wave Barrier was not strong enough. After a split second, the barrier broke and the attack was coming at Jiang Fei. At the very last second, 0541 manifested a shield to save Jiang Fei.

    "2% power lost," 0541 reported.

    "Tsk," Jiang Fei clicked his tongue. He was fighting without thinking it through. The man was attacking without even putting everything in. If he was serious, the damage done would definitely have cost more than 2% of 0541's power reserves.

    At this point, Jiang Fei was sure that Kenichiro was the perfect Bio-Human as he said he was. Not long after he could fight Jiang Fei on the same level, he could already move at an incredible speed without any latency in between. Even though Jiang Fei's sword skill was good, it was not good enough to actually land a hit on him.

    "What am I going to do?"

    Jiang Fei started to panic. He was already having trouble fighting just one Level 4 Bio-Human. There were two more Bio-Humans casually standing at the side. If they suddenly decided to fight Jiang Fei, it would surely be the death of him.

    "Argh! F*ck it! High risk, high return!"

    As the battle raged on, Jiang Fei could feel his own energy depleting fast. He could not continue trading blows with Kenichiro any longer.

    As he fought on, Jiang Fei made a feint by exposing his back to Kenichiro.

    "Haha! Time to die, little China boy!" cried Kenichiro as he bought the feint. It was true that Kenichiro was stronger in terms of power level but he has gotten over his head when he thought that Jiang Fei was too weak!

    It was only fair for him to think so since Jiang Fei was indeed struggling just to defend against his energy attacks. Additionally, Kenichiro still had not send out his two other Bio-Human soldiers to fight with him. That was why he had gotten too confident, thinking that the battle was already over when Jiang Fei exposed his back.

    The fight between Jiang Fei and Kenichiro was not a private fight. There were still the two Bio-Humans watching them and many more from the surveillance footage. Having to fight for so long with a lowly China boy was a disgrace to him. That was why when Jiang Fei had slipped his guard for a split second, Kenichiro went straight for it and fired a powerful beam of dark green energy from his palm.

    "I'll leave this to you, 0541," said Jiang Fei when Kenichiro had fallen for his feint.

    "DIE! CHINA PIG!" Kenichiro roared as he charged toward Jiang Fei.

    "Right... about ... now!" cried Jiang Fei to 0541.



    As the uncontrollable energy blasted at Jiang Fei, 0541 put up a powerful barrier to block the attack. With enough power, 0541 could even block a full-powered attack from a Level 5 fighter.

    "17% power lost," said 0541.


    Jiang Fei scoffed as the attack had taken a lot more power than he had expected. However, it was not the time to worry about power then. Before the explosion dissipated, Jiang Fei burst out of the fire and dust and charged toward Kenichiro with the Zhanlu Sword.

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    "I will take pleasure from this fight and enjoy the girls that you have to kindly brought to me later!" said Kenichiro with a maddening laugh. He had completely lowered his guard, thinking that Jiang Fei was defeated. Due to the blinding light and deafening explosion from his attack, he had failed to see or hear Jiang Fei, the death reaper, was coming straight for him.

    "General!" cried the two other soldiers standing by the side, as they noticed Jiang Fei leaping out of the explosion, unscathed.

    "What!? How did you-" Kenichiro jumped a few steps back as he saw Jiang Fei coming toward him.

    "You talk too much," said Jiang Fei with a smirk as he thrust his sword toward Kenichiro.

    "SHUT UP!" cried Kenichiro.

    He had only just used up a lot of his own energy to attack. As he was still panting for breath, he was not able to dodge Jiang Fei's extreme speed. However, Kenichiro thought that as long as he could find his breath, he could still kill Jiang Fei later.

    Frantically, Kenichiro gathered enough energy and deployed a small energy barrier to block Jiang Fei's sword from reaching him. However, it was too weak as the energy gathered was only from a split second.

    Jiang Fei was slowed down a little due to the barrier but he had easily plunged through it with only a little boost from his own Origin Force. Almost effortless, Jiang Fei had pierced through the barrier and into Kenichiro's chest.

    "Nothing impressive."


    Kenichiro was fast. With all the strength that he could summon, he grabbed Jiang Fei's sword at the hilt to prevent Jiang Fei from piercing it deeper. After that, he pushed both Jiang Fei and the sword away from him.

    Even though Jiang Fei was strong in his own way, he did not have such a hulking force when compared to Kenichiro's mutated body.

    The thing was, Jiang Fei was not resisting. His main goal was to deal flesh wound anywhere on his body. With Origin Force imbued into the sword, the edge of the sword was able to pierce through the thick skin and even managed to draw blood from Kenichiro. Although he had only managed to plunge the sword a few millimeters into Kenichiro, it was suffice to activate the destructive power of the Zhanlu Sword.

    "Hmph. As expected of a little China boy! After giving it your all, you only have to poke with your chopsticks!" cried Kenichiro as he laughed. He had not realized that the wound on his body had begun to react with Valium. Thinking that he was unharmed, he gathered energy in his mouth and was ready to blast Jiang Fei with an energy attack.


    "URGH! What is this? What did you do to me?" Kenichiro roared. Whenever he tried to gather energy, he could feel that the flow of energy inside his body had started to disobey him and spiked at random areas.

    "What is going on? Has this body of mine reached its limit?" said Kenichiro to himself. The last thing that he would suspect was the Zhanlu Sword. After all, the little wound in his chest was too small to be considered fatal.

    Before he realized what was wrong, his body jerked violently. Starting from the wound, he could feel the blood in him boil. Green flames started to burn from the wound which spread all around his body. In no time at all, the fire burned rapidly and violently that it took less than a few seconds to send cracks of immense pressure around his body. One by one, his limbs broke apart and exploded in a violet green fire.

    "Don't waste your time thinking about it. Focus on dying," said Jiang Fei with a smirk.

    "CURSE YOU! I WON'T FORGIVE YOU!" roared Kenichiro before his skull was melted down by the flame.

    Without wasting time, Jiang Fei took the chance to charge at the two Bio-Human soldiers that were still stunned by the violent reaction.

    As soon as they saw Jiang Fei charging toward them, the two soldiers turned around and ran as fast as they could. Their esteemed leader had just perished and if he could not defeat the little China boy, how could they?

    "What's this? A little jogging? Come on, if you want to run, do it properly," said Jiang Fei as he concentrated the power of Wind from the Origin Force into his legs. At that moment, Jiang Fei gained an explosive speed, allowing him to catch up with the escaping soldiers.

    Jiang Fei quickly switched back to the Chengying Sword as he did not want to waste the precious Valium metal. The lethality of Valium was not permanent as the Valium coated on the Zhanlu Sword would be consumed after making contact with energy-infused blood.

    With a swing of the sword, he took down the two Bio-Human soldiers that were running away. One was a Beginner stage and the other was an Intermediate stage, had only left their backs open to Jiang Fei by running away.
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