610 Killing Spree

    After confirming the enemies that he needed to take out, Jiang Fei ensured that he had enough energy in him to fight the next battle. The longer he dragged the battle, the longer the prisoners would suffer. He did not want to see Zhao Ganming to be the only person left alive when he was done.

    As he reached that horrifying thought, Jiang Fei armed himself with the Chengying Sword. He charged the sword with Metal energy from Origin Force and did a powerful slash like those in the anime. One clean swing and he had sliced the entire wall and those who were standing behind the wall in half.

    Jiang Fei charged his legs this time and with the power of Thunder Gale Kick Technique imbued with Fire power, Jiang Fei kicked the door away.

    Everyone was stunned and before they could react to Jiang Fei's intrusion, Jiang Fei had already zoomed toward the Level 4 Bio-Humans that were the guards of the place.

    Not wasting any time and effort, Jiang Fei slashed away and killed five Level 4 Bio-Humans with ease. It was only then that they had found Jiang Fei. However, the Japanese guards were too late. They had already lost a few good fighters that were in the room.

    "Who the f*ck is that man!" cried one man as he brandished a long katana from his waist.

    "I'm the grim reaper," said Jiang Fei with a smirk and sliced the man who had only just unsheathed his blade.

    Splat! Splat!

    More heads rolled off their necks as Jiang Fei continued his killing spree.

    Those who were still alive quickly got together and commanded the pilots.

    "Get some of the stronger Bio-Humans and defend this place!"

    What they did was to control those Bio-Humans and make them return to this base. Many pilots that were not on duty quickly entered their controlling pods to awaken the Bio-Humans and attack Jiang Fei. Those were only Level 3 Bio-Humans. Level 4 Bio-Humans pilots were mostly active, somewhere out and far away. They too gave up on whatever they were doing to return to the base.

    Many ninjas and samurais that were guarding the base quickly rushed in from outside the control room to kill Jiang Fei. However, like ants trying to kill an elephant, Jiang Fei only needed to exert so little force to squash them to death.

    "Don't! Mercy please!"

    "We are not fighters!"

    "I demand P. O.W rights! You cannot do this to us!"

    "Please don't kill us. We are scientists and technicians that could be useful to you!"

    "Spare us all! We will swear our undying fealty to your great nation!"


    After Jiang Fei had swiftly killed all the pilots, he was left with a group of non-combatants that were cowering in a corner, begging for their lives. It was strange. These ignorant fools had stood by and assist those pilots in killing many other people yet they fail to understand that karma was coming for them.

    From the perspective of the non-combatants, Jiang Fei was worse than a grim reaper. The entire room was repainted with blood. Heads and dismembered limbs were everywhere. Thousands of sliced up body parts were scattered all over the floor. Yet after everything was tainted with blood, Jiang Fei was as clear as a diamond.

    If Jiang Fei had gotten blood splattered over him, the Japanese non-combatants would not have peed themselves so hard. However, Jiang Fei was able to keep himself clean from even a single drop of blood!

    "Too bad. I'm not as merciful as the others. If I were part of the Mutant Brotherhood, I would have captured you and treated you properly. The thing is... I'm fighting my own war. The things you know... and the things you have done... Death shall be your only salvation," said Jiang Fei as he swung his sword. It took him only one sword swing to decapitate the heads of those scientists and technicians.

    "0541, hack into the digital storage system and eliminate all data and information regarding the experiments of Bio-Human," said Jiang Fei. It did not matter if it meant deleting important information as long as it will not fall on the wrong hands."

    While 0541 was busy deleting data, Jiang Fei found himself a clean chair to sit. Even though it was not the first time he had ended someone's life, it was the first time he had engaged in such a maddening state. He could not believe that he had actually killed so many unarmed people.

    As he tried to accept the man he had become, Jiang Fei looked through the monitors and saw Zhao Ganming, as well as the rest of the captive prisoners. Including the China Martial Artist Alliance team, four teams had lost a great number of their members. The Vatican had almost lost all of the members while the Mutant Brotherhood had lost more than half. The martial artists had a stronger body and reflexes, allowing them to survive longer in fights. Even so, they too sustained a great loss. Zhao Ganming's team originally had fifteen men in his team. In the end, he had six men gravely injured and four men were killed. The rest of the team members were injured but could still put up a fight. Zhao Ganming himself was not doing so well as he had broken his left arm.

    Luckily for him, Jiang Fei had come in as the Deux ex Machina, killing all the pilots and saving Zhao Ganming. All the hosts that were supposed to be piloted stood still like a mannequin, allowing all of them to be killed with a simple stab in the head.

    Due to Jiang Fei grand massacre, the central command center was alerted. Alarms were blaring everywhere as the red light flashed again and again. The facility that Jiang Fei was in played a crucial part in the war as it was a facility to contain pilots to move powerful Bio-Humans. Due to the fact that Jiang Fei had effectively removed them from the chessboard, the pieces that the Japanese that remained were lowly pawns; Bio-Humans at Level 2 at best. With whatever soldiers they had left, the central command had sent all available soldiers to surround Jiang Fei in the destroyed facility.

    This time, numbers affected Jiang Fei. Come one or a million, Jiang Fei would not have a problem to deal with lowly Level 2 Bio-Human. To make things worse for the Bio-Humans, Jiang Fei had managed to get himself into a tunnel, effectively bottlenecking all the Bio-Humans soldiers, allowing Jiang Fei to kill them slowly yet surely.

    "Captain, I have deleted all data that is vital to Bio-Human experiment and research," said 0541.

    "Good, time to leave this place then," said Jiang Fei as he took out a small ball the size of a regular chicken egg.

    It was a small Anti-Vehicle Explosive Mine that was taken from the Zhang family's armory. It was but one of the many inventions of Planet Namek of which the Zhang family had re-created. Jiang Fei set the bomb with a 60-seconds timer and left it in one corner of the tunnel and took out an Energy Cannon from the ring. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Jiang Fei was lazy to muster his energy to kill lowly Level 2 Bio-Humans. As such, it was best to rely on weapons that could prove effective against an enemy that was enclosed in a small area.

    Bzzz.... BOOM!

    Jiang Fei pulled the trigger of the cannon and unleash a powerful particle beam that right away vaporized more than ten enemies in one go.

    "Not bad! I like," said Jiang Fei as he was reminded of an old American movie that he had watched a long time ago. In that movie, a character named Rambo carried a heavy machine gun and ran around the forest to kill his enemies.

    Unlike Rambo, Jiang Fei was not able to unleash a rain of bullets to his enemies. However, he was still able to defeat many enemies with just a pull of the trigger. It did not take him long to escape the tunnel since the more were killed, the more afraid the enemies became.

    Level 2 Bio-Humans were humans that had gained a little strength through drugs and various sort of exposure to different radiations. They still possess their own will and conscience. Unlike those piloted ones, Level 2 Bio-Humans were afraid to die. Seeing that Jiang Fei could even yawn as he pulled the trigger, the Bio-Humans grew wary and frightened soon after. Like throwing a pebble into a flock of resting pigeons, the enemies scattered immediately.

    "T-That's not human!"

    "You fool! Neither are we!"

    "I'm didn't sign up for this sh*!"

    "F*ck off! I am not going to die a virgin!"

    "F*ck you then! I'm not going to die before f*cking the AV actress!"

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