612 The Injured Ladies

    After Jiang Fei and Zhao Ganming had decided on where to gather later, Jiang Fei rushed toward the mountain which he had camped at previously.

    "Eh?!" As soon as he arrived at the mountain, Jiang Fei noticed something amiss. There were clear signs of a battle taking place there earlier.

    "Is everyone alright?" Soon enough, Jiang Fei saw all the ladies. Although they all looked terribly upset and had wounds on their bodies, none of them had died or lost any of their limbs.

    "Brother Jiang Fei!" When Yang Qing saw that Jiang Fei had returned, she cosied up to him with a sad look on her face. Her entire face seemed to be covered in dust. There was even a bruise on her left cheek.

    "Were you attacked by Bio-Humans?" Jiang Fei raised his head to look at Shang Guanqi who stood alone above a huge rock. The lady still looked as cool as ever. However, when she saw that Jiang Fei had turned toward her, she pointed her finger at the bush next to her.

    Jiang Fei's gaze followed in the direction of where her finger was pointing. There, he noticed eight dead bodies of Bio-Humans. It seemed that Shang Guanqi had intentionally hid them behind the bush after killing them.

    "Indeed..." Jiang Fei nodded. The ladies had indeed been attacked by enemies.

    "Brother Jiang Fei, you should reprimand her. She had already been expelled, but she still tried to order us around and even beat us up!" As Jiang Fei had arrived, Yang Qing finally had someone to back her up. Therefore, she instantly started complaining about Shang Guanqi.

    "Ah?" Jiang Fei was dumbfounded. It seemed that a lot had happened during the time he was away.

    "Brother Jiang Fei..." Yang Qing looked very pitiful. She started going into details about how Shang Guanqi had bullied her.

    Jiang Fei glanced at the other ladies. Yang Po looked as if she wanted to speak, but she kept her mouth shut. She appeared to have suffered some injuries, especially on her left arm. Ding Minghan's face was covered in dust while her shirt had been torn. However, she did not seem to have suffered any injury. Meanwhile, there was a scar on Yun Yu's neck, albeit only a very mild one. As for Xue Aohan and Lian Feiyu, they both seemed fine except for Lian Feiyu who looked slightly upset.

    "Come on, tell me. What happened?" Jiang Fei sat on a huge rock and asked. As the injuries on these ladies looked too out of place and did not seem like injuries sustained from Bio-Humans, he wanted to find out who had hurt them. If there had been a battle with the Bio-Humans, they would have sustained far worse injuries than this.

    After Jiang Fei asked, Yang Qing jumped right in, "It's all this person's fault. Firstly, she tried to order us around by saying that you had given her the right to command. We naturally did not believe her. Then, she started attacking us without any reason. She has severely injured all of us!"

    "What about the rest of you?" Jiang Fei turned toward Yang Po and the rest.

    However, Yang Qing was the only one who complained. Yang Po remained silent, her head hung low. Ding Menghan and Yun Yu both kept quiet as well despite looking slightly upset.

    "Lady Xue, you tell me!" Jiang Fei looked at the group of ladies. The only person who remained neutral was Xue Aohan.

    "This was what happened..." When she realized that Jiang Fei was asking her, Xue Aohan told him everything that had happened. As she was not particularly close to either Shang Guanqi or the other ladies, her side of the story remained fairly impartial.

    After hearing Xue Aohan's explanations, Jiang Fei finally had a good idea on what had happened. Apparently, Shang Guanqi had immediately taken over the team after showing them the item Jiang Fei had entrusted her with. She even led the team out of the mountain.

    However, the group of ladies were all proud people. They would not even fully obey Jiang Fei half the time, let alone Shang Guanqi who had previously been excommunicated. Yang Qing even claimed that Shang Guanqi had stolen the communication device in her hands.

    Among the group of ladies, Xue Aohan and Lian Feiyu had the best temperament. They were both gentle and demure, while Yang Po was the more considerate one. Apart from these three, Yang Qing, Ding Menghan and Yun Yu constantly picked on Jiang Fei. They probably did the same to Shang Guanqi.

    Unfortunately, not everyone was as tolerant as Jiang Fei. Shang Guanqi had no patience for these ladies. When Yang Qing led the group to retaliate against Shang Guanqi, she was the first to be punished by taking a painful slap to her face.

    When her sister was attacked, Yang Po naturally could not ignore it. Therefore, the two sisters started working together against Shang Guanqi. However, the two of them were no match against Shang Guanqi. While Yang Po's arm was injured, Yang Qing got hit even more times.

    By then, Ding Menghan and Yun Yu could no longer stand by idly. The four started fighting against Shang Guanqi together. In the end, the four of them could not defeat Shang Guanqi. They were instead beaten up by Shang Guanqi. Yun Yu even ended up with a knife to her neck.

    Shang Guanqi knew she had made everyone angry then. Seeing how even Lian Yufei had started unwrapping her flute, Shang Guanqi laughed coolly as she started walking away. However, not long after she left, a group of Bio-Humans had managed to track the group down in the mountain.

    The ladies who did not have much experience in battle did not even realize when they were surrounded by their enemies. There was even a Lower-Tier Level Four fellow among the Bio-Humans who had surrounded them. Yang Po and the rest could barely fight back and were soon suppressed by their enemies.

    Right then, Shang Guanqi had returned from her excursion. She then displayed her full Level Four might and killed all of the Bio-Humans.

    Since Xue Aohan did not have any special relationship with the other ladies present, Jiang Fei trusted her side of the story the most.

    "You owe me a favor!" Shang Guanqi said to Jiang Fei coolly.

    "Haih, alright!" Jiang Fei laughed. He was in a state of panic when he agreed to let Shang Guanqi take care of these ladies with barely any battle experience. However, he was glad that he had made that decision. Otherwise, these ladies would have been killed by the Japanese.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Brother Jiang Fei, aren't you going to reprimand her?" Yang Qing was still not giving up.

    "Stop it already. Without her, none of you would even still be alive. God knows what the Japanese would have done to you?" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes at Yang Qing. He thought to himself that the girl should behave more maturely.

    When she was scolded by Jiang Fei in person, Yang Qing looked even more upset. She looked as if she still wanted to argue, but was stopped by Yang Po's intense stare. As Yang Po could sense that Jiang Fei was beginning to feel annoyed by Yang Qing, she did not want her sister to upset him any further.

    "Let's leave this place first. We'll meet up with Zhao Ganming and the rest!" Jiang Fei said as he stood up. He did not want to investigate the incident of Shang Guanqi attacking the others. It was probably a good thing that a senior like her could teach the younger females a lesson this way. The only thing Jiang Fei was curious about was the fact that Shang Guanqi had Level Four capabilities.

    "0541, please scan Shang Guanqi's capabilities!" Jiang Fei ordered 0541. Previously, he only knew about Shang Guanqi through the information Han Tianyu had provided. He had yet to ask 0541 to do a proper scan of her.

    "Lower-Tier Level Four martial artist!" 0541 quickly provided Jiang Fei with results of the scan.

    "This young lady is definitely a genius!" Jiang Fei thought to himself in surprise. Although Shang Guanqi was slightly older than him at between eighteen to twenty years old, very few martial artists were able to reach Level Four at her age. Most martial artists who were able to reach Level Four before the age of forty were considered geniuses. More importantly, Shang Guanqi had not even reached twenty years old.
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