614 Mutants’ Betrayal

    "I still do not have any concrete plan for now. Basically, we must continue to look for the Japanese's secret bases and destroy their Bio-Factories!" Jiang Fei shook his head. He was not too sure about the whereabouts of the Japanese's Bio-Factories. However, there must have been more than a few of them for the Japanese to create millions of Bio-Humans.

    "Why don't we move together then? It would be better if we could look after each other's back!" Zhao Ganming suggested. He felt that his own team was far too weak and therefore wished to travel alongside Jiang Fei.

    "Eh... That's a good idea..." Although Jiang Fei was reluctant to bring these people with him as they were his extra burden, they were all from China. He could not let Zhao Ganming and the rest die on their own.

    During the invasion of Tokyo, the Mutants had given imperfect communication devices and incorrect information to China in order to maximize their benefits. They did not share a lot of the information on their hands. If Jiang Fei did not care about the small teams and without 0541's super radar, it was difficult for China's two small teams not to fall into the Japanese's traps.

    After the two small teams had reunited, Jiang Fei allowed the team members to rest for a short while. After all, Zhao Ganming's subordinates had all been through a very difficult battle. They had used up most of their strength and Inner Qi. Even Zhao Ganming himself was not in a very good state.

    "Let's go! We'll look for old man Hai!" Jiang Fei stood up about two hours later and said.

    Since he had taken it upon himself to bring Zhao Ganming and the rest along with him, Jiang Fei thought that he might as well help old man Hai's team too.

    In all honesty, old man Hai's team was not the only one suffering. Most of the forces which tried to invade Tokyo faced very strong opponents. The Japanese's Bio-Humans were much stronger and much larger in number compared to the intel the Mutants had acquired previously.

    In order to maximize their benefits, the Mutants Brotherhood had intentionally suppressed China's martial artists. Moreover, the Vatican did not send many people to support their cause. Basically, most of the teams were formed by the Mutants.

    Unlike China which had only sent three small teams, the Mutants came in groups of hundreds. Nearly one thousand Mutants arrived on Tokyo's soils. However, as the main source of power, they received the brunt of Japanese gunfire.

    As the Japanese battled on their home grounds, it was difficult for their opponents to predict the number of military radars and observation stations. Therefore, even martial artists like Jiang Fei who were good at hiding could not sneak in without being discovered. The Mutants who had caucasian features were even more easily detected.

    Therefore, the Mutants' army became the target of the Japanese the moment they landed in Tokyo. The Japanese hated these North American people the most because they were once treated like slaves by them. Now, they fought against the mutants with all their might.

    Using the advantage of battling on their home grounds, the Japanese first used military firearms and guided missiles to limit the Mutant army's area of mobility. The Japanese then unleashed their hundreds of thousands of Bio-Humans to expend the Mutants' energy.

    Although the Japanese's Bio-Humans mostly only had Level Two capabilities, they came in large numbers. The Bio-Humans massively outnumbered the Mutants, which further encouraged them to charge toward the Mutants without any fear.

    Although the Low-Tier Bio-Humans were easily killed by the Mutant's army, they caused the Mutants to expend a lot of their energy. Once the Mutants got tired and had used up most of the energy in their bodies, the High-Tier Bio-Humans appeared. Most of the groups of Level Three and Level Four Bio-Humans were led by a perfect Pinnacle Level Four Bio-Human as they charged toward a High-Tier Mutant.

    The already exhausted Mutants had no way of fighting back. Some of them were instantly killed by the Japanese. The rest were captured alive and would soon be sent to the factories to be made into Bio-Humans who fought for the Japanese.

    In just one day, on Jiang Fei's side, Zhao Ganming had lost six of his team members. They still did not know the number of casualties on old man Hai's side. However, the Mutants had lost over half of their people. Although they managed to kill over a hundred thousand of the Bio-Humans, they had lost several hundred of their own men.

    In order to obtain the Japanese's Bio-Technology, the Mutants Brotherhood's top leaders were willing to risk it all. Most of the High-Tier Mutants had been mobilized for the mission. Nearly two thousand Mutants went into Tokyo.

    With their advantage in sheer power, the Mutants Brotherhood quickly gained a firm hold of the situation in Tokyo. Moreover, they started attacking the Japanese's bases and factories. During that time, the Japanese troops were still not willing to back down. Therefore, they retaliated with wave after wave of attacks which caused several hundred more casualties to the Mutants Brotherhood over the next few days.

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    As the Japanese's attention was entirely focused on the Mutants Brotherhood, Jiang Fei and the rest were able to stay relatively safe for several days. There were only a few Bio-Humans tailing Jiang Fei and his group from behind but none of them initiated any attacks.

    After three days, Jiang Fei was able to locate old man Hai's team. As they had not been ambushed, old man Hai's team had only lost two of their team members. Although some of them had sustained injuries, they were able to recover their battle powers by consuming Jiang Fei's pills.

    After two more days, all of China's teams had managed to regroup. However, they still did not receive any updates from the Mutants Brotherhood. Clearly, the Mutants Brotherhood, which had managed to strengthen themselves, did not plan to share their gains with China Martial Art Alliance or the European Vatican. They were planning to claim the victory for their own and to single-handedly overtake the Japanese's Bio-Technology.

    After clearing a few of the Japanese's outer base camps, the Mutants Brotherhood obtained some superficial Bio-Human's theoretical information which pleasantly surprised them. On top of that, they had personally experienced the strong battle powers of the Bio-Humans over the past few days. Therefore, the Mutants Brotherhood were more certain than ever that they would claim the technology for themselves. They were willing to betray the China Martial Art Alliance and even the European Vatican for that.

    As the Japanese had already activated the signal-disrupting setting, normal communication devices were basically unusable. Moreover, the Mutants Brotherhood did not provide Jiang Fei and the rest with any new information update. Therefore, Jiang Fei and the rest still did not know about the shift in attitude of the Mutants as well as their growing powers.

    "We can't wait like this for any longer!" On the same day, Jiang Fei said to Zhao Ganming and old man Hai.

    It was already the fifth day of their arrival at Tokyo. However, the Mutants still had not updated them with any information. The Japanese had also become unusually quiet. Jiang Fei sensed that something was amiss.

    "Yeah, it feels like we have been forgotten..." Zhao Ganming nodded.

    "Should we capture someone to get more information?" Old man Hai suggested.

    "Alright!" Jiang Fei nodded. They had not engaged the Bio-Humans tailing them previously because they did not want to initiate a direct battle against the Japanese. They had also intended to rest up before anything happened. However, Jiang Fei and the rest were too well-rested now. It was as if the world had forgotten about them.

    After making the decision, Jiang Fei and the rest proceeded with their plan. With 0541's scan, Jiang Fei easily found several Bio-Human controllers hidden somewhere in the dark. He was able to capture them as hostages with ease.
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