615 Jiang Fei’s Plan

    After capturing the hostages, Jiang Fei passed these Japanese fellows over to old man Hai for interrogation. After all, the old man was much more skilled at it than Jiang Fei was.

    Among the Japanese, those who were fighters or ninjas were rather tough to track. However, the technicians were easily intimidated and revealed everything they knew before they were even tortured.

    Jiang Fei got to know about Tokyo's current situation from these Japanese fellows. He also found out about how the Mutants Brotherhood had suddenly grown a lot stronger. Jiang Fei and his two comrades, after some analysis, realized that the Mutants Brotherhood had decided not to cooperate with the China Martial Art Alliance and the European Vatican. They had planned to take over the Bio-Humans' technology on their own.

    "That can't be allowed! We have worked this hard to resolve the Bio-Humans' threat. If the Mutants were to take over their technology, what difference would it make?" Zhao Ganming frowned as he spoke.

    "You're right. However, things have become much more difficult to deal with. Now that the Mutants have things under control in Tokyo and have already acquired some of the Bio-Technology, how can we stop them on our own..." Old man Hai turned toward Jiang Fei. After all, Jiang Fei was the most mysterious one with many secrets. Therefore, they could only rely on him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "We need to communicate with the Martial Art Alliance. Let's see what they think. If the Martial Art Alliance decides to add more troops here, we will fight against the Mutants after the backup has arrived. If they do not have any intention to increase troops, we will have to let Han Tianyu take us back. There is no point in working so hard only for the Mutants to reap all the benefits!" Jiang Fei said after some consideration.

    Jiang Fei had spoken with his own considerations in mind. Although the Mutants had already acquired some parts of the Bio-Technology, they must not have obtained the core information. Therefore, Jiang Fei still did not want to give up yet. He still intended to ruin the Mutants' plans.

    Therefore, with backup from China, Jiang Fei could take advantage of the time when the Martial Art Alliance and the Mutants fought to destroy some of the Japanese's key bases. If he managed to destroy the important technology in the bases, the Mutants would not be a significant threat even if they acquired some of the information.

    However, if the Martial Art Alliance did not agree to take on the associated risks, Jiang Fei would have to get Han Tianyu to send away the people with him. Without them as additional burden, Jiang Fei would be able to move around Tokyo much more easily. With the use of his invisibility effect, he could even move alongside the Mutants and destroy key information right before their eyes.

    "That's a great idea! However, the problem is, how do we establish communication with the Alliance?" Although Zhao Ganming and old man Hai did not know Jiang Fei's true motives, they still thought his plan was the most effective one. However, they had questions as to how they could possibly communicate with the Alliance.

    As the Mutants Brotherhood had bad intentions from the start, they provided Jiang Fei and the rest with communication devices which only allowed them to receive messages but not send them. On top of that, the Japanese had activated a signal-blocking setting which meant Jiang Fei and the others' communication devices were basically useless. Therefore, they could not establish any communication with the Martial Art Alliance at all.

    "We might lack the necessary communications, but they don't!" Jiang Fei looked at the Japanese fellows who had been tortured by old man Hai.

    "Do you mean...?" Zhao Ganming suddenly realized what Jiang Fei meant.

    "That's right. Old man Hai, force them to tell us the location of the nearest base. We will overtake the base directly and use the communication channel within to communicate with the Martial Art Alliance!" Jiang Fei said.

    "Alright!" Old man Hai agreed. He smiled devilishly as he walked toward the Japanese hostages.

    As eight of the Martial Art Alliance's best disciples had died in the hands of the Japanese's Bio-Humans, old man Hai held a very strong grudge against them. Therefore, he was very cruel during his interrogations of these Japanese fellows.

    After approximately twenty minutes, old man Hai returned. From the smile on his face, Jiang Fei could tell that he had managed to extract the information on the nearest base.

    "Oh? A small base?" Jiang Fei seemed surprised by the information. He did not realize that there was a secret Japanese base nearby.

    "Yeah. According to those Japanese fellows, the base is very small. Its main purpose is to allow Low-Tier Bio-Humans to recharge themselves. However, most of the Bio-Humans had already been relocated to the East. Therefore, the defense in the base is not very strong!" Old man Hai said.

    "Alright! Let's not waste any time. We will move out tonight!" Jiang Fei nodded. Now that the Japanese were engaged in a fierce battle with the Mutants, most of their Bio-Humans have already been relocated. Jiang Fei and the rest were located on the West side of the island with most of the Bio-Humans relocated elsewhere.

    After extracting the necessary information, the Japanese hostages were of no use to Jiang Fei. After old man Hai and his disciples got rid of these hostages, they moved with Jiang Fei to a safer spot to rest.

    After the sky turned dark, Jiang Fei and the rest started heading toward the Japanese's secret base.

    As soon as they arrived near the secret base at about fifty kilometers away, Jiang Fei was able to pinpoint the base's exact location with 0541's help. It seemed that the hostages had not lied to old man Hai.

    After they made it to about ten kilometers away, Jiang Fei found out from 0541 that the base was indeed very small. The main feature of the base was a huge pool which contained a foul-smelling green liquid.

    The disgusting liquid was what the Bio-Humans used to recharge their energy. As Bio-Humans had very weak energy-generating ability, they relied on immersing themselves regularly in such liquid to replenish their energy.

    Right then, there were only less than a hundred Bio-Humans guarding the base. There were only three Level Three Bio-Humans and one Lower-Tier Level Four Bio-Human, which were not a threat to Jiang Fei's team at all.

    "Let's attack them directly! They are very weak!" Jiang Fei signalled to Zhao Ganming and old man Hai. All thirty of the martial artists charged toward the Japanese's base.

    "Kill them! Let's avenge our brothers!"

    "All of you Japanese people, die!"


    The martial artists with Jiang Fei were all hot-blooded youths. Their eyes sparkled with rage as they recalled their comrades' death. Therefore, these young men took the lead as they charged into the battle against the Bio-Humans.
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