617 Mutants in the Way

    After two hours, Han Tianyu sent Jiang Fei a message to inform him that a ship would arrive to pick them up the next day at night. However, some minor problems might be anticipated.

    Han Tianyu did not further explain what the problems were as he rushed off to deal with other things. Jiang Fei and the rest did not care too much either.

    After the call, the sky began to darken. Jiang Fei and the rest cleaned up the base and thereafter proceeded to rest. Although the Japanese received news that one of the small bases had been attacked, they did not send anyone over to surround Jiang Fei and the rest.

    The Japanese had decided to leave Jiang Fei alone because they did not have any troops to spare. Both their current armies and newly-formed Bio-Humans were needed to fight against the Mutants. Therefore, they could not spare anyone to fight against Jiang Fei.

    Moreover, Jiang Fei was nothing compared to the attacks from the Mutants. Therefore, the Japanese did not think it was worth sacrificing any of their military front-liners.

    After a day's rest, Jiang Fei and the others departed from the Japanese's base. Jiang Fei then used an Anti-Mecha Landmine to destroy the base.

    Although the Japanese discovered that Jiang Fei and the others were retreating from the shore, they did not try to stop them. In their eyes, it was better for these China martial artists to leave. In that way, they would have less on their plate and would be able to focus on the Mutants entirely.

    When midnight came, Jiang Fei and the others arrived at the designated location and saw the defense ship which Han Tianyu had sent to pick them up. Although the vessel was not large, it was big enough to transport close to fifty of them.

    The defense ship was able to leave the shores of Tokyo without any obstruction. This was because the Japanese's navy had already been annihilated when the Mutants increased their troops. All of the Japanese's ships were destroyed by the Mutants' seventh navy team.

    "Brother Yu, I knew you would come personally!" Jiang Fei was not surprised to see that Han Tianyu had come along.

    "Yeah. There is still some stuff to be discussed with the Mutants. Therefore, I had to personally come." Han Tianyu looked slightly disturbed.

    "What's the matter?" Jiang Fei asked confusedly.

    "Here's what happened..." Han Tianyu was about to explain everything to Jiang Fei when the sound of a navy siren pierced through the air.

    "F*ck! What's going on?" Although Jiang Fei did not understand navy rules, he understood the instructions to everyone on board to get ready for battle which was announced by the captain through the loudspeakers.

    "It's not a big deal!" Han Tianyu frowned as he walked to the front of the ship.

    Jiang Fei and the other martial artists did not know what was going on and therefore simply followed along. Not too far away was a light flashing dimly in the sea. Very soon, as the vessel moved forward, the light seemed to get closer and closer. Jiang Fei finally realized where the light came from.

    There were two battleships that belonged to the major rice-exporting country.

    "D*mn! What is the meaning of this?" Jiang Fei started frowning as well.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    The two battleships maintained a relatively safe distance from the ship Jiang Fei was on. Two smaller vessels approached Jiang Fei and the rest at a rapid rate. Each vessel carried eight or so people.

    "Brother Yu, what's going on?" Jiang Fei asked with a frown.

    "These bastards are concerned that you might bring Bio-Human information back to China. Therefore, they want to board the ship to investigate!" Han Tianyu spat as he spoke. This was the unresolved issue he mentioned before.

    "Investigate us? On what basis?" Not only Jiang Fei, but Zhao Ganming and the other elders were also angered when they heard this.

    "They are just bullying the weak. We definitely can't defeat them in terms of our naval strength. As for metahuman capabilities, I predict they must have acquired some key technology. Otherwise, they wouldn't dare to face us like this!" Han Tianyu said uneasily.

    "Oh? Are they bullying us because they have acquired better technology?" Jiang Fei snorted. Based on current conditions, the major rice-exporting country was indeed slightly stronger than China in terms of their military technology. However, that was only based on current predictions. If Jiang Fei were to intervene, he could easily destroy their aircraft carrier using Planet Namek's technology.

    "I am afraid that's not all. The Mutants might have already obtained the technology used to create Level Five Bio-Humans!" 0541 reminded Jiang Fei.

    "Level Five Bio-Humans?!" Jiang Fei exclaimed at 0541's reminder.

    All this while, Jiang Fei had ignored the Level Five Bio-Humans. In his mind, the strongest Bio-Human could only be at the Pinnacle Level Four. Phoenix was merely an exception.

    However, that was only the case when the Bio-Technology belonged to the Japanese because they could not remove the Level Five Bio-Human's memory and willpower after they had already been made. Therefore, the Japanese were unable to create Level Five Bio-Humans.

    However, things were different for the Mutants. The Japanese needed to remove the Bio-Humans' memory because they were originally Mutants. In order to control these High-Tier Bio-Humans, the Japanese had to remove their memory and willpower.

    However, the Mutants did not need to remove their own peoples' memories when carrying out the Bio-Modification. Therefore, once they were able to grasp the Bio-Technology, they would be able to produce Level Five metahumans despite the low success rate. As such, they were not afraid of any other powers. With such confidence, they might even want to rule the world.

    "D*mn! This is so troublesome!" Jiang Fei rubbed his forehead. Things were getting out of hand.

    Right then, the two smaller vessels had already gotten close to their ship.

    "Those onboard, listen up. We are coming over to investigate. If you do not carry any forbidden items, your departure will not be delayed!" One of the Mutants with a grey face shouted through a loudspeaker.

    "Liona, do you really want to investigate us?" Jiang Fei voiced out as Han Tianyu could not speak against a group of higher-tier Mutants.

    "Mr. Jiang, I apologize for the inconvenience. I am merely the vice-captain. I do not have the right to authorize a retreat." Liona smiled bitterly at Jiang Fei. This was the lady who had welcomed Jiang Fei previously.

    "Oh?" Jiang Fei followed Liona's gaze which eventually landed on a youth with blue hair who stood at the front of the small vessel. It seemed like this was the fellow in charge of the Mutants here.

    "This is the son of our Mutants Brotherhood's Vice President Lincoln. People call him the Frost Prince Gid." Liona took the initiative to introduce him to Jiang Fei.
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