618 From Embarrassment to Anger

    "Frost Prince Gid? Do you want to search my ship?" Jiang Fei smiled. 0541 had already scanned this Mutant's capabilities. Although the young man named Gid was pretty strong, he was only a Middle-Tier Level Four Mutant. Apart from Liona who was a Lower-Tier Level Four Mutant, there were four other Lower-Tier Level Four and one Middle-Tier Level Four Mutants. If they were to really fight against Jiang Fei, he would not be afraid of them at all.

    Although the two vessels looked intimidating, Jiang Fei could easily destroy them with the Light Cannon from his Personal Armory before they could even fire their guided missiles.

    "Hmph! Jiang Fei, don't think too highly of yourself. You are only powerful because of your master's namesake!" Gid laughed coldly. Although he also had an influential father, he looked down upon others like himself. He always believed that other people achieved glory because of their parents while he had worked hard for what he had achieved.

    "Master Gid, please don't act rashly!" Liona tried to hold him back. Although she had not known Jiang Fei for very long, Jiang Fei had a sense of mysteriousness to him that made her cautious. She was worried that Gid would be at a disadvantage.

    "Hmph! I would like to see what he is truly made of!" Liona's reaction made Gid even more angry.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Gid was already trying to pursue the young and beautiful Liona. However, Liona seemed to not be as equally interested in him. When Gid saw how much Liona respected Jiang Fei, he could not help but feel jealous. Therefore, he hopped onto the ship from his vessel and arrived before Jiang Fei.

    "Die!" Gid immediately started attacking Jiang Fei viciously. His hands turned into two blades of ice stretching toward Jiang Fei's heart.

    "Get lost!" Jiang Fei did not even retrieve his sword as he jumped and used his Thunder Gale Kick Technique combined with his fire-based Origin Force to counter Gid's ice cones.


    As the loud sound of collision was heard, Gid instantly fell backward.

    "Ahh!" Gid cried out painfully as he fell onto the small vessel. When he looked at his hands, he saw that the ice cones had already been crushed into pieces. His arm and palms were all covered in black from the burn and pressure.

    Although Jiang Fei only had the energy levels of a Lower-Tier Level Four metahuman, the might of his energy were amplified by his Thunder Gale Kick Technique combined with the power of the Origin Force.

    The Mutants might find it easy to acquire energy. A lot of them would have achieved Level Four at a very young age. However, they lacked techniques. Most of them relied on their inner energy which could not be amplified. Therefore, their prowess could not possibly compare with the techniques created thousands of years ago in China.

    Moreover, 0541 had specially created the combination of Thunder Gale Kick Technique and the Origin Force for Jiang Fei which incorporated the best of both worlds in Chinese martial arts.

    Therefore, the amplification of Jiang Fei's energy was very obvious. Jiang Fei would not even be afraid of common Middle-Tier Level Four martial artists, let alone the kind of Mutants who could not even amplify their energy.

    From a single attack, Gid discovered that he was at a huge disadvantage. Jiang Fei was actually holding back. If he did not, he would have killed Gid instantly.

    "Bastard! You hurt me! I will kill you!" Gid grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth after all. He could not possibly tolerate the embarrassment. Being defeated in front of the woman he liked made him feel even more hurt than the wounds on his body.

    "Attack!" Seeing that their leader was attacked, the followers naturally could not stand still. Ten of the Mutants next to Gid leaped into the air and charged toward the ship on which Jiang Fei and the rest were on.

    "Have you all thought it through?" Jiang Fei laughed coldly as he drew his Chengying Sword out from behind him. Zhao Ganmind and the rest also positioned themselves for battle. As Chinese martial artists, they were not afraid of anything.

    "Stop it! All of you, stop!" Liona looked very worried. Their orders were not to insist on investigating Jiang Fei and the others.

    The Mutants had asked them to intercept Jiang Fei merely to test the waters. As Jiang Fei did not own any of the Japanese's important bases and the China Martial Art Alliance had only sent three weak teams over, the Mutants did not believe Jiang Fei and the others held any important information.

    They had only ordered the intervention to test the China Martial Art Alliance's attitude. If they were to concede easily, that meant the Mutants could be even harsher on the China Martial Art Alliance in the time to come. If Jiang Fei and the others resisted them, they would have to wait until they greatly outnumbered China with their Level Five metahumans before they engaged China.

    However, nobody expected that a single test would escalate all because of Gid's jealousy. If the Mutants were to confront China right now, they would surely not benefit from the battle.

    The Mutants still had not fully solved the problem of the Japanese. Moreover, they had still not figured out how to use the Bio-Technology they had recently acquired. Right then, the China Martial Art Alliance was not any weaker than the Mutants. If they were to really fight each other, the Mutants would suffer a greater loss as they were still fighting against the Japanese.

    "Shut up! Can't you see that I've been attacked?" Gid suddenly stood up. Gid felt that Liona was trying to protect Jiang Fei. His jealousy only caused him to want to kill Jiang Fei and not care about anything else.

    Compared to Liona who was only one of the executives, Gid held a far more powerful position. Therefore, the Mutants immediately started attacking Jiang Fei and the others.

    "Brother Yu, get behind! Brothers, let's kill them all! I'll keep things at bay if anything were to happen!" Jiang Fei's facial expression turned serious when he saw that his opponents were clearly starting to attack.

    As there were more of the Level Four metahumans on the other side, Jiang Fei did not want people like Han Tianyu to get injured. Therefore, he would rather him and the younger disciples stand behind him. Jiang Fei and the four other Level Four martial artists would be enough to fight against the group of Mutants before them.

    As Gid had already been injured, Liona did not participate in the battle. There were a total of fourteen Mutants who had boarded the ship. Four of them were Lower-Tier Level Four metahumans, while one of them was of the Middle-Tier Level Four and the rest were only Level Three Mutants.

    As a Middle-Tier Level Four martial artist, Zhao Ganming naturally took on the strongest Mutant in the group. Martial artists had a natural advantage against other metahumans. Therefore, Zhao Ganming did not think much of the Middle-Tier Level Four Mutant.

    Although old man Hai was only at the Lower-Tier Level Four, he had been there for a very long time and was only one step away from reaching the Middle-Tier Level Four. Therefore, he was more than capable of taking on two Lower-Tier Level Four opponents.

    Right then, there were as many as eleven Mutants before Jiang Fei. Two of them were Lower-Tier Level Four Mutants while nine of them were of Level Three. However, these enemies did not pose any threat to Jiang Fei at all.

    Zhao Ganming and old man Hai both did not want to permanently cut off ties with the Mutants and therefore did not plan to kill their opponents. Unlike them, Jiang Fei was filled with murderous intent. The Mutants had become his enemies the moment they started attacking him.
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