620 Returning to the Vessel

    "Tsk tsk, this alien weapon truly does not disappoint!" Han Tianyu was not unfamiliar with the alien weapon. After all, there were a lot of weapon related information in the alien gaming hall in Han Tianyu's house. However, they had yet to completely comprehend the technology contained in those weapons.

    "Yeah!" Jiang Fei nodded. He knew Han Tianyu was trying to divert the attention on his behalf.

    Han Tianyu's words ensured that everyone paid more attention to how powerful the alien weapon in Jiang Fei's hands was, rather than where he got it from. That proved how smart Han Tianyu was. Since he had decided to rely on Jiang Fei, he would help Jiang Fei whenever he was able to.

    "It's very powerful indeed. It is even comparable to the ultimate attack of a Higher-Tier Level Four martial artist. Moreover, the attack range is even further than what normal martial artists are capable of!" Zhao Ganming sighed.

    Most of the others thought that the weapon belonged to Han Tianyu because of what he had said. Therefore, they did not think too much about it. After all, it was not a secret that the Han family owned one of the alien fragments.

    "Haih! There's no way to salvage the situation now!" Old man Hai sighed.

    Unlike the battle before, the current battle was no longer limited to the metahuman circle. Jiang Fei had sunk one of the major rice-exporting country's battleships. It was the equivalent to declaring a war against the country.

    The Mutants who had fought against Jiang Fei and the others earlier had been suppressing their powers when they fought. They had only done so to avoid sinking the defensive ship. If one party were to sink the other's ship, it would undoubtedly cause the countries to go to war with each other. This was something unimaginable for two countries with nuclear capabilities.

    However, when Gid returned to his own battleship and discovered that most of his subordinates had been killed, he became angry and personally ordered the missile attacks.

    As the ship Jiang Fei was sitting on faced the threat of being sunk, Jiang Fei had no choice but to use Planet Namek's weapon to attack his enemies first. Therefore, the major rice-exporting country's battleship was sunk and the conflict between both parties quickly escalated.

    "Beep beep..."

    Right then, the alarm on the defensive ship started beeping. Although one of the battleships on the other side had been sunk, the other one was still operational and had fired the first wave of twelve guided missiles.

    "Block them all!"

    The defensive ship activated all of its firearms to block the guided missiles. Even old man Hai and Zhao Ganming tried to deflect the guided missiles before they approached the ship.

    "D*mn it! Since you people want to die, I will fulfill your wishes!" Jiang Fei locked onto the second battleship and then fired from the Anti-Mecha Light Cannon.


    As a loud sound was heard, the second battleship was also struck by Jiang Fei's Light Cannon. The entire ship tilted to one side and began sinking altogether.

    "Zoom..." Right then, the twelve guided missiles had gotten very close to them.

    "Bratatat..." The defensive ship started firing at the guided missiles to prevent them from getting close to the ship.

    Old man Hai and Zhao Ganming also swung their long swords to create beams of sword energy which shot at the guided missiles. They hoped to destroy the guided missiles before they hit the ship.

    Right then, Jiang Fei also dropped his Light Cannon as he retrieved his Chengying Sword to destroy the missiles.


    "Bang! Bang..."

    Although the guided missiles were destroyed before they hit the ship, they exploded very closely to the ship. Therefore, the aftershock from the explosions still caused the ship to shake violently. If not for the fact that most of them were High-Tier martial artists, they would have all been flung into the sea.

    The most vulnerable person then was Han Tianyu. As he had much weaker capabilities than the rest, he was not able to protect himself in such situations. Even the small pieces of debris from the missile could potentially take his life. Fortunately, Ding Menghan had helped him out by blocking those pieces of debris as they were from the same sect. That was how Han Tianyu was able to survive the dangerous situation.

    With Jiang Fei and the protective gunfire, all twelve guided missiles were successfully destroyed before they hit the ship. The feat was also accomplished with the help of many Level Four martial artists. The protective gunfire alone would not have been able to block all twelve guided missiles.

    While Jiang Fei and the rest had managed to overcome danger, the major rice-export country's second battleship had not. The battleship's entire body was tilting heavily to one side and was already half-filled with seawater. There was no way it could be salvaged. The crew members frantically jumped into the smaller vessels to escape. One of the small vessels sped away as fast as an arrow.

    "Is our guided missile able to lock onto them?" Jiang Fei asked. Clearly, the people on the small vessel speeding away quickly were Mutants.

    "It's very difficult. They are moving way too fast!" The captain shook his head. Clearly, the small vessel was not operating on mechanics. Instead, it was being powered by a Mutant with Level Four capabilities and above.

    "Forget about it! We should show them some mercy!" Old man Hai relaxed when he saw that the vessel could not be attacked. He guessed that the guy named Gid was on that small vessel. If they were to attack it and cause it to sink, and if anything happened to Gid, the Mutants Brotherhood would definitely go crazy.

    Until now, old man Hai and the older folks like him still believed in the possibility of peace. They did not want to thoroughly cut ties with the Mutants, let alone openly declare war against them.

    "Let's go! We'll return to the vessel!" Jiang Fei nodded. Since those people had escaped, he did not plan to chase after them.

    Originally, Jiang Fei had planned for Han Tianyu to bring these Chinese martial artists back home. He would then return to Tokyo to stir up trouble for the Mutants and destroy some of the Japanese's Bio-Technology while he did so.

    However, now that the Mutants had acquired the technique to create Level Five Bio-Humans, there was no point in destroying the other information. Jiang Fei decided to forgo the plan of returning to Tokyo.

    Instead of returning to Tokyo to cause a mess, Jiang Fei thought it was a better idea to continue searching for Braveheart's Fragments while the Mutants were still trying to master the Bio-Technology. If he waited until they were capable of mass-producing Level Five metahumans, Jiang Fei would not be able to fight against them.

    As for the current situation with him killing quite a number of the Mutants and even sinking two of their battleships, Jiang Fei was not worried about a war breaking out between the two countries. If this had happened before the Mutants acquired the Bio-Technology, they would have declared war on China right away.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    However, things were different now. If the Mutants were to keep the peace for a little while longer, once they were able to fully operate the Bio-Technology, they would be able to go to war with China without paying a hefty price. Therefore, even with their battleships sunken, they would still bite their tongues. The only thing they would do was probably to verbally attack China. Once they were done dealing with the Japanese, after the Bio-Technology was fully operational and was able to mass-produce Level Five Bio-Humans, the Mutants would probably seek China for revenge.

    To prevent losses in battles, the Mutants needed more time to strengthen themselves. This period of time was very precious to Jiang Fei. If the Mutants were to attack China now, they would have to pay a hefty price for it. However, China was definitely not able to fight them. Despite that, with more time given to Jiang Fei, and even with the Mutants' full confidence, it was uncertain as to who would win in the end.
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