621 I Want You to Marry Me

    After many hours of traveling, the defense ship finally arrived at China's naval port. It was already noon when Jiang Fei bade farewell to the rest.

    The people from the Martial Arts Alliance had to rush back to their respective sects, while Old man Hai and Zhao Ganming needed to report to the Alliance's headquarters. Han Tianyu also had to head to the capital to report everything that happened.

    Although they had described parts of what they had encountered, some things can only be explained in person. That was especially the case for when Jiang Fei killed over ten of the Mutants and even sank two of the major rice-exporting country's battleships.

    As Jiang Fei was the only person who knew that the Mutants had acquired the ability to create Level 5 Bio-Humans, everyone else thought the Mutants would definitely not be able to keep their peace. Therefore, both the country and the Martial Arts Alliance would have to immediately prepare for the upcoming battle.

    The Martial Arts Alliance was not too concerned about the Mutants' threat as they were not any weaker. However, the Mutants was a secretive organization and usually well-organized in their attacks. The China Martial Arts Alliance, on the other hand, was formed by several sects which did not usually work together. Therefore, their battle capabilities were not as strong as the Mutants. However, if they encountered external threats, the sects would still work together. Therefore, they were not afraid of the Mutants.

    In comparison, China as a country was not as strong as the major rice-exporting country. The major rice-exporting country had not initiated anything against China because of their nuclear energy. If they were to push too far, China might declare war against them and attack them with nuclear weapons. If that happened, both sides would suffer significant losses.

    Thus, the two countries had always maintained a neutral relationship. If an actual battle were to take place, China would definitely lose out. That was why Han Tianyu was feeling so troubled right now. He had to personally meet with the country's superiors so that they could make preparations for the battle which might happen at any time.

    As Jiang Fei knew what was going on, he did not try to stop Han Tianyu. It was a good thing for the country to prepare for the battle earlier rather than later. After all, once the Mutants could thoroughly grasp the Bio-Technology, they would definitely start attacking China.

    After everyone had left, and Jiang Fei was also preparing to leave, someone suddenly stood in front of him.

    "Is there something you want to tell me?" Jiang Fei asked. The person standing before him was Shang Guanqi."

    "You owe me a favor. Do you admit it?" Shang Guanqi looked as cool as ever.

    "Hehe. I admit it. Is there something I can help you with?" Jiang Fei laughed. Although the favor was promised under pressing circumstances, Jiang Fei would not go back on his promise.

    "Alright!" Shang Guanqi nodded.

    "Tell me. If I can help you, I will do my best." Jiang Fei did not make it an absolute promise.

    "Marry me!" Shang Guanqi said as she looked away from Jiang Fei.

    "Ahh?!" Jiang Fei was surprised. He had no idea where that came from.

    "I want you to marry me!" Shang Guanqi said with certainty.

    "No. I mean, sister, can we not joke about this?" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes. If it were Yang Qing who had said this, he would not have been too surprised. After all, the sisters had already tried to force him to marry them previously. They were always trying to find ways to benefit themselves.

    However, Jiang Fei felt extremely uncomfortable when he heard those words from Shang Guanqi, as she did not look like someone who joked around.

    "I was not kidding!" Shang Guanqi seemed very serious.

    "Sister, what do you want? Can you be straightforward?" Jiang Fei was nearly speechless now.

    "I want to leave the Soaring Cloud Sect. However, if I did so blatantly, they would definitely assassinate me. The only way they would not do so is if you married me!" Shang Guanqi said after a moment of silence.

    "Oh! I see." Jiang Fei nodded. He could relate to Shang Guanqi's thoughts.

    As a girl, Shang Guanqi had been trained to be a killing robot from a very young age. She had suffered unspeakable pain and agony. After growing up, she was even used by the Soaring Cloud Sect like a weapon. She could no longer bear living that way, and hence she wanted to escape from the Soaring Cloud Sect.

    However, based on the Soaring Cloud Sect's abilities, Shang Guanqi would not be able to escape their assassination. Therefore, after meeting Jiang Fei and seeing how mysterious he was, Shang Guanqi turned her attention to him. As Jiang Fei had the backing of two Level 5 Metahumans, if Shang Guanqi became his woman, the Soaring Cloud Sect would very likely let her off the hook as they were afraid of Zhuge Shanzhen and Phoenix.

    "If you won't marry me, you might as well kill me now. Otherwise, I will tell everything I have witnessed to my superiors in the Soaring Cloud Sect! I will even tell them about your mysterious spatial storage!" Although Shang Guanqi was threatening him, Jiang Fei felt like the girl was in fact asking to be killed. She was not even a threat to him. Instead, she was forcing him to kill her.

    "Don't talk about life and death so nonchalantly. There is no need for such extremism. All you want is to leave the Soaring Cloud Sect, right? Leave it to me!" Jiang Fei actually pitied Shang Guanqi. She was at an age where she should be lively and outgoing. However, she had been trained by the Soaring Cloud Sect to be a cold-hearted killing machine.

    "Will you marry me then?" Shang Quanqi asked, surprised.

    "Why must I marry you? As long as we have a close relationship, the Soaring Cloud Sect would have to leave you alone. Moreover, you don't really like me. Why must you get married to me?" Jiang Fei shook his head frantically.

    Although Shang Guanqi said she wanted to get married to Jiang Fei, she was unlike the Yang sisters. She had the simple objective of using Jiang Fei to avoid being killed by the Soaring Cloud Sect.

    "How will you protect me then?" Shang Guanqi asked.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "My mother wants a daughter very badly. Why don't you take her as your god-mother? You could become my god-sister!" Jiang Fei laughed. His mother indeed liked girls very much. Moreover, Jiang Fei also wanted to find a bodyguard for his parents. Shang Guanqi was strong enough for the job. Besides, Jiang Fei felt a lot of pity for the girl. He hoped that she would be able to feel some closeness with family ties through his mother's love and care.

    "Alright!" Shang Guanqi agreed after thinking about it for a while.

    Compared to other girls, Shang Guanqi was indeed much more naive. Her only objective was to rely on Jiang Fei to continue living. As for getting married to Jiang Fei or becoming his god-sister, she did not really mind since she did not have ulterior motives.

    "Alright! Come with me then!" Jiang Fei nodded as he brought Shang Guanqi to the helicopter that Han Tianyu had arranged for to bring him home. Although Han Tianyu had already left, he made sure someone would bring Jiang Fei back to Manda Square.

    When it was nearly evening, Jiang Fei and Shang Guanqi arrived at Manda Square.

    Once they got home, Jiang Fei discovered that his parents were both at home. However, Si Tuying was not there. He thought it was probably a good thing as he would not have to explain Shang Guanqi's matter to her.

    Jiang Fei told his parents everything about Shang Guanqi. His kind mother tugged at her hands as tears started rolling down her cheeks. Shang Guanqi was unsure of how to react. She had grown up only with training to kill people. Nobody had ever shown her kindness like this.
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