622 The PvP Battle Begins

    While Shang Guanqi was not too used to being cared for by other people, Jiang Fei's mother felt a great deal of compassion for her. Jiang Fei's mother insisted that Shang Guanqi stayed with them on that day itself.

    Jiang Fei also initially had intentions for Shang Guanqi to stay at his house. After all, with the presence of a Level 4 bodyguard, his parents would be much safer.

    After dinner, Jiang Fei chatted with his parents for a while. After giving Si Tuying a call to let her know he was fine, Jiang Fei returned to his room.

    "Captain, you have not logged into the game for a very long time!" 0541 suddenly said.

    "I don't have the time or mind to play games now!" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes. He was prepared to go search for Braveheart's Fragments. He could not care less about the game.

    "Finding Braveheart's Fragments is indeed important. However, the game greatly benefits you too. I hope you will listen to my suggestion!" 0541 tried to persuade Jiang Fei. However, 0541 would not tell Jiang Fei why no matter what. 0541 simply insisted that he play the game.

    "Alright. I'll play it. However, it must not get in the way of real work!" Jiang Fei looked at the time. It was almost eleven o'clock. Since he was not busy with other things tonight, he logged in to the game.

    "Husband!" As soon as Jiang Fei logged into the game, Isabella appeared next to him. She started crying in his arms.

    "I am sorry for your suffering..." Jiang Fei sighed. As long as he did not log into the game, Isabella would be trapped in the small black house. It was indeed torture for her the past few days.

    While Jiang Fei was consoling Isabella, his other ladies sensed his aura. Each of them started rushing over to his side.

    "Husband, you have finally appeared!" Sylphy looked at Jiang Fei lovingly.

    Nina and Hua Mulan also looked at Jiang Fei lovingly. Both of them wanted to speak but stopped themselves. Although there were many thoughts that they wanted to share with him, they did not know where to start.

    Not long after, a watery light flashed by. Ariel appeared next to Jiang Fei and also jumped into his arms. Although the ladies all had different states of mind, all of them shared one thing in common, which was that their eyes were filled with tears.

    "Husband, we were very worried about you while you were away..." Isabella said what was on every one of the ladies' minds.

    "Haih..." Jiang Fei sighed. He was not sure how to respond. After all, these ladies were from a different world. Although Jiang Fei could accompany them in the game, he belonged to the real world. These ladies were only a group of made-up data points, and they did not exist in reality.

    While the ladies were overjoyed with Jiang Fei's return, things started getting noisier in an underground base somewhere north of China.

    "Leader! Leader! The young fellow has finally logged in!" An excited voice could be heard.

    "Oh!?" The leader walked over to the surveillance camera.

    "D*mn! What is wrong with this young fellow. He logs in whenever he likes. When can we ever complete our experiment?" One of the technicians complained.

    "Haih, he is working for us for free. Stop being so picky. Moreover, if we could find someone else to replace him, we wouldn't need to wait for him to come online every day!" The leader laughed.

    "Leader, this fellow is indeed unusual. When he logged in, all of the data points went haywire. This was especially true for Number 15's group of data points. Basically, Level 1 is near perfect!" the researcher in charge of the surveillance camera said. He sounded very surprised.

    "Alright, let's increase the level of experimentation while he is still online. Let's activate the third plan," the leader said after much consideration.

    "The third plan? Isn't it too soon?" Someone else voiced out his concern.

    "This fellow logs in too irregularly. Let's not worry too much. Let's do as much as we can!" The leader insisted on his decision.

    "Okay! Execute the third plan!" One of the programmers started pushing a few buttons to activate the said plan.


    After consoling the ladies around him, Jiang Fei sent a message to Rosette Rose.

    "Yo. Master, you are online now. Such a rare occasion!" Rosette Rose sounded somewhat sarcastic. Clearly, she was not very happy with Jiang Fei about something.

    "Hehe, with you around to take care of the guild, there is nothing for me to worry about. It wouldn't make any difference if I logged in or not," Jiang Fei said.

    "Brother Ah Fei, do you have a girlfriend now? Why are you suddenly so good with your words?" A woman's sixth sense was usually very accurate, especially when gossip was in the picture. Even a strong female figure like Rosette Rose had the same sixth sense.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Hehe..." Jiang Fei giggled. He could not help but think of Si Tuying.

    "Indeed... Tell me, who is your little girlfriend?" Rosette Rose's eyes glistened as she anticipated Jiang Fei's answer.

    "Hold on, hold on... Sister Rose, how's things with the Class PvP Battle?" Jiang Fei was worried there would not be an end to Rosette Rose's gossiping once he got her started. Therefore, he quickly changed the topic.

    "Oh! This is why I was angry. I thought you had forgotten all about it. I worked so hard to register you in the battle, and yet you ended up missing the first battle. Did you know how hard it was to appease the audience?" When Jiang Fei brought up the Class PvP Battle, Rosette Rose suddenly started complaining.

    The first match of the Class PvP Battle had already ended. The first session started yesterday. Due to Jiang Fei's popularity, the organizing committee had placed his battle as the opening match. However, nobody had expected Jiang Fei's absence which shocked both his opponent and the audience.

    Verdure Glider could be said to be the entire Dark Faction's idol. Many of the audience members had paid a high price to watch his match. However, Jiang Fei not showing up for his first match turned the entire audience into a frenzy. They had spent so much money but were unable to watch him in battle. In the end, Rosette Rose had to apologize and pay everyone back to appease the audience.

    In the end, not only did Empyreal Dragon not earn a single coin from Jiang Fei's participation, they had to pay a big sum to everyone. This made Rosette Rose, who treated the guild like her own child, extremely angry.

    Although Rosette Rose was very angry at Jiang Fei, she hoped in her heart that he would do well in the competition. Otherwise, she would not have willingly paid the price. She had only done so to reduce the penalty on Jiang Fei for missing the battle. As the monetary loss was completely borne by the Empyreal Dragon, the organizing committee was willing to compromise by letting Jiang Fei off the hook. He was deemed to have lost the battle with no further consequences against him.

    "When will my next battle take place?" Jiang Fei asked. As the competition had already progressed to the round-robin stage, losing a single battle did not cause his elimination.
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