628 The Last Hope

    While Jiang Fei grieved over Isabella's death, the Overlord from the Luminous Vatican continued with his attacks.

    "What's the matter? Are you sad that she died? It's okay. You will soon join her! Hahaha..." As he laughed crazily, the Overlord began to collect a ball of Holy Light in his hands.

    "Husband, run, quickly..." Seeing how Isabella died for Jiang Fei, Ariel turned to look at him. Her eyes glistened with love and unwillingness to leave Jiang Fei. However, it was also a look of determination.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Although Ariel spoke next to Jiang Fei's ear, he did not hear a single word as he was still filled with grief over Isabella's death. He only snapped out of his grieving after hearing a soft singing from beside him.

    "Singing... where is it coming from?" Jiang Fei suddenly turned around. He noticed that Ariel's body was burning up in flames. The singing was coming from her.

    As the song filled the air, the Holy Light in the Luminous Vatican's Overlord extinguished. Moreover, he looked as if he was in a trance and had been trapped in a state of dreaming.

    "Husband, leave now. My Song of Dreams won't keep him charmed for long..." Ariel disappeared as soon as she finished speaking. However, even after she was gone, her singing could still be heard.

    "No..." Jiang Fei shouted at the skies. Although his feelings for Ariel were not as great as what he had for Isabella, he still liked her. Now that Isabella and Ariel had both died, Jiang Fei felt the impact was too much to handle.


    "Leader! There's a surprising good news! Number 35 had reached the target mark!" People were still cheering for their earlier success in the underground base north of China. However, another researcher discovered that a second set of test codes had reached their target much earlier than expected.

    "Really?" The leader rushed over to the surveillance footage.

    "That's amazing! With both of our experimental data points reaching the targets, our results will be even more convincing. Moreover, this proves that our direction of experimentation is correct. The success was definitely not due to coincidence!" The leader sounded awfully excited.

    "Hang on! Oh no! Leader, look at this quickly!" Another programmer in charge of surveillance suddenly shouted out.

    "What's the matter?" The leader was surprised. Since their experiment had already succeeded, what had gone wrong?

    "Number 15's program codes had disappeared!" The programmer reported.

    "How is that possible?!" The leader was dumbfounded. He instantly started checking the surveillance records.

    "Oh no! Leader, Number 35's program codes had disappeared too!" Just as the leader was still going through the surveillance records, another programmer announced the bad news.

    "That's impossible... Impossible..." The leader stared blankly at the surveillance footage. Only a minute ago, all of them were cheering for their own godly accomplishment. However, a minute later, the results of their hard work had disappeared into thin air. No one could bear such sudden and disastrous news.

    "Leader, should we continue with the experiments? After all, a few other groups of program codes are also near the target mark. If we continue, they may have a chance of exceeding the mark," one of the programmers asked.

    "Let's leave that aside for now. We must find out why Number 15 and Number 35's program codes disappeared. Otherwise, any further experimentation would be meaningless!" The leader was in charge of an entire experiment after all. He quickly composed himself and started investigating the root cause of their problem.


    Jiang Fei was still struggling with the loss of two of his women when a golden light suddenly flashed next to him.

    "Sigh... I did not expect this kind of accident to happen..." Bennette Straz said apologetically to Jiang Fei. However, Jiang Fei simply ignored him, or rather he did not even realize the Dragon God had appeared.


    As Bennette Straz waved his hand, another golden light flashed. Jiang Fei and Mysterious Person 2 disappeared altogether.

    "Haih..." The Dragon God sighed as he looked at the Luminous Vatican's Overlord who was still trapped in the state of dreams. However, he did not say or do anything else as he too disappeared into thin air.

    "Wake up!" As the Dragon God shouted, Jiang Fei finally snapped out of it. He was at a big palace used by the Naga race.

    "Are you here to punish me for failing the quest?" Jiang Fei said coldly. If the person he hated the most was the Divine Light God, the second person he hated the most would be the Dragon God before him. If not for the quest he had forced upon Jiang Fei, Isabella and Ariel would not have died.

    "That was an accident, truly... I had already prepared to descend into the battle. However, I was suddenly stopped by something. When I rushed over, it was already too late..." The Dragon God felt very sorry toward Jiang Fei. He had forced the quest upon Jiang Fei to give him some benefits. However, he did not expect things to turn out the way it did.

    The Dragon God's plan was originally flawless. He had already expected the Luminous Vatican to send troops after Jiang Fei. However, as the person Jiang Fei was escorting was his son, he could initiate to descend into battle whenever he wished. He could appear at any given moment next to Jiang Fei. Therefore, in theory, nothing dangerous would happen to him. However, for some reason, when he tried to descend into the battle, a strong force of energy had suppressed him. In the end, that caused both Isabella and Ariel to die.

    "Since you are not here to punish me, send me away. Don't ever appear before me again," Jiang Fei said coldly. If not for wanting to wait for Isabella to be revived, Jiang Fei would have logged out of the game immediately.

    Pets needed time to revive. Although the revived Isabella may not be the same as the original girl, Jiang Fei still had a little bit of hope left. He hoped Isabella could be revived exactly as she was.

    "Haih, you should stay here to calm down for a while..." The Dragon God knew that Jiang Fei would not listen to him no matter what he said, so he turned to walk away.

    Jiang Fei did not leave the Naga race's palace. To him, it no longer mattered where he was. If Isabella did not revive as the same girl he knew, Jiang Fei decided that he would never play the game again. Regardless of how important 0541 said the game was, he would not play it anymore.

    Although Jiang Fei had always denied his feelings for Isabella in the past, he only realized how much she mattered to him when she died.

    Seeing the countdown for the revival getting shorter and shorter, Jiang Fei's heart started beating faster. He swore that if Isabella could revive in perfection, he would no longer hide his feelings for her.
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