629 The Truth About 093

    Finally, the timer for pet revival ended. Isabella reappeared in Jiang Fei's pet space.

    "Bella!" Jiang Fei's voice sounded a little shaky as he summoned Isabella.

    "No..." As Jiang Fei cried out pitifully, he immediately logged out of the game.

    The Isabella summoned by Jiang Fei might have had the same voice and smile as she did before, but her expression was dead. She spoke robotically like pets of other players.

    After leaving the game, Jiang Fei sat quietly by his bed. It was still late in the night.

    "Captain..." 0541 called out.

    "..." Jiang Fei remained silent.

    "Captain, are you still grieving for the two girls in the game?" 0541 asked.

    "..." Jiang Fei kept quiet.

    "Actually, they have not died..." 0541 continued to speak.

    "What?! Say that again!" Jiang Fei's eyes lit up as he recovered his vitality.

    "I mean Isabella and Ariel have not died. Or rather, they have obtained a new life." 0541 laughed.

    "How is that possible?!" Jiang Fei was confused.

    "Captain, do you remember what I told you about Top Secret Number 093?" 0541 did not answer Jiang Fei directly.

    "I do. Didn't you tell me that I did not have the capabilities yet?" Jiang Fei asked confusedly.

    "The conditions have been met now. I can unseal Top Secret Number 93 for you now," 0541 answered.

    "What has this got to do with Bella and Ariel?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Of course it does! They are greatly related." 0541 laughed.

    "Tell me, quickly!" Jiang Fei urged.

    "Here's what I mean..." 0541 started explaining to Jiang Fei the content related to Top Secret Number 093.

    Although Planet Namek had always restricted human cloning, they had never stopped researching on the origin of life. Scientists had always been focused on finding out where humans came from.

    One of the topics related to the origin of human life was the theory of souls. People of religion had always believed that souls could only be controlled by the gods. Normal human beings were believed to never be able to control it. This was a difficult belief to challenge for scientists who were atheists.

    However, souls were not tangible things. Therefore, no matter how hard the scientists tried, they could not uncover their origins. They could not even prove whether souls existed or not.

    This was until someone suggested another theory, which was that once Artificial Intelligence reached a certain level of development, it would be the equivalent of a human's soul.

    Artificial Intelligence was not uncommon on Planet Namek. Most of the high-tier Artificial Intelligence had emotions and even consciousness. They were nearly identical to human beings.

    However, no matter how great an Artificial Intelligence being was with emotions and consciousness, they had one concrete difference when compared to humans. That difference was their absolute logic. Unless manipulated by special coding, Artificial Intelligence beings were incapable of the sacrificial spirit.

    On Planet Namek, it was normal for Artificial Intelligence to risk their lives to save others. However, this was not done voluntarily. Instead, it was induced by scripts being written into their codes. When humans or companions around them were in danger, they would have to help these individuals.

    Due to the limitation of coding, Artificial Intelligence had to behave in such a way. Without the limitation, their absolute logicality would induce them to calculate the costs and benefits of saving others. If they realized they would harm themselves, they would rather allow the other person to be harmed than help out due to their self-protection mechanism.

    In order to allow Artificial Intelligence to acquire emotional thoughts, and to further develop the sacrificial spirit, Planet Namek's scientists had put in a lot of effort into their research. However, they still failed. In the end, due to resistance from religious parties, the scientists had to give up on their theory of evolving Artificial Intelligence into humans. Ever since then, the Number 093's plans had been sealed, which became Top Secret Number 093.

    After Braveheart crashed on Earth, its Fragments were scattered all over the planet. One of China's companies were able to acquire a single piece of Fragment by chance. The Fragment they held was similar to the gaming hall Han Tianyu acquired. The only difference was that the gaming setup they acquired was different from the one Han Tianyu had which was related to space battle. The one found by the company was related to personal adventures, and also contained a document on Number 093's plans.

    After deciphering the document, the Chinese company became very interested in one of the parts which mentioned evolving Artificial Intelligence into human beings. After all, creating human souls was something only the gods were believed to be able to do.

    Therefore, these people created the 'Dawn Break' game based on the document and the gaming setup they acquired from Planet Namek's technology. Their objective was to cultivate highly intelligent Artificial Intelligence and, through their continuous interactions with human beings, help them to acquire emotional thoughts and the sacrificial spirit.

    When they first started, their experiment did not go very well as players and these Artificial Intelligence had very limited interactions. It all changed when Jiang Fei accidentally acquired the Title of Romeo and a lot of females started becoming Infatuated with him. Since then, a lot more interactions took place.

    The most obvious form of emotional thought was represented by the romance between males and females. Therefore, Jiang Fei's appearance had caused females to develop their emotional thought very quickly. This was especially the case for Isabella who would become jealous easily.

    In the end, the two ladies had sacrificed themselves to save Jiang Fei. That meant they had achieved the final state of evolution. Originally, the plan was for these researchers to individually extract the two females' program codes for further investigation. However, 0541 who had devised a plan earlier acted before they did by stealing the two women's program codes.

    "Why did you steal their program codes?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Do you still remember the great benefit that I mentioned to you?" 0541 laughed.

    "Ah?" Jiang Fei was stunned.

    "Captain, the biggest problem you face now is that the Mutants had acquired the Bio-Technology, isn't that so?" 0541 suddenly changed the topic.

    "Yeah." Jiang Fei nodded.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "How do you plan to go against tens of thousands of High-Tier Bio-Humans?" 0541 asked.

    "This..." Jiang Fei hesitated. Although the Bio-Humans created by Mutants were not as numerous as the Japanese's, they produced mostly High-Tier Bio-Humans with even more terrifying battle powers.

    "Therefore, I suggest that you fight Bio-Humans with Bio-Humans!" 0541 said.

    "Bio-Humans?" Jiang Fei had certain inkling in his heart which resisted the idea.

    "Of course, I don't mean to use those cheap stuff. We have obtained the Bio-Experimental Laboratory. There is a complete set of Bio-Technology within. With the right Bio-Sample, I am capable of independently creating Level 4, and even Level 5, Bio-Humans. Although the new clone body would not have any self-consciousness, what if you happened to have some newly evolved man-made souls who were absolutely loyal to you?"
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