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    After breakfast, Jiang Fei said goodbye to his parents. They were already used to him going out frequently. As nothing bad had ever happened to their son, they were no longer as worried as they once were.

    Although Japan was in chaos, things were still pretty calm in China. Many ordinary citizens did not even know that there was a chaotic battle going on in their neighboring country.

    More than ten days ago, the Americans had sent navies to seal the port and China had carried out a large-scale evacuation of Chinese citizens that were living overseas. This was all that the ordinary citizens knew. Both the Chinese and Western media had kept quiet about the invasion of the Mutants and the destruction of the Japanese's navies, so very few people knew that the scorched-earth policy had been used in Japan.

    Before leaving, Jiang Fei told Shang Guanqi to quietly stay at home and take care of his parents. Shang Guanqi naturally agreed. She was really enjoying the care and love that Jiang Fei's mother was giving her. She had never experienced all of that before.

    Then, Jiang Fei cleared things up with the Martial Art Alliance and told them about his mother taking Shang Guanqi in as her daughter. After all, if they hid this from Soaring Cloud Sect, Shang Guanqi would be in great danger.

    Of course, Soaring Cloud Sect was dissatisfied with Shang Guanqi's betrayal. However, they were now under the threat of the enemies of China. Nobody knew when the Mutants would launch an attack. So, it was definitely not the time for internal conflicts, especially since they were at risk of offending someone like Jiang Fei who had two Level 5 powerhouses supporting him from behind.

    Hence, although they were dissatisfied, they had to be patient for now. After all, even though Shang Guanqi was very talented, she was still really weak. Her departure did not have that big an impact on the Soaring Cloud Sect. Thus, there was no need to offend two Level 5 masters just for a disciple like her.

    After everything was arranged, Jiang Fei set off on his journey. He was headed toward the Shangqing Palace on the Tiantai Mountain. This was because one of the Level 5 masters who had participated in hunting down the Japanese's guardian beast was a master from the Shangqing Palace. So, Jiang Fei had to go there and ask him where the battle had taken place previously.

    When Jiang Fei arrived at the Shangqing Palace, he received a very grand welcome. Even Liang Shiyuan, the head of the Shangqing Palace, came out to greet him, along with countless old and young Taoist priests.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Jiang Fei, my friend, your precious presence has really graced my small temple!" Liang Shiyuan immediately greeted Jiang Fei. This old Taoist priest was more than fifty years old. He had divine poise. According to the information 0451 provided, this guy was a pinnacle Level 4 martial artist.

    "Greetings, Master Liang!" Jiang Fei quickly took the initiative and bowed. After all, he came here to ask for help. If his plan to go to the battlefield failed, he would really have to ask the Level 5 master in Shangqing Palace to give him some Level 5 Alien Beast flesh.

    "Jiang Fei, please come inside!" Liang Shiyuan was very welcoming. After greeting each other, he tugged Jiang Fei's arm and they walked into the Shangqing Palace together.

    Jiang Fei and Master Liang sat down in the monastic cell. After some small talk, Liang Shiyuan asked, "Jiang Fei, my friend, you visited so suddenly. What's the matter?"

    "Well, there is indeed something that I need help with..." Jiang Fei shared his thoughts with Liang Shiyuan.

    "Well... if you just want to know the location of the battlefield, I can help you with that. You don't have to disturb the founder," Liang Shiyuan said after thinking for a moment.

    "Oh? If that's the case, thank you very much!" Jiang Fei nodded. If he could get to know the location of the battlefield from Liang Shiyuan, he would not have to ask Shangqing Palace's Level 5 master. After all, it was definitely not easy to talk to someone of that position. Currently, Jiang Fei had no time to delay things further!

    "Jiang Fei, my friend, I just have one question. Can you tell me why you want to know the location of the battlefield?" Liang Shiyuan asked, curious.

    "I just want to observe and learn!" Jiang Fei laughed.

    "If that's the case... I'm afraid you'll be disappointed..." Liang Shiyuan shook his head and smiled, then continued. "The place where the founders fought was at an extraterrestrial battlefield."

    "Err..." Jiang Fei did not know what to say. Although a martial artist's so-called "extraterrestrial battlefield" did not mean outer space in the scientific sense, it still meant that it was at a super high altitude. If they fought at such a high altitude, even if the flesh of the Level 5 Alien Beast fell to the ground, Jiang Fei would not be able to find it!

    "Don't worry, captain. The flesh of the Level 5 Alien Beast contains a lot of biological energy. As long as you get the approximate location of the battle zone, I can scan the area when we get there," 0541 said in Jiang Fei's heart.

    "Mmm!" Jiang Fei replied in his heart. He became more confident after 0541's reassurance, so he turned his head and smiled at Liang Shiyuan. "I have indeed overlooked this point, but I still want to pay a short visit. It is my wish."

    "Alright. It's good for young people like you to go out and see the world more often. However, the battlefield is in Japan, so you have to be more careful, my friend!" Since Jiang Fei had already said something like that, there was nothing else Liang Shiyuan could say to him. Shortly after, he told Jiang Fei the approximate location of where the Level 5 masters had killed the Japanese guardian beast.

    "Right, Master Liang, do you know the results of the actions of the seniors? Is the Japanese guardian beast dead or alive?" Jiang Fei asked. If the Japanese guardian beast was not dead yet, he had to be way more careful.

    "When the founder returned, he did mention something about this." Liang Shiyuan nodded and then continued, "According to the founder, half of the alien beast's body had been beaten to a pulp. All of its internal organs have been destroyed, but it still managed to flee in the end. However, since its injuries were that serious, it has probably died by now."

    "Oh." Jiang Fei nodded.

    "It's definitely not dead! The alien beast's vitality is beyond one's imagination. As long as its skull is not broken to pieces, it will certainly survive. However, since it has been injured so severely, it should have lost its combat power and will be weak for a short period of time. As for how long, it depends on the seriousness of its injuries!" 0541 said in Jiang Fei's heart.

    "Mmm!" Jiang Fei understood what 0541 meant.

    Then, Jiang Fei chatted with Liang Shiyuan for a while more before he left the place. Although Liang Shiyuan tried his best to make Jiang Fei stay, Jiang Fei had no time to waste. After he left the Shangqing Palace, Jiang Fei rode his Gigantic Sword straight toward Japan.

    This time, Jiang Fei had a clear destination in mind. It was the battlefield where the Level 5 masters hunted the alien beast down. Once he got there, 0541 could start scanning for valuable flesh fragments!

    According to Liang Shiyuan, the extraterrestrial battlefield selected by the Level 5 powerhouses was above the Apple Hill in Japan. Apple Hill was a famous dormant volcano in Japan and it was also a tourist attraction. However, this place was currently desolate area. In fact, the whole of Japan was in that same state at this time. In order to fight against the invading Mutants, all the Japanese citizens had joined the war!

    "0541, start scanning!" Jiang Fei hovered over Apple Hill, then gave 0541 an order.
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