634 Broken Dreams

    After he upgraded his Mount, Jiang Fei flew toward the City of Sinners. As the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon had evolved into the Evol. Skygliding Dragon, Jiang Fei's Mount did not only become bigger. Its flight speed had also increased significantly. So, he arrived near the City of Sinners very quickly.

    As his match was starting right away, Jiang Fei did not enter the city but went directly to the big arena located outside the city.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    According to the schedule, Jiang Fei had two matches today. There was one game in the morning and one in the afternoon. Jiang Fei also found out a little about his opponents from the schedule. Unfortunately, his two opponents today still did not have any of the Nine Cauldrons of the Ancient Kingdom. Therefore, Jiang Fei was not very concerned about these two people.

    In the morning half, Jiang Fei was placed in the third match. The first two matches were duels between professional players. Both sides played very well and it was interesting to watch. This was because the combat power of professional players was actually very similar if there was no disparity in level or rankings. Battles like these that were more evenly matched were way more exciting.

    The first two matches had completely pumped the audience up with excitement. When Jiang Fei appeared, the crowd cheered.

    "The player on my left is the famous Verdure Glider. I believe that all of you don't need me to introduce him in detail. Players who have never heard of him would not even dare to admit that they have played "Dawn Break" before!" When the host saw Jiang Fei come up, he immediately began to garner the crowd's attention. After all, a lot of people bought tickets just to come here and see Jiang Fei.

    "Verdure Glider! Verdure Glider!"

    "Come on, brother Fei! Kill that kid!"

    "Brother Fei is invincible!"


    Sure enough, as soon as the host's voice fell, the audience started to cheer. It was obvious that Jiang Fei had a lot of fans!

    "Brother Fei, help me a little. Please drag this match as much as possible, don't kill your opponent instantly!" After the host introduced Jiang Fei to the audience, he whispered to him while the audience cheered.

    "Err..." Jiang Fei was surprised, but he immediately understood. The players in the audience bought tickets in order to watch an interesting battle, especially those who were Jiang Fei's fans. Those fans had spent a lot of money in order to get a good seat to cheer Jiang Fei on. If he killed the opponent in one hit as soon as the match began, even though this would highlight his strength, it still meant that the audience had wasted their money!

    "Okay! I'll try my best!" Jiang Fei was not an arrogant person. Since the host asked him so nicely and it was not something difficult to do, he was willing to help the host out.

    "The player on my right is also someone well-known in the professional player community. In last year's professional league, he managed to place thirty-ninth in the rankings! He's the elven player, Broken Dreams!" In order to further lighten up the atmosphere, the host also introduced Jiang Fei's opponent.

    "Come on, Broken Dreams!"

    "We support you, Broken Dreams!"


    Jiang Fei's opponent was a veteran professional player. Although he had far lesser fans present compared to Jiang Fei, there were still some supporters, so the whole scene was not too one-sided.

    "I'm hoping to learn a lot from you!" Broken Dreams raised his fist at Jiang Fei. Broken Dreams was actually quite worried about this battle. After all, Verdure Glider had a great reputation. Moreover, even without mentioning anything else, the huge level gap between the both of them was already a huge problem!

    "Hoho, you don't have to be too modest, let's learn from each other!" Jiang Fei laughed. He was not a man of arrogance. Since the opponent was polite to him, he naturally treated the opponent with courtesy.

    Since the match had not started yet, Jiang Fei took the opportunity to check the opponent's attributes. A Level 59 elven Magician. He was a Frost Dancer, a Rare Class. If Broken Dreams was fighting against a normal opponent, his combat power definitely should not be underestimated.

    Moreover, as Broken Dreams managed to reach the top fifty in the rankings of last year's professional league, this meant that he was quite skilled at the game. He was definitely better than someone like Jiang Fei, who was a pure amateur. If Broken Dreams was against some other player, it would definitely be an interesting battle. Unfortunately, against someone as strong as Jiang Fei, Broken Dreams had no chance to showcase his talents.

    "Let the match begin!" Following the direction from the referee, the match officially started.

    "Please." Jiang Fei took the initiative to take a step back and did not attack. Instead, he placed one hand behind him and stretched his other hand out, gesturing the opponent to make the first move.

    "Damn! Brother Fei is really kind. He's still so modest even though this is a competition!"

    "Of course! Brother Fei is the Dark Faction's idol. Obviously, he must have a respectful demeanor!"


    Jiang Fei was just acting in accordance to the host's request. He wanted to delay the match as much as possible. He did not expect his fans to cheer for him.

    "What the hell? You're a Level 76 player bullying a Level 59 player, and you still want to act kind and all that? How cheeky can you be?"

    "Exactly. You're just making yourself look like a fool!"


    Jiang Fei's fans felt like he was being kind and it was a gentleman's move. However, Broken Dreams's fans could not appreciate it. They felt like Jiang Fei was deliberately pretending to be nice, in order to show off.

    "Let's begin!" Broken Dreams took a few steps back and was ready to launch an attack.

    Broken Dreams was a professional player, so he made a living through game competitions. Therefore, regardless of whether or not Jiang Fei was being kind in order to humiliate him, he still had to finish every match seriously.

    As he was up against Verdure Glider, Broken Dreams knew that he had almost no chance of winning. As they were seventeen Levels apart, the level suppression was already a huge problem. His Class also did not have any special attack attributes. There was no way a Magician like him could do away with Jiang Fei's Avoidability and the misses caused by the level suppression.

    However, it was normal for professional players to lose a few matches. After all, no one could maintain a 100 percent win rate. For every match, even if you lose, it was important to lose after an interesting fight. Only professional players with professionalism could do this!

    Today, it was like this for Broken Dreams. Although he knew that he would lose this battle, he had to show his own style and his own strength, so that his fans would think that the money they spent was worth it!

    "Ice Mirror!"

    Broken Dreams started the battle with a unique skill. Eighteen ice mirrors appeared in the middle of the PvP arena, immediately blocking Jiang Fei's line of sight. Although the audience outside of the battlefield could clearly see the both of them, from Jiang Fei's perspective, Broken Dreams had disappeared into the dazzling lights refracted by the mirrors!

    "Interesting!" Jiang Fei smiled a little, not anxious at all.

    "Icicle Burst!"

    Broken Dreams had moved from his original position and was now behind Jiang Fei. He instantly used a skill on Jiang Fei as he wanted to test how strong Jiang Fei was.


    A huge miss appeared above Jiang Fei's head, but Broken Dreams was not too bothered about it. After all, there was a huge Level difference between the two of them. His attacks ending up in a miss was to be expected.


    After casting for a short moment, Broken Dreams strengthened his attack. A flowing glacier rushed down onto Jiang Fei's head! This was Broken Dreams's killer move, as the special characteristic of this skill was that it would certainly hit. It could ignore Avoidability and it would not miss!
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