635 Unspoken Rules of the Game


    A red word appeared above Jiang Fei's head!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    There were block mechanics to prevent damage for both Physical and Magic Attacks. Players could Block and Parry Physical Attacks. For Magic Attacks, other than Avoid and Miss, there was also Resist.

    Generally, the chances of resisting spells were extremely low, far less than the trigger chance of block mechanics for Physical Attacks like Block and Parry. However, Jiang Fei had too high a level suppression on Broken Dreams, and his Magic Defense was far too great. With these two paired together, it was easy for him to resist Broken Dreams' spells!

    "How..." When he saw the word appear above Verdure Glider's head, Broken Dreams was shocked! He had considered the fact that this spell might not be able to deal full damage and might deal only a small amount of damage. However, he did not expect his magic to be resisted completely!

    Although he was shocked by this unexpected turn of events, being a veteran professional player, Broken Dreams snapped out of the shock very quickly!

    "Take this!" Broken Dreams made a decision. He planned to give Jiang Fei a powerful blow!

    In Broken Dreams's opinion, even if this magic spell could not deal serious damage to Jiang Fei, it could at least dishearten Jiang Fei a little. This way, he could lose the battle with dignity. If he tried his best and still could not pose as a threat to Jiang Fei, it would hit him way too hard!

    "Mirror Image!"

    Broken Dreams used another killer move. As Jiang Fei had been blinded by the ice mirrors, he did not notice it. However, the audience outside of the battlefield could see everything clearly. At that moment, Broken Dreams was shuttling between the ice mirrors. Each time he passed by an ice mirror, he would leave a mirror image. In the end, there were mirror images in front of all eighteen ice mirrors. There were a total of nineteen identical figures on the battlefield, including Broken Dreams himself!


    "That's so cool!"

    Sure enough, the audience outside of the battlefield was surprised by Broken Dreams' skill. Even Jiang Fei's fans could not help but gaze in awe.

    "Ice Art: Execution!"

    After the eighteen mirror images appeared, Broken Dreams did not waste any time. He immediately controlled the eighteen mirror images and made them form a strange battle array. He himself stood in the middle of the array!

    Suddenly, all eighteen ice mirrors shattered and the magic element of ice stirred up the entire battlefield. Even Jiang Fei who was a Physical Class could clearly feel the powerful magic energy around him!

    "Come on! Take this!" Following a shout from Broken Dreams, the eighteen mirror images instantly absorbed the ice energy on the entire battlefield and converged all the energy into the middle of the battle array!

    Broken Dreams, who was in the middle of the array, gathered all the energy to himself. Then, he merged the energy with his own magic powers in order to unleash his strongest magic spell-Frost Barrage!

    "Go! Ice Dragon!" Broken Dreams shouted. A crystal clear ice dragon flew out of his wand and was headed straight toward Jiang Fei.

    "Divine Shield!"

    Jiang Fei subconsciously activated his skill which granted him Invincibility. This was because Broken Dreams' ice dragon looked ferocious. The dragon's body was as thick as a water bucket. Regardless of how strong it was, it had a scary momentum. Moreover, Jiang Fei did not have much PvP experience. Most of the time, he fought against bosses. So, when he saw such an impressive magic spell, he immediately activated Invincibility!


    The ice dragon slammed into the egg-shaped shield in front of Jiang Fei.


    When the huge red word appeared above Jiang Fei's head, Broken Dreams's heart broke...

    Originally, in normal battles, as many players had invincibility skills, players would try to force the enemy to use their invincibility skill before using their own ultimatums on the enemy. However, the difference in strength between Broken Dreams and Jiang Fei was too big. Through his previous attempts, it was obvious that he could not even break through Jiang Fei's Defense with his normal attacks, let alone force Jiang Fei to use his invincibility skills. So, he had no choice but to use his ultimate move.

    However, he thought Jiang Fei would fight back as Jiang Fei had the absolute advantage. He did not expect Jiang Fei to directly use an invincibility skill.


    "Verdure Glider! You're so weak..."

    Broken Dreams's fans immediately hissed and booed at him. In their eyes, Jiang Fei did not have the demeanor of a top player at all. It was as if the two of them had agreed to have a duel, turned their backs and walked fifty steps away from each other, then, when Broken Dreams turned around after lifting a revolver up, he discovered that Jiang Fei had found a tank out of nowhere and had drilled his way into the battlefield.

    Even Jiang Fei's fans were looking a little off. Although what Jiang Fei did was not against the rules of the game, it was not something a top player would do. However, they knew that Jiang Fei did not understand these things at all. He was not a part of the professional players community. He thought that he just had to win against his opponent. He had no idea that winning was secondary for professional players. Making the battle interesting was the most important thing. Professional players needed fans to spend money on them so that they could earn a living. So, they took part in competitions not just to win, but to please the audience with interesting battles!

    "What's wrong?" Jiang Fei was confused. He really did not know why the audience was complaining.

    "I admit defeat..." Just then, Broken Dreams surrendered. After using his ultimate move, he was low on Mana Points. Even if Jiang Fei did not attack him, he would not be able to keep the show going much longer. So, he just wanted to stop the battle now, while the audience was still awestruck by his moves.

    Jiang Fei won the match, but he was still confused. After the match, he deliberately looked for a staff member of the competition committee to ask about it. Only then, he realized where he went wrong.

    "Oh... I didn't know there was such a rule!" Jiang Fei shook his head. However, it did not really matter to him. He was not a professional player that earned a living through such competitions. So, he could not care less about pleasing the audience. He only participated in this competition for the Nine Cauldrons of the Ancient Kingdom.

    In the afternoon match, Jiang Fei did not even feel like entertaining the audience anymore because they hissed and booed at him previously. After the referee announced the start of the match, he raised his Galestorm's Hammer and killed his opponent instantly, winning the match easily.

    After the match ended, the competition committee had a talk with him. They asked him to cooperate and try to make the battles as interesting as possible in order to cater to the audience. However, Jiang Fei was not a professional player. Why would he care about the opinions of the competition committee? Anyway, as long as he did not violate any rules, they would not be able to stop him from participating in the competition. His purpose was to find an opportunity to fight the player that had the Ancient Kingdom's Treasure Cauldron and take it away from that player.

    After the afternoon match, Jiang Fei returned to the Demon Dragon Fortress through the Teleportation Point in the City of Sinners.

    At that point, the construction of the fortress was already complete. Jiang Fei's fortress was now the strongest fortress among the players. This Demon Dragon Fortress was even stronger than an average NPC fortress!

    After returning to the Fortress, Jiang Fei did not disturb Rosette Rose and the others. Instead, he looked for Nina, Sylphy, and the other girls.



    There were traces of tears on their faces. Although Sylphy and Isabella were always quarreling with each other, Sylphy was still very sad after Isabella died for Jiang Fei.

    "Sigh! Don't be so sad..." Jiang Fei took the initiative to comfort them. After all, he knew the truth. Isabella and Ariel were not really dead. However, as it was a matter of great importance, it was not convenient for him to tell Sylphy and the others. So, he could only comfort these girls for the time being.
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