643 A Great Find!

    Jiang Fei was in a fit of rage. How could someone like him, a complete novice, come up with contraceptive plans for these Seafolks?

    When the killing of the Seafolks could not even scare them off, how could Jiang Fei solve the problem? Even if he started his plan on educating the Seafolk about practicing the standard one-child policy and population control, it would take ages before the result would be visible.

    In the end, he had a plan. Another plan to save him a lot of time and trouble. He persuaded Crawlie to talk to the other Seafolk. He wanted Crawlie to spread the word, "leave and you will be spared!"

    "Are you really going to let us go?" said Crawlie with disbelief. His had seen Seafolks of the Gold Watercity killing the lot of them without even saying a word.

    "I will, but only if everyone leaves. If I see anyone left behind, I will eliminate everyone you know!" Jiang Fei snarled like a lion.

    "Wahh! Thank you very much!" said Crawlie as he got up to his feet and quickly ran to the trench to join his friends and to inform them of the good news.

    "He is sparing us! Praise the lord! He is our Messiah!"

    "How benevolent is he! We must not trouble the great one anymore! Let's leave this instance!"

    "Go! Let's go! No time to pack! We've got nothing at home anyways!"


    After a while, everyone started to come back to the top of the trench to pay Jiang Fei their respects before leaving the trench. They truly had nothing. None of them went back to their nest for they had nothing but themselves to rely on. Jiang Fei did not really care about the inferior species. Even if they had built their nest somewhere else and troubled another city, it would not be his problem anymore. As of now, he was relieved that he did not have to resort to killing those weaklings.

    Now, even though Jiang Fei had deviated from the original quest objective, the system still considered it as completed since the main objective was to eliminate the presence of the "bandits" from Gold Watercity. Since they had left, the problem was solved. For Jiang Fei, he considered it as an absolute win! Mirage would have shared the same opinion since all they wanted was to have the food supply near the Gold Watercity all for the city itself.

    After he was done with Crawlie and his merry little friends, Jiang Fei turned around and made his way back to Gold Watercity.

    "What a load of crap. It took me like what... 10 minutes to finish the job but I have to swim for 4 hours!" Jiang Fei roared into the nothingness to vent his frustration. Having no mount under the sea was truly devastating.

    Back in the coral building, the guards and officers allowed Jiang Fei to waltz in since they knew that Mr. Inquisitor was in good terms with the Commissioner. Since he was going to the Commissioner's bidding, it was best to let him roam around freely.

    "You have not failed my expectations. Good job in eliminating the inferior bandits who were terrorizing my city," said Mirage with a smile that could outshine the sun. If not for the fact that she was a Naga, Jiang Fei might have fallen hard for her. Having to kill over thousands of bandits, albeit being inferior and weak, was a work of wonder. However, she might have a different thought if she knew that Jiang Fei had only needed to scare them off to solve the problem!

    "Ding! Eliminating the Bandit Quest has been completed! Obtained 8,500,000 Experience Points, 10 Gold Coins, 3,000 Reputation Points with Lady Mirage, and 500 Naga Race Reputation Points!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    A green light flashed on Mirage's character, indicating that her Reputation level with Jiang Fei had increased from Approved to Respect.

    The painful truth was that Jiang Fei was not as intimidating as he thought he was. In fact, throughout the years surviving in this fish-eat-fish world, the weak had learned to run while the strong preyed on the weak. That was why when Jiang Fei had "benevolently" offered them to flee, the inferior Seafolks ran for their lives without looking back. It was a trait that was embedded deep in their DNA.

    "I have completed thy bidding. May I speak to the Queen now?" said Jiang Fei.

    "I'm afraid not. You may have earned my trust, but it would take more than trust to talk to the Queen," said Mirage as she laid her hands on the desk.

    'Urgh. Just cough out whatever you want me to do...' Jiang Fei thought to himself. He was getting sick of swimming around.

    "What must I do to meet the great Queen?" said Jiang Fei.

    "One more... Just one more favor," Mirage raised a finger.

    "Please, I will do whatever it takes to have an audience with the Queen!" said Jiang Fei. In order to infiltrate the core of the Naga race, he had to raise the Reputation level of Mirage to Admire!

    "It is but a simple favor. Find the Dragon Turtle and fetch me its shell," said Mirage.

    "Ding! Mirage has a quest for you: Finding the Dragon Turtle! Would you accept it?"

    "Very well. I shall retrieve the shell of the Dragon Turtle," said Jiang Fei as he quickly left Mirage on her own. It was dangerous to be with her too long... Who knows what she would ask him to do next...?

    Jiang Fei came out of the coral building and examined the quest description. It was not a difficult quest as he was only required to travel to a certain place and kill a certain Level 75 Leader tier boss. However, since it was easy, the quest reward was just as cheap. If not for gaining Reputation points, Jiang Fei would not be completing the quest. Not by a long shot.

    Right then, at the thought of swimming again, Jiang Fei quickly glanced at the time and gave up on completing the quest that day since he had less than 30 minutes left. The server was about to shut down in 30 minutes. Swimming across the sea to where the Dragon Turtle is would take Jiang Fei about one hour or more. Might as well call it a day and continue tomorrow. With whatever time left, Jiang Fei went to the city and did a little window shopping. Even though he saw many intriguing items, they did not appear to have any purpose or effect.

    The next day, Jiang Fei woke up and made his preparations to search for the ship fragment.

    "0541, since it's early. Let's widen the search area," said Jiang Fei. Bored out of his mind, Jiang Fei felt that he should focus on finding the ship fragment as soon as possible.

    "At your command, Captain."

    After breakfast, Jiang Fei left the icy hole that he made and begun to hover across the icy tundra. Even though Jiang Fei had widened the search area and even put in more hours in searching, he came back empty-handed. Just when he was about to make another hole in the mountain to rest, 0541 made a discovery.

    "Signal detected!" cried 0541.

    "What is it? Is it the Main Engine?" cried Jiang Fei.

    "I'm not sure. Please make your way towards 0800 direction 75 kilometers."


    Jiang Fei hopped onto the hoverboard and flew straight towards the destination.

    "Captain! I have found a ship fragment and it has a similar signal to the Main Engine! However, I cannot be sure until I am in direct contact with the fragment!"

    Finally, after a whole day of a long search, 0541 reported a good find.
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