647 The Mysterious Box

    "Captain, I need your verbal permission to store Phoenix's body into the ring and start the entire process," said 0541. This was the last step in 0541's plan. Once Jiang Fei gave the green light, 0541 could finally start turning things around.

    "I'm invoking my rights as the Captain to order you to revive Ariel!" said Jiang Fei. As soon as he said that, Phoenix's body glowed with a cloud of particles and was absorbed into the ring. There was nothing to hold back, even though that body was once his friend, she was gone and had given her consent to do whatever he wants with her.

    "Command received, body adjustment estimate time of arrival is 72 hours. Consciousness transplant will commence after, estimated time of arrival is 24 hours. Total estimated time until Ariel's revival is 96 hours!"


    Jiang Fei relaxed immediately and sat down. It would be four days until he could hear her voice again. If everything goes right with Ariel, reviving Isabella should be a piece of cake.

    "Captain, I have a suggestion for you, which requires your permission once more," said 0541. Its plan was supposedly completed but there was a development that could further help Jiang Fei to get stronger.

    "What is it?"

    "Captain, since we have obtained a body for Ariel to live in, you can now use the flesh that you have collected so far to make something else. We have already secured the Level 5 Alien Beast!"

    "That's not a question," said Jiang Fei.

    "I am saying that until you can find the Engine room, you would not have enough energy to make the perfect body for Isabella. Since energy is the last thing you need to start the process, I recommend using the already obtained flesh of the Level 5 Alien Beast to make Bio-Potions for yourself!" said 0541 happily. 0541's original plans stop at obtaining permission to use Phoenix's body to revive Ariel. Since there was no need for anything else, 0541 thought that the obtained flesh could be used for Jiang Fei himself.

    "Hmm. That's true. Why keep something that is rotten when I can have a fresh one off the bat!" said Jiang Fei. The alien beast may be intelligent, but it is still a beast in the end. Like cows and chicken, Jiang Fei would not feel bad about killing them to sustain himself. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    After granting 0541 permission again, all the chunks of flesh stored in the ring was used to make the potion. The process will take less than a day.

    Be it Ariel or the potion, Jiang Fei did not expect anything to be completed in an instant. Hence, he continued his search around the North pole.

    For the entire afternoon and early evening, Jiang Fei searched a large area of the North pole and found nothing. He had searched almost the entirety of the huge continent but had not found a second ship part.

    When night came early, Jiang Fei made a new cave for himself and slept.

    In the game, Jiang Fei appeared in the city and continued his way to find the Dragon Turtle. After two hours of swimming, Jiang Fei arrived at the location the guide had led him to.

    "Sheesh. No wonder its name is Dragon Turtle!" cried Jiang Fei when he finally saw what he was dealing with. The Dragon Turtle was so huge that it could easily stomp a small underwater hill. However, even though it was huge, it was only a Level 75 Leader tier boss. He did not even need the help of Isabella to kill him.

    Besides having high defense, it did nothing else but claw at Jiang Fei. There was nothing special but its size. Jiang Fei charged in with Lifesteal Demon form and killed it in less than half a minute. He pried off a large chunk of the turtle's shell as proof of his task completion and headed back.

    "What am I now? A delivery boy? A postman? Courier service?"

    "Hello, how do you do? Can I help you take something that requires me to swim for f*cking four hours?"


    Jiang Fei was constantly complaining along the way. The quest was too easy, but the travel time was ridiculously long!

    "Lady Mirage, here is the shell that you have requested," said Jiang Fei as he handed over the piece of shell.

    "Ah! Thank you very much, Mr. Inquisitor! This is what I needed!" cried Mirage as she received the turtle shell and placed it on the corner of her desk as decoration.

    "Ding! Finding the Dragon Turtle quest has been completed! Obtained 1,500,000 Experience Points, 5 Gold Coins, 2,000 Reputation Points with Lady Mirage!"

    As expected, since the quest was too easy, the reward was nothing but scraps. While the Reputation Points was good, the rest could not even make up for the time he wasted in swimming alone.

    "Lady Mirage, can I be of more service to you?" said Jiang Fei as he realized that he needed more Reputation points to push Mirage's Reputation level to Infatuated.

    "Actually, there is. I have a personal request that only you could help me," said Mirage as she smiled. She then pulled out a tiny jewelry box and handed over to Jiang Fei.

    "This box contained a secret letter that I need you to deliver to someone in the Dragon's Bay, Lady Astraea," said Mirage. When Jiang Fei reached out to fetch the box, Mirage's held his hand close and winked.

    "This goes without saying but... No peeking!"

    "Very well, I shall make haste," said Jiang Fei. Alas, Jiang Fei became the courier delivery boy that he complained about.

    After storing the box, Jiang Fei left the coral building. As he frowned about the quest, he took the box out and examined it.

    In a normal delivery mission, the items that the NPCs asked for delivery would serve as a Key Item that was worthless as dust. However, the box in Jiang Fei's hand was different. The box was not sealed properly, and the letter could be opened.

    "What could it be...?" said Jiang Fei to himself. Even though Mirage told him not to peek, it only made Jiang Fei more curious about the content of the letter and the box.

    "Hm... maybe a peek would not harm..."
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