650 Naga Priestess

    "Anything you say, my darling! I will do anything as long as you forgive me for my mistake!" cried Mirage as she wiped her tears away.

    Now that Jiang Fei had "conquered" the female Commissioner, heading into the core of the Naga's territory should be a breeze.

    Mirage led Jiang Fei into the center of the city and towards a highly secured Teleportation Circle. With her authority, no guards dared to question her actions. The two then accessed the Teleportation and arrived into the main capital of the entire Naga's territory, Dekarioa.

    Dekarioa was once, one of the capital cities of the Ancient Elves. However, due to their renunciation to the Moon God, they and their leaders were banished into the ocean. Even though the High Elves had turned into Nagas, they still treated Dekarioa as their main capital city.

    "Oh my, this is a sight to behold!" cried Jiang Fei as he stepped out of the Teleportation Circle. The buildings, the streets, the underwater flora, and especially the decor reeks of elvish's design. Even though the city was said to be sunk into the ocean for thousands of years, Dekarioa still maintained its ancient presence.

    With Mirage leading the way, Jiang Fei was never stopped by any of the guards that were roaming around. In fact, they had to bow to him since Mirage was seen walking behind him! Without the esteemed female Commissioner with him, no one was allowed in this city. Not even any citizen of Gold Watercity was able to enter this place without special permission.

    Dekarioa was the Holy City of the Naga. The palace of the Naga Queen was situated behind the Holy City while the center of the entire Naga's territory was the Holy Altar. There, they worship the Evil God Solan. That is the place where Jiang Fei needed to enter to steal the gemstone, Naga's Soul.

    Even though Mirage had reached Infatuated Level of Reputation, she could not allow Jiang Fei to enter the Holy Altar as she herself was forbidden to enter the place. In fact, only the Queen and the Priestess could enter. Only during a mass or special worship session was she and other high officials granted permission to enter the Holy Altar.

    "My darling, please wait here while I talk to the Queen," said Mirage as she had Jiang Fei wait in front of a huge golden door that was at least 15 meters tall.

    "I understand. Please, take your time," said Jiang Fei. Since she was already in love with him, there was no need to doubt her action. She could and would not do anything that would lead Jiang Fei into harm's way.

    After Mirage had left him alone, Jiang Fei grew bored almost instantly and wandered off to the side where he enjoyed paintings and sculptures of the Ancient Elves. They were extremely beautiful and well crafted. A true display of perfectionism that was only one of the many traits of the Elves.

    "Who are you?" said a soothing, extremely feminine voice from behind him,


    Jiang Fei turned around, only to see a beautiful Naga Priestess. Like the Commissioner, she had three pairs of arms, the lower half of a snake, and a face that was on par with the beauty of elves.

    "Pardon me, who are you?" said the Priestess again.

    "O flower of the sea, I beg your pardon. I am but a Nephilim Inquisitor," said Jiang Fei with flowery tone to please the woman.

    Jiang Fei was only being extremely well mannered due to the overwhelming title she was wearing on her head. The one other advantage players had over NPCs was their ability to see their NPC name hanging on their heads.

    Priestess of the Holy Altar, Rebecca (Naga, Intermediate Overlord)

    Level: 95

    Health Points: 100%

    Note: One of the Twelve Priestess of the Holy Altar.

    "You-" Before she could finish her words, Jiang Fei took a step closer and got her affected by the title Romeo.

    A green light flashed on her character and her Reputation Level with Jiang Fei instantly rose to Friendly. After that, with the Blessings of the Dragon God, Jiang Fei had gained an additional 5,000 Reputation Points, which only increases her Reputation Level further.

    "I welcome you, my Nephilim friend," said the Naga Priestess with respect as she smiled happily.

    "Thank you," Jiang Fei smiled back. It was crucial for Jiang Fei to treat the Priestess with utmost care if he wanted to enter the altar.

    Now that she had reached Approved Level of Reputation, the Priestess was more than happy to linger around Jiang Fei, allowing Jiang Fei to ask many questions about their race and the Queen.

    In around 20 minutes later, Mirage came out of the huge doors and immediately came for Jiang Fei.

    "My darling! Ah... My apologies, great Priestess. I did not realize you are talking to him," said Mirage as she quickly bowed down to the Priestess.

    "It is alright. Has the Queen ask for this respected Inquisitor?"

    "Yes, oh great Priestess," said Mirage as she lowered her head.

    "In that case, I shall leave him in your care," said Rebecca as she turned away and left without saying goodbye.

    "Are the Priestess powerful in terms of authority?" Jiang Fei asked. Without Isabella talking to him, Jiang Fei was completely oblivious to the ways of the world.

    "Yes, there are. Unlike the Merfolk where there is one absolute authority, which is Poseidon, we, the Nagas do not have one absolute ruler. The Queen is tasked with daily managerial tasks while the Priestess has the highest authority over all the Naga. They hold the power to elect the next Queen!"

    "I see," Jiang Fei replied and nodded his head. It seems that the Naga did not practice the ancient governing system of authoritarian. Even though the Queen oversaw many of the governing decisions, there were twelve prominent figures that had an even higher authority than the Queen!

    Jiang Fei had a thought. The Naga's lives were controlled by the Naga's Soul. In that case, the Holy Altar, where the gemstone is kept, should be the most protected place in the Naga territory, while the Priestess that had access to the Holy Altar had the highest authority of all the Naga race.

    "Darling, please follow me. The Queen has agreed to talk to you. However, I must plead you to behave yourself. Do not allow the Queen to know who you really are!" said Mirage. After being love-struck by Jiang Fei, she had completely forsaken her loyalty to the Nagas and would stand by Jiang Fei.

    "Relax, I got this covered. This is not the first Queen or King that I have talked to," said Jiang Fei. Even if he got caught, he could simply earn Reputation points with the Queen and get himself out of danger.

    Jiang Fei followed Mirage into the large door and headed into the royal chamber. Since the Holy City of the Naga did not allow many to enter as they please, the entire palace was guarded with only very few female guards. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "My Queen, the Inquisitor has arrived," said Mirage as she entered the chamber.

    "Please come in," said a beautiful voice lazily.

    "Yes, my Queen!"

    Mirage quickly gave Jiang Fei a warning glance to remind Jiang Fei to mind his manners whilst talking to the Queen.
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