651 A Real Attack from the Game

    After entering the huge palace, Jiang Fei realized that it was different from the other palaces. Most of the other palaces were decorated in gold and jewels and looked very formal. However, this palace was decorated in pink. Moreover, there was no throne or a grand desk at the center of the palace. Instead, there was a soft couch covered with a veil. It looked like a girl's room instead of a palace.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Jiang Fei could not see through the veil clearly. He was only able to catch glimpses of a feminine figure. Her slender figure rested gently on the soft couch in a lazy yet attractive manner.

    "Queen, the Nephilim envoy has arrived," Miraki announced.

    "Alright, you may leave..." The queen's beautiful voice came from behind the veil.

    "This..." Miraki sounded somewhat unwilling. Although the Naga race was a matriarchal society and female Nagas did not think much of men, Miraki had become infatuated with Jiang Fei. That made things different. Moreover, she knew how female Nagas behaved. Therefore, she was very reluctant to leave Jiang Fei alone there.

    "Hehehehe..." A screeching sound came from behind the veil. "Miraki, could you have fallen in love with him? Are you worried that I might eat him?"

    "Your slave dares not! I will leave now!" Miraki was so scared that she trembled. She hurriedly glanced at Jiang Fei and backed out of the room.

    Although the women in the Naga race had countless partners, they would normally not fall in love with any of them. It did not matter if the male was from the Naga race or another race. If any of the female Nagas overstepped this boundary, she would be deemed as an outcast in the Naga race. Although she would not be punished physically, she would be exiled from the main circle. At the very least, Miraki would lose her position as a governor.

    This was because the Naga race's women believed that emotions were burdens. They only sought the companionship of males for their enjoyment. If they were influenced by romantic feelings, that meant betraying the Evil God's teachings.

    The Evil God, after all, did not promote any righteous theories. The Evil God Solan only promoted instant gratification and heartlessness. Once upon a time, the High Elves were seduced by Solan's powers into betraying the Moon God. They were cursed by the Moon God and were even banished to the bottom of the sea. Now, they did not have anyone to depend on. They had no choice but to believe in Solan...

    After Miraki left, Jiang Fei and the Naga Queen were the only two left in the palace.

    "Greetings, Queen!" Jiang Fei cupped his fists lightly.

    "Little handsome, no need to be so polite. Come closer!" A fair and soft arm extended from behind the veil signalling for Jiang Fei to get closer.

    "Sh*t... Why are all the Naga people the same? Are they all female gangsters?" Jiang Fei could not help but smile when he saw how the Naga Queen behaved. He could barely handle Miraki?

    Why did he have to meet someone like this again?

    Jiang Fei actually did not know that nearly all the women in the Naga race were the same. They could not help it. In a matriarchal society infused with their belief in the Evil God Solan's teachings, these Naga women could not help but behave promiscuously.

    Of course, there were still women who were not promiscuous in the Naga race. However, only priestesses in Evil God's Palace did not have any contact with men.

    This was the same logic as the Saint of the Light. These priestesses, in principle, belonged to Evil God Solan. However, due to the War of the Heavens, the Ancient Gods were separated in another world. Therefore, all the Ancient Gods including the Evil God could not enter the main world.

    Similarly, the Blood God Veigar which Jiang Fei had met before was also in a different world. Although he continuously influenced the main world, he could not pass through the barrier between the two worlds.

    Therefore, the Evil God Solan's possessive behavior caused some of the Naga's women to remain celibate for him, while most of the other female Nagas had lost their virginity as soon when they reached adulthood.

    "Little handsome, why aren't you coming over? Do you want me to get you myself?" The Naga Queen remained soft-spoken. However, there was a tinge of impatience in her voice. After all, Jiang Fei's hesitant behavior was disrespectful to a queen's dominance.

    "Ehh..." Jiang Fei reluctantly walked toward the soft couch. He had no choice. If he could not defeat Miraki, he was definitely not able to defeat the Naga Queen. If he were dragged over, it would be even more embarrassing.

    "Little handsome, why are you so afraid of me? Come closer. I'm not going to eat you," said the Naga Queen, a little upset because Jiang Fei had only walked two steps closer.

    "Oh... Alright..." Jiang Fei knew he could no longer avoid it. He walked two steps closer to the soft couch.

    "That's a good boy! Come..." Her soft hands stretched out once again, signalling for Jiang Fei to go even closer.

    "What's up?" Jiang Fei did not understand what was going on. He moved closer still.

    "Didn't you want to tell me about the Merfolk? It's so tiring to talk while standing. Come in and tell me everything in detail!" The Naga Queen's hand lingered over Jiang Fei's face. She suddenly grabbed at Jiang Fei's collar. Jiang Fei instantly froze and could not even resist.

    After one second, the Naga Queen pulled Jiang Fei into the veiled space completely.

    "D*mn! Is she trying to force a kiss upon me or something worse?" Jiang Fei was shocked. However, as his body was paralyzed, he could not fight back at all.

    After being pulled into the veiled space, Jiang Fei could smell something fragrant. The fragrant scent seemed to contain something captivating. Jiang Fei finally saw how the Naga Queen looked like.

    Naga Queen Monica (Naga Race, High-Tier Overlord)

    Level: 98

    Health Points: 100%

    Remark: The Manager of the Naga race.

    Unlike Poseidon's remark, whereby both Poseidon and the Nephilim King Augustus were both Rulers, Monica's remark only showed her as a Manager. Therefore, the ruling right in the Naga race still belonged to the Gods.

    When Jiang Fei saw the Naga Queen's Attributes, he also noticed her face. He had to admit that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her beauty definitely surpassed all of the women Jiang Fei had met before.

    Not only that, the Naga Queen's body was stunningly attractive. Her snake tail had been disguised with a pair of long slender legs. Coupled with her alluring attitude, the Naga Queen was easily the most attractive woman in the world.

    "Little handsome, do you think I am beautiful?" Monica used her finger to move Jiang Fei's chin upward. Her luscious lips moved as a fragrant smell filled the air.

    "Beautiful..." Jiang Fei answered subconsciously. After all, he was a hot-blooded youth. Naturally, he was not able to resist this type of temptation.

    "Alert! Level Three Spirit Attack!" Right then, 0541 who had never directly interfered with Jiang Fei in the game suddenly entered the game. 0541 instantly brought Jiang Fei out of his charmed state.
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