652 Paying the Price

    "What happened?" Jiang Fei asked immediately after snapping out of it.

    The incident which happened earlier was very odd. Jiang Fei was somehow charmed by the Naga Queen without even realizing it. Moreover, 0541's sudden interference made Jiang Fei feel that this was definitely an unusual incident.

    "Captain, someone has used a Spirit Attack on you through the game!" 0541 did not sound very happy. Clearly, 0541 was upset about the attack.

    "What is going on?" Jiang Fei asked immediately. Rightfully, there should not be anything in the game that would harm the player in real life. Under normal circumstances, even if Jiang Fei was raped by the Naga Queen, it would only be like a dream. His body in real life would not be affected in any way. However, if it were that simple, 0541 definitely would not have interfered in the game and most definitely would not have reached out so strongly.

    Right then, 0541 was actually very upset. As a support system, 0541's existence was to support and protect Braveheart's captain. Currently, its target of support and protection was Jiang Fei. Now that Jiang Fei was being attacked, it was a direct challenge to 0541.

    "Locking on to the target. Captain, please wait for a while!" 0541 answered.

    Jiang Fei and 0541's conversation happened very quickly. At that moment, the Naga Queen was still trying to charm Jiang Fei. As 0541 had only awakened Jiang Fei's subconscious but had not interfered with his gameplay, Jiang Fei was still being suppressed by the Naga Queen.

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    As the Naga Queen was still toying with Jiang Fei and trying to seduce him, a group of people gathered in front of a surveillance screen in an underground base somewhere north of China.

    "What's going on? His brain activity had clearly shown the expected results. Why did it suddenly stabilize?" One of the researchers asked, confused.

    "This young fellow is indeed odd. The two groups of experimental codes' successful evolution previously were definitely caused by him!" Another researcher hypothesized.

    "I think the sudden disappearance of the two groups of data points could be related to him too." A third person even concluded that Jiang Fei was the root cause.

    "Increase the brain-wave's rate of output. Try increasing the level of disruption!" The leader thought for a moment before making up his mind.

    "Leader, if we were to increase the brain-wave's rate of output, it might put his real body in danger. We have yet to acquire the government's or the military's permission. If we were to be found experimenting with involuntary people, we would be punished!" The researcher in charge said worriedly.

    "If anything happens, I'll take the brunt of the blame! Do as I say!" The leader hesitated for a moment before deciding to take on the risk after all.

    "Oh... Alright then!" Since the leader had spoken, the subordinate in charge of controlling the equipment had no other option.


    "Little handsome, look. Aren't I beautiful?" Monica laughed flirtatiously. She then immediately pulled off the thin sheet of clothing on his body.

    In an instant, Naga Queen Monica's beautiful body laid shamelessly naked before Jiang Fei. Not only that, the Naga Queen's eyes were also glowing with a bright blue light. As soon as the blue light entered Jiang Fei's eyes, he felt a blurring sensation. Something in his heart told him to immediately pounce on the beauty before him and ravage her body.

    "Jerks! How dare they attack you right under my nose?" When Jiang Fei received another Spirit Attack, 0541 was infuriated.

    "Buzz!" Just as Jiang Fei was about to lose his consciousness, he felt a white light flash before his eyes. He instantly recovered his full consciousness. Although he did not understand what was happening, Jiang Fei knew that someone was doing this to him on purpose.

    "Sh*t! Who is messing with me?" Jiang Fei was also feeling very angered. If this was happening to him because of the game's mechanics, Jiang Fei might be upset but he could not say anything about it. However, based on 0541's reaction, there was clearly someone doing this to him on purpose. Jiang Fei could not accept that.

    "Target has been identified! Captain, please leave the game!" 0541's voice was heard.

    "Alright!" Jiang Fei nodded and instantly logged out of the game.

    As Jiang Fei was in the Naga race's city, the logging out happened simultaneously. When Jiang Fei logged out of the game, his character in the game disappeared instantly.

    Jiang Fei did not care about leaving the Naga Queen behind who might be looking clueless now. He was already back in the real world.

    "Bang!" The infuriated Jiang Fei blasted his way out of the frosty cave and then took off into the air on his Gigantic Sword.

    "0541! Location!" Jiang Fei had not been this angry since the time his parents were kidnapped. He was very upset with the behavior of the person playing with his mind earlier.

    "The general location is in the north of China!" 0541 then transmitted the exact location to Jiang Fei.

    "Alright!" Jiang Fei did not slow down at all as he directly flew toward the location provided by 0541.

    When Jiang Fei logged out of the game, the group of researches in the underground base somewhere north of China realized that their experimental target was suddenly disconnected.

    "Leader, the experimental target has disconnected. What do we do?" The researcher in charge asked.

    "Can we identify if he logged out actively or passively?" The leader asked. If it was an active disconnection, that meant the experimental target had noticed the oddity in the game and therefore chose to disconnect. If it was a passive disconnection, that meant the experimental target had received actual damage in the real world which caused the Gaming Pod to forcefully disconnect.

    "The target had actively disconnected from the game!" The data was not difficult to find. Therefore, the technician was able to provide an answer almost immediately.

    "Active disconnection. That means that he is really able to notice the oddity in the game. He might even be able to interfere with the game under certain limited conditions!" The leader mumbled to himself.

    "What should we do?" One researcher asked.

    "Let's operate as usual. Notify me immediately when he logs in again!" Until now, the leader and his subordinates still had not realized that Jiang Fei had logged off to come look for them. They would not have known that the player had a supreme technology like 0541 that could not only disrupt the game, but could also identify their geographical location in the real world.

    With the researchers being completely unaware, Jiang Fei was speeding toward China in a fit of rage. When the sky was only beginning to turn bright, Jiang Fei had already crossed China's borders.

    After another half an hour, Jiang Fei arrived at the location provided by 0541.

    "Have we confirmed the exact location?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "They are right beneath us. There is a secret underground base three thousand meters below!" 0541 answered.
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