653 Who Are These People?

    Unlike how Jiang Fei had snuck into the Zhang family's underground base to steal stuff, this time, Jiang Fei was here to seek revenge. Therefore, he did not even bother asking 0541 to crack the code of the entrance. Instead, he directly retrieved his Energy Cannon to blast through the underground base's entrance.


    After the blast, a huge gap appeared in the mountain walls. A passage could be seen leading directly to the underground base.


    "Alert! There is an intruder!"

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    "Alert! There is an intruder!"

    Jiang Fei's forceful entry caused a loud alarm to go off in the underground base.

    "What's going on?" The leader immediately asked.

    "Leader, someone has destroyed the base's external door! The surveillance system has also been destroyed!" A worker in charge of the base's safety immediately reported. When Jiang Fei had blasted the main entrance, 0541 had used its electrical methods to disrupt the base's internal surveillance system.

    "Send someone to investigate. Kill all intruders!" The leader did not panic. As they were a highly secretive underground base, they had a very strong defense system.

    "Yes!" The worker in charge of safety hastily pushed some controls on the monitor. After a few seconds, he reported to the leader. "I have already sent a robotic team over. We will soon be able to identify the enemy's situation."


    At the same time, Jiang Fei had already gone through the base's main entrance. As he was concerned the opponents would have tampered with the lift, Jiang Fei directly used his Energy Cannon to destroy it. Then, he chose to use the safety tunnel instead. Although using the spiralling safety tunnel took a longer time, these were the only two options according to 0541's scan.

    Now that Jiang Fei had destroyed the lift, the people in the base were technically stuck. Jiang Fei did not worry about them escaping at all.

    "Captain, the enemies are attacking! The enemies are robots. Expect to encounter them in fifteen seconds!" 0541 warned. As these robots were not like metahumans with energy aura, Jiang Fei was not able to detect them on his own.

    "Bring it on!" Jiang Fei held the Energy Cannon in his hand with the muzzle pointing at the passageway in front of him.

    "Pssst..." Jiang Fei soon heard a soft buzzing sound from afar.

    After a few seconds, the robot soldiers appeared before Jiang Fei. Although they were called robots, these soldiers did not resemble humans. Instead, they were all round cylinders with two rows of wheels beneath them for mobility. Their heads were cameras with a machine gun on each side.

    "Hehe, this kind of trash..." Jiang Fei smiled. He then lifted his weapon and opened fire.

    Boom!" The first row of robots was instantly blasted into pieces.



    The robot soldiers were only able to fire at Jiang Fei with two shots before being blasted apart.

    "D*mn. They gave me a fright. I thought it would be some kind of advanced technology. These are all Manda Group's exported items..." Jiang Fei said unhappily after destroying all the robots.

    These robots were one of the categories of weapons Han Tianyu was selling externally. Not only did these things have very little ability to work autonomously, they also had weak firepower. Basically, these items would only be sold to Africa. Jiang Fei did not expect this base to still be using such rubbish.


    "The first team had been entirely annihilated. However, we have figured out the enemy's situation clearly. There is only one enemy with High-Energy weapons!" The safety manager reported.

    "Only one person? And he even uses Advanced Technology? Did we do anything to upset the Zhang family? That shouldn't be the case. We have a pretty good relationship with them! Forget it! Since he dared to break in, we'll kill him!" The leader mumbled to himself and gave a firm order thereafter.

    "Yes!" The safety manager replied. He then started allocating advanced guards to fight against Jiang Fei.

    Although the first wave of robots were rubbish, their main purpose was to investigate the enemy's condition. Now that the enemy's situation was clear, the base's advanced guards would be mobilized.


    Jiang Fei progressed downward very swiftly following the spiralling passage. Although he was not running at full speed, his movement speed was still very blinding. Within a few minutes, Jiang Fei had already made it halfway to the bottom.

    "Captain, enemy alert! The enemies are made up of humans and robots. You are expected to encounter them after fifteen seconds!" 0541 warned yet again.

    "Eh?" Jiang Fei was stunned. When he heard that there were humans involved, he instinctively thought of metahumans. After all, he had always been fighting against metahumans. However, he was not able to actively detect the presence of any metahuman.

    Very soon, the footsteps got closer and closer. Jiang Fei was able to see the enemies.

    Apart from some elite human mercenaries, most of the enemies in front of Jiang Fei were robots. Although the robots were also attached to wheels, they had human-shaped upper bodies. Not only did they have strong autonomous abilities, they were also very agile. Most importantly, their weapons were Nuclear Laser Guns produced by the Zhang family.

    The robots and the human mercenaries both used the same Laser Guns. The guns were all advanced technology made by the Zhang family according to the alien weapons they acquired.

    Wave Barrier!

    Jiang Fei immediately activated the protective shield on his equipment. The type of laser beam used by his enemies was very strong. If it directly hit Jiang Fei's body, he would be quite badly injured. Moreover, the passageway was really small and there was no way he could dodge the attacks. In order to prevent the wastage of his own energy, Jiang Fei decided to activate the protective shield.

    Zoom... As his opponents opened fire, rays of red lasers were fired at Jiang Fei.

    However, these lasers were all blocked by Jiang Fei's Wave Barrier. As Jiang Fei's protective shield could withstand the attacks of Lower-Tier Level Four metahuman, these lasers were of no threat to Jiang Fei.



    Since the enemies had opened fire directly, Jiang Fei had no reason to hold back. The blue beams emitted from his Energy Cannon continued to blast the robots into pieces. The human mercenaries were directly vaporized.

    As the passageway in which they battled was extremely narrow, Jiang Fei had nowhere to hide. It was the same situation for the human mercenaries as well as the robots. They could only shoot at each other with hopes of winning with their gunpower.

    Clearly, Jiang Fei's original Energy Cannon from Planet Namek would win against the copied version of laser guns. Moreover, Jiang Fei also had his protection shield. The guards from the base had to take the full brunt of the damage from Jiang Fei's attacks. Therefore, within a few minutes, the guards made up of hundreds of humans and robots were all killed by Jiang Fei.

    "Who does this base belong to? Why are there both Manda Group's robots and the Zhang family's energy weapons?" Although Jiang Fei had eliminated the guards, he started frowning with suspicion.

    The robots in the second wave of attacks were not of the normal exported models. If the people who owned them did not have relations to Han Tianyu, they could not have possibly acquired the same model. Furthermore, the energy weapons from the Zhang family were only recently produced. How could they possibly get their hands on these weapons if they did not have any relationship with the Zhang family?

    "Who are these people?" Jiang Fei could not help but feel overwhelmed by the questions looming over his head.
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