657 A Grand Funeral

    "Hehe, I can't believe it! The famous Jiang Fei is also one of the holders of the Nine Cauldrons!" While the host was introducing Jiang Fei and his opponent, the two of them started having a conversation.

    "Hehe..." Jiang Fei laughed as he began to observe his opponent carefully.

    Sunset Snowflake (Human Race, Defensive Knight)

    Level: 63

    Health Points: 73,512

    Mana Points: 2,300

    Attack Power: 7,800

    Physical Defense: 13,500

    Magic Defense: 15,800

    Remark: Holder of Cauldron of Spirit!

    After looking at Sunset Snowflake's Attributes, Jiang Fei had a rough idea of his opponent. This was a normal Second Job Class player. Moreover, it was a Defensive Knight with very poor attack abilities. Jiang Fei did not think he was a threat at all.

    "I am sure everyone is familiar with Verdure Glider. However, you would not find his opponent a stranger either. Although this is his first time participating in the Class Competition, he has never lost not even once!" The host finally introduced Sunset Snowflake.


    "Get lost! You stinky tortoise!"


    However, the audience did not seem to be impressed with the host's introduction. Everyone appeared to dislike Sunset Snowflake quite a lot.

    "Screw me! He's never lost? That tanky?" Jiang Fei was stunned. From Sunset Snowflake's Attributes, Jiang Fei did not notice anything special. Although he was a holder of one of the Cauldrons of the Ancient Kingdom, the Cauldron of Spirit was similar to Jiang Fei's Commanding Cauldron. It did not allow the player's offensive Attributes to increase significantly.

    "Alright! Let's cut the crap and let the two fight it out for us!" The host did not want to speak any further when he saw the audience's reaction. Luckily, Jiang Fei's presence was enough to get the crowd excited. Moreover, since his opponent was rather well-known, the audience was beginning to look forward to an entertaining match.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    With the judge's signal, Jiang Fei and Sunset Snowflake began their fight.

    "Come on!" As his opponent possessed one of the Cauldrons of the Ancient Kingdom, Jiang Fei did not dare to waste any time. He immediately attacked his opponent with his Galestorm's Hammer.


    Jiang Fei's over 30,000 Attack Power did nearly one-fifth of the opponent's HP.

    Moreover, there were no critical hits despite the over ten levels of difference between them. One could tell that this young fellow had very good defense. It was no wonder that the Defense Knight was known to be one of the toughest classes in the game.

    However, before the light effect of the Galestorm's Hammer had even faded, Jiang Fei noticed that Sunset Snowflake's Health Points had fully recovered.

    Moreover, it was not a recovery from any skill. It was from his natural Health Point recovery.

    "D*mn! Now I know why this young man has never lost!" Jiang Fei suddenly realized something significant.

    The Spirit Attribute's most important usage was to quickly recover a player's Health Points and Mana Points. It was an automatic recovery which could not be interrupted or stopped. Originally, this Attribute was not very useful for non-healing Class players. As the amount of recovery was too little, it did not bear much significance. However, once the Attribute reached 10,000 points, an incredible phenomenon appeared.

    Sunset Snowflake's rate of Health Point recovery was much higher than needed. Unless Jiang Fei killed Sunset Snowflake in a single attack, it was impossible to kill him. That was why Sunset Snowflake had never been defeated in the competition.

    10,000 Defense Points, coupled with strong Physical and Magic Defense, it was nearly impossible to kill players of this Class in a single second. Moreover, he had an Invincible skill. Even if a Magic Class player used an ultimate skill, he could still use his Invincible skill. In the end, his opponent would either be slowly killed or they would surrender right away. However, although it meant that he was invincible, the audience did not like it. Sunset Snowflake's way of battling was too disgusting as he usually counted on his opponents surrendering instead of actually defeating them in a fair battle.

    "Hehe, Verdure Glider. Is that all you've got?" Sunset Snowflake laughed loudly.

    Before Jiang Fei struck him, Sunset Snowflake was rather nervous. After all, Jiang Fei was very well-known as a legend. Therefore, Sunset Snowflake did not have any idea how he would fare in the battle. However, after Jiang Fei had only managed to take away one-third of his Health Points, he could finally relax. As long as Jiang Fei could not kill him in a second, Sunset Snowflake would be able to take on Jiang Fei at his own pace. He would wait until the audience became infuriated and for Jiang Fei to get bored. Once Jiang Fei was driven to the point of insanity, he would give up and Sunset Snowflake would emerge as a victor.

    In all honesty, Sunset Snowflake had never really beaten any of his opponents. Most of them had given up voluntarily because they were disgusted by his way of battling.

    "Hehe..." Jiang Fei laughed coldly. It appeared that Sunset Snowflake really thought that Jiang Fei could not win him.

    Jiang Fei did not stop attacking. He chose to ignore Sunset Snowflake who was bragging shamelessly.

    "Give up! Verdure Glider. If you can't kill me in one second, you can't kill me at all!" Sunset Snowflake laughed giddily. He did not attack Jiang Fei because he knew his meagre damage could not even break through Jiang Fei's Defense. He merely behaved like a punching bag for Jiang Fei to hit to his heart's content.


    After a series of lightning, drops of sweat appeared on Sunset Snowflake's face. As Jiang Fei's attack was getting higher over time due to Ruthless Barrage's stacks, his increasing damage output caused Sunset Snowflake to start actively avoiding Jiang Fei by running around the arena.

    "Yeah! Brother Fei, kill him!"

    "Kick his ass!"

    "Give it to him in the face!"

    The audience was getting very excited. Sunset Snowflake's awful behaviour in the previous battles had upset a lot of people.

    Although Jiang Fei's attacks could not lock on to his target, his speed was faster than Sunset Snowflake's by over ten times. He could catch up with Sunset Snowflake in a few steps. Therefore, Jiang Fei had 100% Accuracy as he flung hammers at Sunset Snowflake who was right next to him.

    Within a few short seconds, Jiang Fei's Ruthless Barrage stacked up ten times. His Attack Power had reached a shocking 92,000.

    After deducting Sunset Snowflake's Defense, his over 70,000 Health Points could no longer bear Jiang Fei's onslaught.

    Divine Shield!

    Although the Invincible state prolonged Sunset Snowflake's life for a few additional seconds, it was not a long-term solution.

    After twelve seconds, the Invincible effect ended. Sunset Snowflake had no choice but to activate another life-saving skill. His Health Points were increased by 30%, giving him nearly 100,000 Health Points which kept him alive.

    "Hehe, do you think you are safe now?" Jiang Fei smiled. He was too lazy to wait for Sunset Snowflake's skill to end. Although Jiang Fei's Ruthless Barrage was fully stacked, and he could no longer increase his Attack Power, Jiang Fei still had not used any of his skills.



    The nearly 500,000 damage appeared above Sunset Snowflake's head as he instantly fell to the ground. Until then, Sunset Snowflake had not realized that Jiang Fei was merely toying with him all this time.

    Jiang Fei rarely used Judgement with 5x Attack Buff. That was because the skill had a one minute cooldown. However, Jiang Fei chose to use it on the young fellow today to give him a grand funeral. He had no intention of embarrassing Sunset Snowflake.

    After all, Jiang Fei wanted to take away his Cauldron of the Ancient Kingdom. Therefore, Jiang Fei wanted Sunset Snowflake to die in a glorious way, which was why he chose to show his Judgement skill in front of the audience. Dying from close to 500,000 damage was a respectful way for Sunset Snowflake to be defeated.

    A white light flashed as Sunset Snowflake revived outside the arena. Jiang Fei picked up the Cauldron of Spirit and kept it away. Although the Cauldrons of the Ancient Kingdom were very strong, the person who possessed it would still lose it upon death. Dying in the PvP arena was not an exception.
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