659 Heaven-Piercing Twilight Bow

    "Such an amazing item!" After looking at the bow's Attributes, Jiang Fei could not help but gasp in amazement.

    Although Jiang Fei could not use the bow-type weapon, he was amazed with the weapon's value. This was definitely considered one of the best Level 60 weapons, especially due to the skill it provided. It was capable of killing normal players in an instant.

    If that were the only thing, Jiang Fei would not have been too amazed. After all, higher level recipes tended to have lesser smithing chances. There is a high possibility of wasting a whole lot of material with zero success rate.

    However, the recipe from Ou Yezi was indeed unusual. Although it still had limited uses, it allowed Jiang Fei to smith up to thirty times. Moreover, Jiang Fei was different from other Professions. Divine Blacksmiths had very unique smithing systems. His success rate and Ascended Upgrade Bonus Rate did not depend on his personality, but instead depended on his technique.

    As long as Jiang Fei could capture enough Radiant during smithing, and if each of it succeeded, it was not impossible to create great items each time.

    After getting the recipe, Jiang Fei immediately made his way back to the Demon Dragon Fortress as the blacksmith's shop within had the best conditions. That was due to the countless amount of ingredients collected in the Demon Dragon Fortress.

    As the Demon Dragon Fortress was in a very strategic location, coupled with the fact that Empyreal Dragon was the strongest guild around, all the resources in a hundred-mile radius belonged to Empyreal Dragon. Players from other guilds would not even dare to fight for the resources in that area.

    Therefore, under Rosette Rose's management, the entire Empyreal Dragon was virtually peerless. In terms of financial performance alone, the guild has over 2,000,000 gold coins. There were also countless ingredients for each Profession. If Jiang Fei truly wanted to earn money through the game, he had already acquired the returns of his initial investment. In fact, he had an extravagant amount of additional earnings.

    However, money had not meant anything to Jiang Fei since a long time ago. Therefore, Jiang Fei was not really concerned with how well the guild had developed. That was why he delegated so much autonomy and power to Rosette Rose and Lady Casanova. Basically, the two of them were handling almost everything related to the guild. Jiang Fei had never questioned any of their decisions.

    After he returned to the guild, Jiang Fei immediately retrieved a large amount of ingredients and thereafter entered the blacksmith's shop.

    The attributes of the Twilight Bow was very shocking, as was the price of ingredients needed to make it. On average, one set of ingredients cost nearly 200 gold coins. Taking into account the rate of success, a single successful smithing of the bow would cost around 1,000 gold coins. On top of that, there were also the costs of the recipe and the smithing fee.

    "Clank, clank..."

    Very soon, Jiang Fei immersed himself in the smithing process. The first set of ingredients very quickly melted in the furnace. Jiang Fei then started shaping the model on the anvil.

    Instant Ice Burst!

    Jiang Fei let out a frosty breath.


    The half-completed Twilight Bow broke into pieces on the ground.

    Clearly, Jiang Fei had failed the first smithing process.

    "Haih!" Jiang Fei sighed. However, he was not too concerned. It was very normal to fail at the first smithing trial.

    After cleaning up the debris on the ground, Jiang Fei extended his hands subconsciously in anticipation of receiving new ingredients from someone next to him. However, when he extended his hands, Jiang Fei remembered that Isabella no longer existed.

    When he used to craft, Isabella would usually be busier than Jiang Fei. Sometimes, she would be moving ingredients around. Otherwise, she would be transferring completed items to the storage. Occasionally, she would even wipe sweat off Jiang Fei's brows. Although the two rarely conversed during the smithing process, they had already gotten used to having each other around.

    "Bella! Wait for me. I will revive you soon!" Jiang Fei promised in his heart.

    After taking a new set of ingredients, Jiang Fei once again focused on the smithing process.

    "Ding ding..." As Jiang Fei continued to smith, the bow's shape came into being once again.

    Instant Ice Burst!

    After spitting out another breath of cold air, the bow cooled down. In that instant, a ray of Radiant appeared before Jiang Fei's eyes.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Eh?" As he had not smithed for a very long time, Jiang Fei suddenly realized that the Radiant rays had slowed down a lot. It was as if the Radiant rays moved in slow motion.

    In actual fact, it was Jiang Fei whose abilities had improved significantly. His physical body had become much stronger in the real world. His Spirit had also been greatly enhanced. Therefore, his sensing abilities in the game also became much sharper.

    Moreover, although the Spirit Attribute only improved one's observation ability slightly, Jiang Fei's 100,000 Spirit Points from the newly acquired Cauldron of the Ancient Kingdom made it seem as if Jiang Fei was observing the Radiant rays in slow motion.

    The next steps became much simpler as Jiang Fei could easily capture the Radiant rays which were seemingly moving in slow motion.

    "Ding! You have successfully crafted Twilight Bow! Smithing Experience +1,375!"

    Jiang Fei easily captured the Triple Radiant. Although the Twilight Bow was still Legendary, it was a good start.

    "Let's do it again!" Jiang Fei clenched his fists. He captured Triple Radiant only because he had not smithed for a very long time. Therefore, he was still not very used to it. Jiang Fei believed that if he smithed a few more times, he would be able to create a higher grade Twilight Bow.

    "Ding ding..."

    "Ding ding..."


    The sound of metal clanging against metal could be heard continuously. Jiang Fei was fully immersed in the smithing process. Very soon, three hours had passed. Jiang Fei had used up ten sets of ingredients and managed to create three pieces of the equipment successfully.

    The higher the equipment's level, the longer the time needed to create it. Therefore, it was very difficult to mass-produce High-Tier equipment. Luckily, Jiang Fei had a very high success rate. He was able to achieve 33% success rate in creating a Legendary weapon.

    "Ding ding..."

    Instant Ice Burst!

    Jiang Fei was already beginning to work on the eleventh set of ingredients for creating the bow. As he focused on the Radiant ray before him, Jiang Fei quickly pulled back. The Quintuple Radiant was successfully retained in the bow.

    "Ding! You have successfully crafted Twilight Bow! Smithing Experience +6,000!"

    A ray of red light started emitting from Jiang Fei's hands, which soon filled the entire blacksmith's shop.

    "I've done it! It has succeeded!" Jiang Fei was beyond happy. Although he knew he was capable of producing very good equipment, he had never been able to create any equipment above the Legendary grade. After all, Ancient and Holy equipment were very rare. The game's webpage had never mentioned a player who could create equipment of these grades.

    As Jiang Fei looked at the Heaven-Piercing Twilight Bow which still glowed with a bright red light, he felt very excited. The successful smithing meant he had experienced a breakthrough in creating equipment beyond the Legendary grade. He had successfully created an Ancient and, in fact, even a Holy grade equipment.

    After the red light had dissipated, Jiang Fei looked at the Heaven-Piercing Twilight Bow in his hands. The Ancient grade weapon was different from the Legendary Twilight Bow which he had created previously. It had an even more intimidating appearance. There were three additional spikes on it which seemed to be handles, but also allowed the bow to double as a defensive weapon in melee combat. It looked very cool.
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