661 Cauldron of Creation

    Although Jiang Fei did not know why Ou Yezi wanted to snatch his Holy Twilight Bow away, he did not dare to ask Ou Yezi about it. Jiang Fei simply stood quietly on one side.

    "Young fellow. I am going to ask you this again. Are you sure you want to take on the Path of the Heavens?" Ou Yezi looked very serious as he asked Jiang Fei the question.

    "I am certain!" Jiang Fei nodded with equal seriousness.

    "Alright then. If that's the case, I shall not stand in your way! From today onward, you are my official successor!" Ou Yezi nodded as he retrieved a small cauldron.

    "This is..." Jiang Fei felt very excited. He knew without asking that the small cauldron in Ou Yezi's hand was one of the Cauldrons of the Ancient Kingdom.

    "This is the Cauldron of Creation. According to the tradition of Divine Blacksmiths, you must sacrifice a Holy equipment you have crafted on your own in order to obtain it. If you agree, the bow you created will be used as a sacrifice for the Cauldron of Creation," Ou Yezi said.

    "I agree!" Jiang Fei had no reason to hesitate at this point. Although the Holy Twilight Bow was very valuable, he could not use it himself. If he had to give it away in exchange for a Cauldron of the Ancient Kingdom, he was more than happy to do so.

    "Alright!" Ou Yezi nodded. The Holy Twilight Bow that Jiang Fei created appeared in Ou Yezi's hands.

    The Holy Twilight Bow which glowed with a bright red light flickered in Ou Yezi's hand and thereafter turned into a ball of light. Ou Yezi did not even need the help of a furnace to melt the Holy equipment.

    In the blink of an eye, the one-meter long Holy Twilight Bow had turned into a ball of red Radiant. It was then infused into the Cauldron of Creation by Ou Yezi.

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    "Buzz!" A bright golden light emitted from the Cauldron of Creation. The light was so bright that Jiang Fei could not even look at it directly.

    After a short moment, the light from the Cauldron of Creation grew dimmer. It then flew from Ou Yezi's hand directly toward Jiang Fei.

    Jiang Fei subconsciously extended his hands. The Cauldron of Creation gently landed on his hands.

    Cauldron of Creation (Special Item, Holy)

    Attribute: You will succeed at crafting with certainty (limited to the first three times each day).

    Remark 1: The Cauldron of Creation will take effect once you put it in your backpack.

    Remark 2: Once you die, the Cauldron of Creation will drop with certainty.

    Remark 3: Once other players with Cauldrons of the Ancient Kingdom are near, the nine cauldrons will be able to sense each other's presence.

    "This..." Jiang Fei looked at the Cauldron of Creation in his hands with disbelief.

    Although the Cauldron of Creation did not provide any additional Attributes, its original Attribute was much more powerful. The three certain successes in crafting each day was a godly Attribute. Most High-Tier recipes had limited uses. Most of the recipes would even be wasted without any successful crafts.

    However, with the Cauldron of Creation, Jiang Fei would be able to create equipment with a certain success while using High-Tier recipes. Even if he could only create a small amount of equipment, they would all be incredible.

    "Alright! The Cauldron of Creation belongs to you now. Look after yourself now!" Ou Yezi nodded.

    "Teacher, although I have acquired the Cauldron of Creation, I do not have any good recipes..." Jiang Fei said to Ou Yezi. Originally, he still had the Twilight Bow's recipe. Now that he had already used up his limited chances of crafting, he hoped to get a few more recipes from Ou Yezi.

    "I can't give you recipes right now. However, you may look for Augustus. Tell him to pass the recipes he owes me to you instead!" Ou Yezi said and disappeared.

    "Haih..." Jiang Fei looked blankly at the space in front of him. His mysterious teacher was very unpredictable. He left without even giving Jiang Fei an opportunity to voice his thoughts.

    Despite that, Jiang Fei managed to obtain the third Cauldron of the Ancient Kingdom. Moreover, Jiang Fei knew that the Cauldron of Intelligence was in Freewill's hands. Although the fellow stayed in the Light Faction's territory, he would have to participate in the same competition as Jiang Fei sooner or later. Therefore, Jiang Fei was confident that he would be able to snatch the Cauldron of Intelligence from Freewill in the PvP arena.

    As Freewill was a Professional player, he needed to participate in competitions to earn money. Therefore, Jiang Fei was not worried that he would abandon the competition for the sake of the cauldron. To these Professional players, failing or succeeding in a game did not matter. Their only objective was to win over the support of their fans by participating in competitions. That was the only way fans would be willing to spend money on them.

    Therefore, although Freewill might know that participating in the competition could result in him losing the Cauldron of Intelligence, he would still participate and do his best. As long as he put on a good show, he would still win the fans' support and empathy even if he lost the cauldron. That would significantly increase his earnings, which was far more important than anything else.

    After Ou Yezi had left, Jiang Fei spared some time checking his Attributes after advancing to the High-Tier Divine Blacksmith.

    Having advanced to the High-Tier Divine Blacksmith, Jiang Fei's Instant Ice Burst had turned into Ice Smith. However, the skill lost its attack ability and had become solely a Profession skill. However, the Ascended Upgrade Bonus Rate had increased significantly. That greatly boosted Jiang Fei's chances of succeeding at capturing Radiant rays.

    At the same time, Jiang Fei had acquired an additional side Profession. The Engraver Profession which Jiang Fei had to give up last time was now added into Jiang Fei's Profession list. Now, not only could Jiang Fei craft both equipment and weapons, he could even enhance and engrave them.

    Moreover, an Engraver did not require recipes to create holes in equipment and weapons for engraving. Jiang Fei was now able to engrave jewelry on equipment and weapons he crafted on his own.

    Jiang Fei had acquired a lot of jewelry from the time he robbed the Pope's Tomb. However, as not every piece of equipment had engraving holes, Jiang Fei had to keep these jewelry in his storage. Now that Jiang Fei had abilities of an Engraver, he could finally make use of these jewelry he had acquired.

    Jiang Fei picked a few pieces of jewelry with Resistance and engraved them onto his own equipment. These jewelry mostly provided him with Resistance against Movement limitations and Stun effects. As Jiang Fei already had incredible Attack and Defense Attributes, engraving jewelry with Vitality or Strength Attributes would only have a decorative purpose.

    Jiang Fei knew that his most apparent weakness was in lacking Resistance against Disabling skills. Once someone used Disabling skills on him, he would become very passive.

    However, now that he had a full body of Resistance-providing jewelry, coupled with his much higher level, Jiang Fei believed that he would not be affected by most players' Disabling skills. Even if players succeeded at Disabling him by luck, it would only be for a short amount of time. They could not possibly Disable him for more than one second.

    After he was done with Engraving, Jiang Fei took a look at the time. It was almost time to log out of the game. Therefore, he did not keep himself busy with other tasks. He passed the Twilight Bows he had crafted to Lady Casanova so that she could distribute them to the most powerful members in the guild. Jiang Fei then stored the Ancient Heaven-Piercing Twilight Bows away as there were no particularly strong Archers in the guild.
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