663 Heavenly Thunder

    "This..." Jiang Fei was still very hesitant.

    "Ding! The Nephilim King Augustus has forcefully changed your Pet Contract!"

    "Ding! The Pet Contract between you and Isabella has been removed!"

    "Ding! Akatziris has signed the Deadly Attachment Contract with you!"

    Before Jiang Fei could even reject the Nephilim King, the Nephilim King had already changed the contract between Jiang Fei and Isabella.

    As Augustus was a Celestial being, he had a lot of powerful rights. On top of that, he was also Isabella's father and the leader of the Nephilim race. Therefore, he could change this type of contract without Jiang Fei's agreement.

    The system acknowledged that Akatziris was Isabella's replacement. Moreover, the new contract fully benefited the player. Since Augustus had the legal right to make the new changes, the system did not even notify Jiang Fei before accepting the new contract change.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Why did you..." It was too late for Jiang Fei to say anything. Isabella completely disappeared after the limitation of the contract had been removed.

    As Isabella's soul was already gone, the only thing that remained was her soulless body due to the Pet Contract between her and Jiang Fei. After the contract was terminated, Isabella's body turned into a Radiant light and thereafter disappeared completely.

    At the same time, Akatziris became Jiang Fei's new pet. Moreover, the contract that she signed was not the Pet Contract of an equal level. Instead, it was a Deadly Attachment Contract. If Jiang Fei wished, Akatziris could be wiped out of existence in an instant. If Jiang Fei chose to terminate the contract, Akatziris would also die. The upside to the contract was that Akatziris could retain her Level and capabilities.

    "Her life or death depends on you. Even if you killed her, it would not affect the relationship between us!" The Nephilim King said blandly. Although Akatziris was his daughter, her status could not compare to that of Isabella's. After all, she was his stepdaughter which meant her value was much lesser in his eyes.

    "You... Sigh..." Jiang Fei sighed. Although he did not like Augustus' cold-hearted attitude, he could not do anything about it.

    Augustus had expected Jiang Fei's reaction of not being merciless enough to kill Akatziris. That was why he did not think twice about forcing Jiang Fei to accept his wish.

    Since Isabella's death, Jiang Fei technically was no longer his son-in-law. The Nephilim King originally did not really care about that at all. However, the circumstances had changed when Jiang Fei suddenly advanced to the High-Tier Divine Blacksmith level and had even obtained the Cauldron of Creation.

    There was a clear distinction between being Ou Yezi's disciple and Ou Yezi's successor.

    Therefore, when the Nephilim King found out that Jiang Fei had acquired the Cauldron of Creation, he was determined to keep Verdure Glider in the Nephilim race. Jiang Fei would be bound to their warfare.

    For a king, the best way to get direct support from someone was to have a familial relationship with them. However, after Isabella's death, the Nephilim King was not left with much choice. Moreover, due to the evil behaviors of the Fourth Prince Curtis, many of the Nephilim King's daughters were either dead or married. Only Akatziris, who was his only stepdaughter, remained unmarried. Therefore, although Akatziris had a low rank as a stepdaughter, she was the only option which remained. Fortunately, Akatziris had the blood of a Succubus and therefore possessed unrivaled beauty.

    In order to promote Akatziris, the Nephilim King was willing to bestow upon her a Holy Item and even give her the Title of a Princess.

    "Please... take me..." Before Jiang Fei recovered his senses, Akatziris had already knelt before him. She had no other choice but to beg for his acceptance. Due to the Nephilim King's stubbornness, if Jiang Fei did not accept her, she would die with certainty.

    "You..." Jiang Fei looked at Akatziris who was crying uncontrollably. He could not bring himself to terminate the contract which will end her life immediately.

    "Forget about it! Let's leave!" Jiang Fei shook as head. He could not be bothered with formalities. After taking the recipe, Jiang Fei turned around and walked out of the Nephilim King's Palace.

    "Thank you, master! Thank you!" Akatziris quickly stood up and ran after Jiang Fei as they both left the Nephilim King's Palace. Neither of them turned around to look at the Nephilim King.

    To Akatziris, leaving with Jiang Fei was perhaps a better option than staying in the palace. Although the contract put her in a difficult situation, it was better than being gifted to a barbaric commander by the Nephilim King. Moreover, she knew very well how kindly Jiang Fei had treated Isabella. If she could truly be accepted by him, she would live a good life.

    After leaving the Nephilim King's Palace, Jiang Fei immediately returned to the Demon Dragon Fortress and took out the mysterious recipe.

    Heavenly Thunder (Explosive Item, Ancient)

    Use: Deals 50,000,000 damage to all targets in the explosion area. Damage is increased by 10x if the target is a Celestial being.

    Remark: Heavenly Thunder deals Chaotic Damage. It is irresistible and can ignore all Defense mechanisms.

    "D*mn!" Jiang Fei inhaled sharply when he saw what the recipe allowed him to create. This was the epic version of the Gnome Destructive Setup.

    However, the Heavenly Thunder's explosion area was much smaller with approximately a thirty-meter diameter. Despite that, its damage toward a Celestial being was frighteningly powerful. It was basically designed to kill Celestial beings. If Jiang Fei could mass produce it, he was thinking, he could even carry out a genocide against the Primordial Celestial race.

    However, Jiang Fei was aware that his thoughts were running a little too wild. Even if he had multiple Heavenly Thunders, he would not be able to kill anyone with the small thirty-meter radius of explosives.

    The recipe had very high requirements. Only a High-Tier Divine Blacksmith or a Master Engineer could use it. Moreover, it could only be used once. Once the usage failed, the materials would all be wasted.

    "Come on! Let's make it!" The materials used to create the Heavenly Thunder were very precious. However, they were not too difficult to acquire. Jiang Fei was able to retrieve sufficient materials in the guild's storage.

    Due to the Cauldron of Creation, the first three items Jiang Fei created each day would succeed with certainty. Therefore, he was not worried about failing.

    The process of creating the Heavenly Thunder was very tedious. Jiang Fei had to spend nearly four hours in the blacksmith's shop to complete it.

    "Why did Ou Yezi ask me to create this?" Jiang Fei mumbled to himself.

    "Master, you must be tired. Here, have some water." Akatziris wiped away Jiang Fei's sweat while handing him a cup of water.

    "Leave it over there..." Jiang Fei pushed Akatziris away. Although the Nephilim King had replaced Isabella's soulless body with another person by changing the contract forcefully, Jiang Fei could not treat her the way he treated Isabella.

    Moreover, Akatziris had not wiped away Jiang Fei's sweat for him out of love or admiration. It was merely her duty as his pet and servant. Her relationship with Jiang Fei was not one of lovers. Instead, it was a relationship between a master and a servant. However, Akatziris' eyes glistened brightly. Nobody knew what her true feelings were.
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