667 Evil God Solan

    "Put Miraki on the sacrificial altar!" With the master priestess' command, two main priestesses walked toward Miraki.

    "Verdure Glider... I'm going first..." Miraki looked deep into Jiang Fei's eyes as she cried out.

    "Wait!" Jiang Fei suddenly shouted loudly.

    Jiang Fei originally did not care about Miraki's death. He already had plans to log out to avoid his own death. However, when Miraki cried out earlier, coupled with the look in her eyes, Jiang Fei was suddenly reminded of the time Ariel and Isabella had died for him.

    "What's the matter? Do you have anything to say?" The master priestess asked Jiang Fei. If he were other normal sacrificial beings, she would not even have hesitated. However, as his Reputation was Respect, she was still willing to hear Jiang Fei out as long as she did not go against the Holy Altar's rules.

    "Let me go first!" Jiang Fei said determinedly. Since Isabella's death, Jiang Fei had sworn never to let another woman die for him.

    "Hmm... Alright!" The master priestess remained silent for a while before agreeing to Jiang Fei's wish.

    "No! Let me go first!" Miraki shouted out as she struggled. However, the master priestess did not even glance at her.

    "Follow us!" Two main priestesses walked over to Jiang Fei and untied him from the pillar.

    The two main priestesses did not bind Jiang Fei with a spell. As they treated with him Respect, Jiang Fei received a special treatment.

    "Come on! Let me see what your sacrificial thing is all about!" Jiang Fei said eagerly.

    Very soon, Jiang Fei was brought to the sacrificial altar by two main priestesses. Thereafter, the other priestesses started chanting a prayer with the master priestess in the lead.

    After approximately ten minutes, Jiang Fei felt his vision turning blurry.

    "What's going on? An olden-day teleportation point?" Jiang Fei was stunned. He had experienced this before. This was a very old method of activating the teleportation point.

    Most of the new teleportation points took effect instantly. However, due to the difference in technology, the new teleportation points had limited teleportation range. The new ones could not teleport one across different worlds. Therefore, to get to a place far away, one would have to go through intermediary teleportation points. However, an ancient teleportation point could bypass that limitation. The only drawbacks were that it required a tedious process and also a lot of energy to be activated.


    After another ten minutes, the space around Jiang Fei became distorted. In the next instant, he appeared in a space of void.

    "Hahaha, have my slaves finally sent me a new toy and food?!" When Jiang Fei appeared in the space of void, a sound could be heard next to his ear.

    "Who is that?!" Jiang Fei was surprised. He could sense his vision recovering.

    The space that Jiang Fei was in was not very big. It was almost like a box forty-meter in length and width. Moreover, the surrounding was entirely closed. The only thing was the old teleportation point at the center on which Jiang Fei stood.

    "Tap tap..." A creepy crawling sound could be heard. Jiang Fei finally saw the person who spoke. It was something that looked like a ten-meter tall giant squid. However, its mouth was located on its forehead instead of underneath like normal squids. It looked extra frightening with three rows of teeth in its huge mouth.

    Moreover, Jiang Fei had discovered countless skeletons with human-shaped upper bodies and snake-like lower bodies. Clearly, these were the corpses of Nagas.

    Evil God Solan (Ancient God, Intermediate Celestial)

    Level: 110

    Health Points: 880,000,000

    Attack Power: 1,500,000

    Remark: One of the Ancient Gods, the Naga race's God.

    "Damn! The true body?!" Jiang Fei had thought he would only meet one of the Evil God's clones. He had not expected to meet Solan's true body.

    "Hahaha, you are actually a pure-blooded High Human. I can finally taste something different this time!" The Evil God Solan laughed as he examined Jiang Fei.

    "D*mn! What am I supposed to do..." Jiang Fei had originally planned to fight back when he requested to be sacrificed first.

    As he had the Heavenly Thunder in possession, Jiang Fei was hoping to use the Heavenly Thunder which dealt 500,000,000 damage to the Evil God's clone after the 10x boost. In that way, it would be possible for Jiang Fei to defeat the clone.

    However, things turned out to be much more difficult. The being which appeared before Jiang Fei was the Evil God's true body with close to 900,000,000 Health Points. Even if Jiang Fei detonated the Heavenly Thunder, he would not be able to kill Solan.

    "Forget about it. I should at least threaten him!" Jiang Fei thought to himself. The only thing that could hurt Solan was the Heavenly Thunder. Therefore, it was the only thing Jiang Fei could threaten Solan with.

    "Don't come near me!" Jiang Fei shouted as he held the Heavenly Thunder in his hands.

    "Eh?! Heavenly Thunder?" The Evil God Solan was stunned. This was the famed item used by Humans to kill countless Ancient Gods. Although most of those who perished were Lower Celestials, Solan was still only an Intermediate Celestial who could take no more than two of these attacks.

    Most importantly, the Heavenly Thunder could be activated with just a thought. One would not even need to hold it. As long as the item was in a fifty-meter radius, it could be detonated with a single thought.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "If you come any closer, I will detonate it!" Jiang Fei threatened. He was hoping the Evil God Solan would be afraid of being hurt.

    "Young man, do you think you can really threaten me with that? I am sealed here. It does not matter to me if I get hurt or not." Solan laughed coolly. However, he did not get any closer to Jiang Fei.

    The situation had gotten interesting. Jiang Fei did not actually dare to detonate the Heavenly Thunder. Firstly, Jiang Fei would not have any other way to threaten Solan after detonating the bomb. Secondly, the Heavenly Thunder was not enough to kill Solan.

    Although the Evil God Solan did not want to get hurt, he also did not want to let Jiang Fei go. Even if Solan did not intend to eat the High Human, he still felt insulted as he had been threatened by a weakling who had not even reached the Celestial stage. The only way Solan would feel appeased was if he killed Jiang Fei.

    Therefore, Solan was in control. It was his choice whether to kill the High Human or to avoid being attacked. It was Solan's call at the end of the day.

    "Captain, you can use your Engraving ability to create a hole in your chest and insert the Heavenly Thunder!" 0541 suddenly said.

    "Ah?! I can do that?" Jiang Fei was stunned.

    "Normal Engravers are not able to do that. However, you are a Divine Blacksmith!" 0541 answered. When Jiang Fei destroyed the underground base previously, 0541 was able to extract a lot of information regarding the game. However, 0541 had chosen not to interfere with Jiang Fei's gameplay. However, now that Jiang Fei was in danger, 0541 had to say something.

    "Alright!" Jiang Fei knew 0541 would not play any tricks on him. Therefore, Jiang Fei immediately did as he was told.

    As the Evil God Solan was only concerned about the Heavenly Thunder in Jiang Fei's possession but not Jiang Fei himself, he did not cast a binding spell on Jiang Fei. This gave Jiang Fei the opportunity to do as he wished.

    After a few seconds, Jiang Fei had created a hole in his chest. However, the act itself had cost Jiang Fei over 50% of his Health Points.

    "Come on!" Jiang Fei activated his Engraving skill to engrave the Heavenly Thunder onto his chest.

    "Ding! Your Heavenly Thunder has disappeared!"

    "Ding! Obtained skill-Heaven's Might! (This skill can only be used once!)"

    "Damn! Are you kidding me?!" Jiang Fei was stunned. After engraving the Heavenly Thunder onto his chest, the bomb had turned into a skill. However, neither the damage nor the number of usage increased. All that hard work had gone down the drain. The only thing that changed was that Jiang Fei no longer had to hold the item in his hand.
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