670 Incredible God of Crafts

    Apart from the change in Race, Jiang Fei's Profession had also changed from Advanced Divine Blacksmith to Beginner God of Crafts. Although it might appear to be a demotion from Advanced to Beginner, Jiang Fei had only just become Ou Yezi's successor.

    After the change in Profession, Jiang Fei lost all of his Profession related skills as a Divine Blacksmith, including Rose Cutter and Instant Ice Burst. Most of the production interfaces he previously owned had disappeared completely. They were all replaced by a new production interface with three God of Crafts' skills.

    The new production interface allowed Jiang Fei to overcome the limitations of using Smelting equipment and the likes. He could now craft equipment whenever and wherever he wished without needing to return to the blacksmith's shop.

    Master of Crafts: You can now ignore the difference in Professions and are able to use all recipes. Moreover, you can use the equipment and weapons from all Classes without any limitation.

    Crafting's Authority (Beginner): You can now change a single Attribute when creating items using a recipe.

    Light of Craftsmanship (Beginner): All items created by you have a 30% chance to become one tier higher.

    "This... Hahaha... This is definitely a bugged Profession!" Jiang Fei was overjoyed when he finished checking out his new Profession Attributes.

    After becoming a God of Crafts, Jiang Fei no longer had to hold other Professions with the aid of the Master of Crafts. That was because he was an all-rounder who did not need to train his techniques. Now, he could use any recipe without limitations of the type or level of the recipe.

    Apart from the unrestricted use of recipes, Jiang Fei could also now wear any equipment he wished. He was no longer limited to using a lousy hammer with no Attack Attributes. Now, he could use weapons of any Class.

    The Crafting's Authority was even more incredible. It allowed Jiang Fei to override the recipe's limitation and to change one of the Attributes at will. Moreover, this was only at the Beginner stage. Once Jiang Fei became a proper God of Crafts, the level of the skill would definitely be increased. By then, he would be able to change even more of the recipe's Attributes. He would have the true ability to make equipment to fit him.

    The final skill of Light of Craftsmanship was similar to the Crafting's Authority. The skill's level changed according to Jiang Fei's Profession Level. Jiang Fei even believed that once the Light of Craftsmanship reached the highest level, his equipment would be able to increase one tier further with 100% success rate. With that, Jiang Fei would even be able to create amazing items three tiers higher than normal.

    Although Jiang Fei lost the battle type Profession skills after advancing to the God of Crafts, that no longer mattered to him. Whatever skill or Attribute he needed, he would be able to edit it in the equipment that he created.

    Apart from the new Profession, Jiang Fei also acquired the Mark of the Godslayer. The mark was something which gave Jiang Fei a huge headache.

    Mark of the Godslayer (Unactivated): You deal 120% damage to Ancient Gods! You also acquire a forced Title of Mark of the Godslayer! (This Title cannot be hidden and will definitely be seen by everyone!)

    Remark: Once you leave the sealed space, the Mark of the Godslayer will be activated.

    In general, holding the Title of the Mark of the Godslayer was not exactly a bad thing. It was actually rather cool. Moreover, the Title even gave Jiang Fei an additional damage boost which he should be happy about. However, the only issue with the Title was that it could be seen by everyone.

    Jiang Fei had already become incriminated by the Ancient Gods. Luckily, their incrimination was not as bad as the Divine Light God who looked for Jiang Fei high and low. However, with the Mark of the Godslayer, Jiang Fei was an obvious target wherever he went. Although it looked cool, Jiang Fei would be in grave danger if he were to be discovered by any forces of the Ancient Gods.

    "Ding! The sealed space will collapse after five minutes. Player, please leave immediately. Otherwise, you will be destroyed along with the sealed space."

    While Jiang Fei was still in the midst of hesitating, another system notification appeared. As the Evil God Solan had died, the sealed space had no reason to exist. Therefore, it would soon collapse.

    "Forget about it! I'll head out first!" Jiang Fei shook his head. Although the Mark of the Godslayer would be activated after he went out, Jiang Fei would die if he did not leave the place.

    As Jiang Fei was located very close to the center of the sealed space, he was able to reach the ancient teleportation point in two steps.

    "Buzz..." The space around him started becoming distorted. In the next second, Jiang Fei had been teleported out of the sealed space.

    "Ahh... What's going on?!" Jiang Fei had only just come out when the Naga priestesses around him started panicking. None of them had seen a sacrificed good return to the sacrificial altar before.

    "Oh my god... How did he come back..."

    "That's not possible..."

    "Did we make any mistake in the sacrificial process?"


    While the small priestesses were in a frenzied discussion, the master priestess and the twelve main priestesses looked at each other confusedly. Big drops of sweat were forming on the master priestess' forehead.

    "This can't be real... This can't be real..." The master priestess mumbled to herself.

    "Whew... I'm finally out!" Jiang Fei sighed in relief.

    "Ding! Mark of the Godslayer has been activated!"

    Jiang Fei heard a system notification ring in his ear. At the same time, a public announcement went off in the game's channel.

    "Ding! Public Announcement: Congratulations Player Verdure Glider for eliminating the Ancient God Solan! He is the first to acquire the Mark of the Godslayer and has obtained 3,000 Reputation points from the entire faction!"


    The three consecutive public announcements caused Verdure Glider's name to be ring through the entire Dawnlight's world.

    "Holy sh*t! He killed an Ancient God? How is that?"

    "I don't know. It must be a very tanky monster!"

    "Haven't you seen the website? How can you not know what an Ancient God is? It's a creature above Level 100! The kind of creature that can kill a few hundred Overlords with one skill!"

    "You have got to be kidding me?!"

    "You must be! If the Ancient God is truly so incredible, how could it be killed?"

    "Nonsense! I'm not Brother Fei, how would I know?"


    As the players got into a heated argument, the Naga priestesses around Jiang Fei were nearly driven to madness by what they had just witnessed. Although they could not see the public announcements, they could see the words on Jiang Fei's head-Mark of the Godslayer-which almost made them question their what they were seeing.

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    The priestesses were the ones who had sent Jiang Fei onto the sacrificial altar. While others may not be aware, the master priestess and the twelve main priestesses knew fully well that the being on the other side of the sacrificial altar was their Evil God Solan.

    Now that the Nephilim had come out without a sign of injury and even had a bloody Mark of the Godslayer on his head, they knew what had happened without even asking. The Nephilim before them had killed the Evil God Solan.

    "Master... Master priestess, what shall we do?" One of the main priestesses sneakily tugged at the master priestess' sleeve. All of them were beginning to panic.

    "This... This..." The master priestess' sweat was dripping down her face. She too was panicking and had no idea what to do next.
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