673 Discovering the Arsenal

    "Ah! Husband, I have missed you so much..."

    "Boohoo... I've been stuck in a dark place for such a long time. I was so scared..."

    "Husband! It's so good to see you again... haha..."

    Ariel cried and laughed as she held onto Jiang Fei. It was obvious that seeing Jiang Fei again overwhelmed her that she could not think straight.

    "0541, prepare a set of clothes for Ariel..." Jiang Fei knew that Ariel had Level 5 power and the cold weather in the Antarctic would not affect her. However, such a beautiful naked girl was in his arms. Even if Ariel did not mind hugging him for a while more, Jiang Fei was afraid that he would not be able to control himself.

    0541 could produce ordinary clothes almost instantly. So, in just a short time, Jiang Fei took an extremely beautiful set of clothes out of the Spatial Ring and handed it to Ariel.

    "Put some clothes on first, I don't want you to catch a cold..." Jiang Fei originally wanted to turn around, but could not move his eyes at all. It was as if they were glued to the girl's body.

    "Ahh!" After hearing Jiang Fei's words, Ariel realized that she was naked. Her face turned red instantly and she suddenly did not know what to do. However, she could not help but feel a little smug when she saw that Jiang Fei could not take his eyes off her.

    "Husband, can you please turn around?" Ariel was so shy that the volume of her voice was the same as that of a mosquito.

    "Oh! Oh!" Jiang Fei's face was also all red. Although he had secretly watched some short movies before, this was his first time seeing something like this in real life.

    "Done! You can turn around now, husband!" In just a short time, Ariel had put the clothes on.

    "You're so beautiful!" Jiang Fei's compliment came from the bottom of his heart. Although 0541 had only produced an ordinary set of sportswear, it matched Ariel's perfect figure and delicate face very well. Moreover, this sporty style made Ariel look a little more playful.

    "Hehe, husband, you're so sweet! Is this your world?" Ariel looked at her surroundings curiously and asked. During the consciousness transplant, 0541 had instilled some real world knowledge into Ariel. This was so that Ariel would not be like an alien who did not understand anything when she appeared next to Jiang Fei.

    "Yeah! This is my world!" Jiang Fei nodded.

    "That's great! I can finally help you, husband!" Ariel was so happy that she jumped onto Jiang Fei once again. After she had gained this new life, she became even more obsessed with Jiang Fei.

    "Okay, Ariel, you should try to adapt to your new body for now!" Jiang Fei let go of Ariel. Although hugging her felt great, he could not afford to waste any more time.

    "Mmm!" Ariel stood beside Jiang Fei obediently and began to adapt to her new body.

    After her resurrection, Ariel definitely could not use the skills she used to have in the game anymore. Although she now looked different from Phoenix, she was actually in Phoenix's body and she had inherited Phoenix's powers.

    Phoenix was ​​the first man-made Level 5 powerhouse. Her power was only at the beginning stage of Level 5. Her main abilities were Soul Attack, Lightning Control, and Teleportation. As Ariel had just gained control over Phoenix's body, she would not be able to completely master these abilities in a short time. However, since 0541 had implanted Phoenix's memory into her, she would probably become familiar with the body very quickly.

    "Come on, let's look for Braveheart fragments while you adapt to your new body!" Jiang Fei took the Gigantic Saber out as he spoke.

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    "Mmm!" As a Level 5 powerhouse, it was not difficult for Ariel to fly using energy. She followed behind Jiang Fei and accompanied him on his search for Braveheart fragments while she continued to familiarize herself with her own powers.

    "Where are you... Where did all of you fall?" Jiang Fei kept muttering to himself. Although Ariel had been resurrected, a Level 5 Ariel was not enough to allow him to fight against the Mutants. So, he was still under the huge pressure of looking for Braveheart fragments.

    Nobody knew whether Jiang Fei's luck changed or whether it was Ariel who brought him good luck after her resurrection. In the evening, 0541 suddenly discovered something.

    "Captain! I've received a Braveheart fragment signal, fly in the seven o'clock direction now!" 0541 said.

    "Alright!" Jiang Fei immediately changed directions. Ariel who was behind Jiang Fei also flew toward the location provided by 0541.

    About five minutes later, 0541 spoke again.

    "Captain, this is the place!" 0541 said with great certainty.

    "Have you confirmed the fragment type?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "If accurate, it should be an arsenal!" 0541 replied.

    "Is it another one of those workshops that produce weapons?" Jiang Fei wondered.

    "No! It's an arsenal that produces war weapons!" 0541 corrected him.

    "Aircraft, tanks, and the like?" Jiang Fei understood what 0541 meant.

    "Something like that, but more powerful! The fission suppressor that you have always wanted can also be produced there!" 0541 replied.

    "What are we waiting for then? Dig!" Jiang Fei instantly became excited when he heard what 0541 said!

    As soon as he learned that the Japanese were plotting to study nuclear weapons, Jiang Fei wanted to find this thing. He did not expect the Japanese would be destroyed even before they came up with nuclear weapons.

    However, finding an arsenal now was not too late. After all, the Mutants and the Americans were now like tigers who were ready to pounce on their prey. If he had fission suppressors, he did not have to worry about returning to the Stone Age like the Japanese.

    "Wow! What's this?!" When Jiang Fei took the Earth Mover out, Ariel was shocked. Although 0541 had instilled some knowledge into her, she had never seen such a thing.

    "Come, sit in here!" Jiang Fei took Ariel into the cockpit. He had already used it a few times, so he was quite familiar with it.

    "Roar... roar..." Following the roar of the engine, the Earth Mover began to dig downward.

    "Wow... so amazing!" Ariel who was beside Jiang Fei looked around curiously.

    "What do you think? Cool, right?" As there was a beautiful woman beside him who was constantly sighing in awe, this greatly flattered Jiang Fei.

    "Mmm! Husband, you're amazing!" Ariel did not hold back on the compliments. She also leaned into Jiang Fei from time to time just to kiss him. After her resurrection, Ariel had become extremely attached to Jiang Fei.

    "0541, why is it digging so slowly?" Jiang Fei frowned.

    "The Antarctic is different from the North Pole. There's not only ice here, but also frozen soil and rocks below the ice, so the excavation is very laborious!" 0541 explained.

    "Don't worry, husband. We're almost there!" Ariel, who had inherited Phoenix's powers, could naturally hear the dialogue between Jiang Fei and 0541.

    "We're here!" As Jiang Fei was afraid that he would damage the fragment, he stopped digging at a distance of five meters from the fragment. Then, he kept the Earth Mover.
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