674 Two Things at a Time

    After he kept the Earth Mover, Jiang Fei began to excavate by hand. Although the frozen soil and rocks were very hard, Jiang Fei's hands could easily break through them with the help of the Origin Force.

    "Go! Go! Go! Go!" Ariel cheered Jiang Fei on continuously at the side. Although it would be faster if Ariel also helped to dig, Jiang Fei could not bear to let a girl do this kind of rough work.

    After about ten minutes of digging, Jiang Fei finally reached the cabin door of the fragment.

    "0541, get control over the fragment!" Jiang Fei ordered after he pressed his hand on the fragment.

    "Connecting..." 0541 began to establish a connection with the arsenal.

    "Click..." After about five minutes, a soft sound was heard and the cabin door opened.

    "Have you removed the defense system?" Jiang Fei asked. After all, an important department like this one would definitely have a tight defense. He did not want to be killed as soon as he entered.

    "It has been removed!" 0541 replied.

    "Let's go in!" Jiang Fei grabbed Ariel's little hand and walked into the arsenal.

    "Damn, it's huge!" As Jiang Fei only dug until he could see the door of the arsenal, he only realized how big the fragment was after he entered it.

    Before this, the biggest fragment that Jiang Fei had found was the Bio-Experimental Lab, which was about the size of three aircraft carriers combined. However, the Lab was nothing compared to this arsenal.

    According to the map projected by 0541, the arsenal was disc-shaped. It had a diameter of two kilometers and a height of a hundred and fifty meters. It was equivalent to a huge building with an area of ​​three square kilometers and seventy floors.

    "Let's go to the central control room!" Jiang Fei shook his head. The arsenal was too big. He did not have enough time to explore the entire place. Now, it was imperative that 0541 completely acquired full authority and control over the arsenal. Then, Jiang Fei could keep the arsenal into the Spatial Ring.

    "Mmm!" Ariel grabbed Jiang Fei's hand tightly. Anyway, as long as she was with Jiang Fei, she did not mind going anywhere.

    As 0541 had a complete structural map, Jiang Fei easily arrived at the central control room of the arsenal.

    This central control room also had a sci-fi ambience, just like the central control room in the other fragments. The large screen was filled with various symbols that Jiang Fei could not understand. 0541 had once taught him the language of Planet Namek, but when it involved a huge amount of formulas or some other messages, he still found it difficult to understand.

    "0541, do the work!" Jiang Fei found a chair and sat down. He did not understand these extraterrestrial technologies anyway, so he was just going to sit there and do nothing. Ariel sat on Jiang Fei's legs and snuggled into him.

    "You're now way more clingy than before..." Jiang Fei kissed Ariel's small nose and smiled.

    "It was only after I have died that I learned to cherish such moments!" Ariel said while she leaned in to kiss Jiang Fei on his face.

    "Don't worry! I swear I'll never let you girls suffer any harm ever again!" Jiang Fei assured her with a serious face.

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    "I believe you!" Ariel nodded at Jiang Fei.


    After about half an hour or so, 0541 finally obtained full authority over the arsenal.

    "Captain, I have successfully connected to the arsenal. You can now keep it!" 0541 said.

    "Good! Let's take a break. After we keep the arsenal early tomorrow, we'll continue to search for other fragments!" Jiang Fei nodded. It was already pretty late. Although he had 0541 to provide defense, he did not want to go back out and spend the night in the icy cold snow.

    "Your wish is my command, captain!" 0541 did not disagree with Jiang Fei as to when he should keep the arsenal. Instead, he brought Jiang Fei another good news: "Captain, I have found some unused energy blocks in the arsenal."

    "Really!" Jiang Fei's eyebrows lifted up in surprise. Ever since Ariel's resurrection, good luck had been knocking on his door again and again!

    "Mmm! And there are quite a lot of them!" 0541 surprised Jiang Fei again and again.

    "Take me there!" Jiang Fei carried Ariel and immediately stood up from the chair.

    "Okay!" 0541 immediately provided a map which showed the directions leading to the energy blocks.

    "Come on, let's go and have a look!" Jiang Fei said to Ariel who was still leaning on him.

    "Carry me there!" Ariel begged as she continued to lay in Jiang Fei's arms.

    "Okay!" Jiang Fei poked the tip of Ariel's nose, then princess-carried her and ran toward the energy blocks. Previously, Ariel and Isabella had died for Jiang Fei, so he still felt very guilty about it. Hence, now that Ariel had been resurrected, he naturally wanted to spoil her.

    "Hehe... faster! Haha..." Ariel wrapped her arms around Jiang Fei's neck and laughed as he ran.

    Soon, Jiang Fei arrived at the place 0541 had mentioned. As he put Ariel down, Jiang Fei saw the unused energy blocks that were stored in the arsenal.

    "Holy sh*t! We're rich!" Jiang Fei's eyes lit up. At this time, there were nearly a hundred energy blocks stacked up in front of him. These energy blocks were put together neatly. For Jiang Fei, these energy blocks were extremely important!

    "Mmm! Although it's not enough to create a Level 5 Bio-Human, it's enough to last us for a while!" 0541 nodded.

    "Damn it!" Jiang Fei sighed. He felt frustrated whenever he thought about the huge amount of energy needed to resurrect Isabella.

    "Hmm... make me a batch of fission suppressors for now. I'll decide what to do with the rest later!" Jiang Fei told 0541 after thinking for a short while. Although it was temporarily impossible to resurrect Isabella, Jiang Fei still had to consider how to handle China's crisis.

    "Yes, captain!" 0541 replied.

    After Jiang Fei returned to the central control room with Ariel, he asked her to continue to familiarize herself with her own body and powers. Then, he was ready to return to the game.

    Although the group of Naga Siren girls were kind of crazy, Jiang Fei had to go into the game in order to get more girls to join his Faction. Currently, Jiang Fei had a lot of energy at hand. Even though he could not create a Level 5 Bio-Human yet, he could easily make a peak Level 4 Bio-Human. So, in order to gain the power to fight against the Mutants, he had to build his own Bio-Human army as soon as possible.

    Jiang Fei's goal was very clear now. He had to use the limited energy that he had to do two things at a time. Firstly, he had to produce some Bio-Humans to fight against the Mutants. Secondly, he had to produce some weapons that were made using the technology on planet Namek for Han Tianyu, so that China could fight against the joined fleet of America and Europe.

    Although more than one hundred energy blocks seemed like a lot, it was just a drop in the bucket when consumed for two different purposes at the same time! Therefore, Jiang Fei could not afford to stop searching for the engine room. In fact, he had to speed up.
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