675 Pack Your Bags and Run

    When Jiang Fei returned to the game, the Naga Siren girls that surrounded him yesterday had already returned to their respective positions. However, as Jiang Fei logged off in the main hall yesterday, he was discovered as soon as he came online.

    "Ah! My love, you're finally back!" After she screamed, the little priestess who noticed Jiang Fei immediately rushed over.

    "F*ck..." Jiang Fei wanted to run, but he realized that some exits had already been blocked by the Naga Siren girls who rushed over after hearing the announcement.

    "My dear... don't be afraid..." The Naga Siren High Priestess walked toward Jiang Fei. Then, a large group of Naga Siren girls followed along and surrounded him.

    "Nonsense! How can I not be afraid when you all are behaving like this?" Jiang Fei was so annoyed that he rolled his eyes. These Naga Siren girls were way too scary. They were like wolves that saw their prey. Jiang Fei felt that if he did not hurry up and think of a solution, these hungry girls would squeeze him to death in minutes.

    "As the Sect leader, I order all of you to assemble!" Seeing that the girls had surrounded him and some of them had even started touching him, Jiang Fei became anxious and shouted.

    "Swoosh..." Following Jiang Fei's order, all the Naga priestesses stood together and were lined up neatly in rows. The Naga Siren High Priestess stood in front of them.

    "Phew..." Jiang Fei heaved a sigh of relief. Although these Naga Siren priestesses were crazy about him, they had become part of his private army, so they still had to follow Jiang Fei's orders no matter what.

    "Stand there and don't come over here!" Jiang Fei issued an order first to prevent these excited girls from rushing toward him again. Then, he said to the Naga Siren High Priestess, "You, come over and make things clear first."

    "Yes! Master!" Although she really wanted to be intimate with Jiang Fei, he was giving orders as a Sect leader. Therefore, when the Naga Siren High Priestess was in front of Jiang Fei, she stood still in a very respectful manner and did not put her hands on him.

    "Tell me, what the hell is going on?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Well..." As Jiang Fei's Reputation Level with her had reached Infatuated, the Naga Siren High Priestess naturally did not hide anything from Jiang Fei. She told him everything in relation to what happened between the Naga Siren Queen and the temple.

    "So, you're saying that as soon as the Queen finds out that the Evil God Solan is dead, she'll definitely come here to get the Naga Siren's Soul back?"Jiang Fei asked.

    "I think it won't be long before the Queen comes! Solan the Great's death affected priestesses like us the most, but the other Naga Sirens would also have felt something. The Queen is probably already suspicious now, but she's still not sure if Solan is really dead. That is why, she does not dare to charge into the temple yet!" The High Priestess explained.

    "F*ck! What are we waiting for then? Hurry up and run!" Jiang Fei said anxiously.

    "But we have nowhere to go..." The High Priestess said helplessly.

    "Where's Mirage and the Naga Siren's Soul?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "I will go and get the Naga Siren's Soul now!" The High Priestess said to Jiang Fei, then she turned around and ordered the two little priestesses behind her, "Bring Mirage here!"

    Soon, the Naga Siren High Priestess appeared in front of Jiang Fei with a gleaming gem stone in her hands. The two little priestesses had also brought Mirage to the main hall.

    "She's one of us now, let her go!" When Jiang Fei saw that Mirage was still tied up, he immediately waved his hand, indicating that the priestesses could let Mirage go.

    After Mirage was released, Jiang Fei took the Naga Siren's Soul from the High Priestess's hands. This gem stone looked exactly like the fake one that Emperor Poseidon gave him. However, this gemstone allowed the Naga Siren Queen to regain her Celestial powers and the Naga Siren Race to flourish. In contrast, the fake one in Jiang Fei's hands was totally useless.

    "Send this back!" After Jiang Fei kept the real Naga Siren's Soul into his backpack, he gave the fake Naga Siren's Soul to the High Priestess.

    "Yes!" The High Priestess who was love-struck instantly obeyed Jiang Fei's order. She did not even consider whether this would lead to the demise of the entire Naga Siren Race.

    After the High Priestess returned, Jiang Fei said to her, "High Priestess, ask them to pack up everything that's useful. We have to leave this place soon!"

    "Just call me Chris..." The High Priestess said to Jiang Fei affectionately.

    "Okay, Chris, hurry up and ask them to pack up!" Jiang Fei nodded. He had no time to care about how to address her. He only cared about packing up and leaving!

    "Oh no! Oh no! The Queen is here!" A priestess suddenly ran into the hall!

    "Forget it! Leave all your things behind! Come with me and don't run around after entering the portal!" Jiang Fei gritted his teeth. Although these priestesses were not weak, he did not want to fight. So, he decided to leave those so-called belongings behind.

    "Swoosh!" Following a faint light, Jiang Fei opened the Abyssal Gate in the middle of the hall. He was the first to enter the portal.

    "Boom! Boom!" At this time, pounding sounds could be heard coming from the closed door of the hall.

    "Quick, everyone!" Chris began to guide the little priestesses through the Abyssal Gate one by one.

    Jiang Fei greeted the nearby guards immediately after entering The Abyss, so that the Naga Siren priestesses would not be attacked when they came in.

    As he was the Nephilim King's son-in-law, Jiang Fei's status among the Nephilims was quite solid. Basically, he was second only to the Elder Prince Otis, so his words would definitely be respected.

    "Boom!" Shortly after the last Naga Siren priestess entered the portal, the door of the hall was forcefully opened. The Naga Siren Queen Monica charged in with her soldiers.

    "Nephilims?! Damn it! It must be that stupid Verdure Glider!" The moment Monica saw the Abyssal Gate that had not disappeared, she immediately stomped her foot in anger.

    "Your Majesty, do we chase them?" Clarke asked.

    "Are you dumb? Do you want to chase into the territory of the Nephilims and get yourselves killed?!" Monica had nowhere to vent her anger. However, when Clarke came to the door, he immediately became her punching bag!

    "Start searching! And you better make sure you find the Naga Siren's Soul for me!" Monica waved her hands violently and destroyed the Abyssal Gate, then ordered her soldiers to start searching the temple.


    "Stay where you are. This is the territory of the Nephilims. You must not move around as you wish. I'm going to say hello to the Nephilim King!" After Jiang Fei ordered the Naga Siren priestesses to stay put, he took Akatziris out while he rushed to the Nephilim King's Palace.

    "Boohoo... that little dark room is so uncomfortable... so horrible..." Akatziris who had been locked for several days had suffered quite a bit.

    "Okay, okay, I'll try my best not to put you in the Pet Space in the future!" Jiang Fei comforted Akatziris and walked into the Nephilim King's Palace.
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