676 Man with a Machine Gun

    Jiang Fei arrived at the Nephilim's Palace and went ahead to meet with the Nephilim King. He then proceeded to inform the King about what he had done in the Naga territory. After that, he placed the Naga Priestess in the care of the Shadow Faction and had them swear their allegiance to the Shadow Faction. Once the official matter was done, he left the palace as soon as he could.

    Jiang Fei was rushing because he did not want to miss the PvP matches he had in the afternoon. He had no idea who he was going up against. However, that was not important as he wanted to be in the arena to watch other players. There could be a chance that a player with a Treasure Cauldron appearing!

    Jiang Fei, along with the Naga Priestesses, went to the Demon Dragon Fortress.

    Once the girls had arrived and met with the other members of his harem, Jiang Fei could not bother to pretend to be annoyed. At this point, he did not want to explain his actions to the girls. Even though Sylphy and the others were not angry, they were not happy either. Thankfully, they were not as drastic and rash as Isabella once was. Hence, after they complained a little to Jiang Fei, everything settled down quickly and easily.

    After that, he left the Demon Dragon Fortress with Akatziris and went straight to the City of Sinners.

    The PvP battles in the morning session had just ended when Jiang Fei arrived. The battle in the afternoon session had not yet started.

    Unconsciously, Jiang Fei hands went for his waist where his hammer used to hang. It was then he realized that he had lost his hammer after changing his job from Divine Blacksmith to God of Crafts.

    "No hammer... Am I supposed to fight with my bare fists?" said Jiang Fei to himself. His hammer was gone, and so was all the skills that came with it. In return, he was given a Chromatic Evolving Ring.

    Token of the God of Crafts (Ring, Chromatic Evolving Equipment)

    Attack +1,000

    Vitality: +100

    Strength: +100

    Equip: Increases 20% maximum Health Points.

    Equip: Restore 100% health when receiving a fatal blow. 30 minutes cooldown time.

    Equip: Obtained a passive skill: God of Crafts' Strength! Obtained 5 Attribute Points for every player Level. Attribute Points are automatically invested in all 5 main Attributes.

    The ring was not a weapon, which means he would not be able to attack. He then removed the ring that he had equipped; the Gate of Abyss. This skill is not the skill that he used many times to return to the Abyss but a minion summoning skill. It was rarely used and since Jiang Fei had outgrown the ring's level, it was best to remove it and put on the Token of the God of Crafts.

    With the new ring, Jiang Fei had gained an additional getaway ticket from death. In fact, his overall stat was boosted.

    Happy with his growth, Jiang Fei was still sad that he was unarmed. Suddenly, he remembered something very important. He had an Ancient tier bow which was unable to be used before his job change. Now, he had no restrictions and could equip it on! Moreover, he had a skill book that was suited for the bow!

    Heaven's Breaker Twilight Bow was an ultra power 9,500 Attack Power two-handed weapon. Combined with the 55% Attack Speed bonus from the skill Infatuation, Jiang Fei's attack rate would be 8 shots per second. It was almost like having a machine gun! The man with a machine gun that fires arrows like rain!

    To be honest, there was one major factor that made the weapon not suitable for Jiang Fei. First of all, the weapon required mana to attack. Since Jiang Fei's main attribute was Vitality and Strength, he would not have much Intelligence points, hence, lacking in mana pool. Without enough mana, Jiang Fei would only be able to attack for a few seconds before he ran out of ammunition.

    However, that all changed when he obtained the Cauldron of Spirit. With 10,000 Spirit points, Jiang Fei's Health and Mana recovery rate were instant. Hence, Jiang Fei was able to use the bow to attack without stopping! It was akin to having a cheat code! A real-life i_unlimited_ammo!

    If that was not good enough, Jiang Fei also had an aimbot skill! The first shot required precision but once the attack landed on a target, the skill Sunburnt would be activated. One the skill was activated, all of Jiang Fei's arrow attacks would auto-correct its projection and hit the target! As long as Jiang Fei aimed at the general direction of his target, he would have almost 99% accuracy! No one could deny that the skill was not an aimbot.

    Jiang Fei's maximum Health Points reached 15,800 and his Attack Power was as high as 53,000. With Ruthless Barrage stacked to the max, his Attack Power would reach to a whopping 160,000! With almost unending shots fired, the enemy would definitely be killed unless they had Invincibility or Invulnerability skills active.

    "Man with a Machine Gun... Hehehehe..." Jiang Fei talked to himself and laughed at his own joke. With the godly bow in his hands, Jiang Fei would not need to fear for any other players with any kind of Treasured Cauldrons.

    "Hmm? Ah! I forgot about this! Might as well learn it!" said Jiang Fei as he remembered about the skill that he had not learned. It was a Marksmen skill book that he had obtained from a long time ago. It was meant to be given to any Bow user, but Jiang Fei did not encounter a single good Bow user.

    Divine Marksmen Skill: Dusk's Bow

    Use: Obtained the skill Dusk's Bow.

    "Hmm! This skill suits this bow very well!" cried Jiang Fei.

    Dusk's Bow: Lock on a target within 1,500 meters. Charge the bow for 5 seconds before firing a straight shot that will deal damage equal to 20 times your Attack Power to all targets within the trajectory of the arrow to the target. 1-hour cooldown time.

    With this skill, Jiang Fei could easily snipe and kill the enemy's commander or Forbidden Spellcaster.

    The evening session of the PvP competition was starting soon and when Jiang Fei glanced at the matching board, he was disheartened since it was a regular player with no Treasure Cauldron on them. With a simple aim and fire, Jiang Fei killed the other player in one normal hit.

    The following matches were as boring as the first one. He only wished to be matched with a player that had a Treasured Cauldron. He took a seat at a random seat in amongst the audience and continued to watch other players with their competition.

    The usual protocol ensued: two players entered the arena, the announcer introduced their name, and after a three-second countdown, two players would charge towards each other. The match would be over when either one lost the fight or conceded by their own free will. In this case, the player merely charged towards the other player and whacked the other player with his magic staff, dealing over 450,000 damage, instantly killing the other guy.

    Wait. 450,00 damage!?

    Jiang Fei eyes fixed on the winner of the match. There was no doubt that that player had a Treasured Cauldron with him! The Cauldron of Strength! Before he could focus on the player's name, he left the arena and the announcer began to introduce the next players to fight.

    "Who is that guy..."

    Without wasting time, Jiang Fei leaped out of his seat and headed to one of the staffs who were managing the PvP arena.

    "Oh! His IGN is People Not People! I heard that he had gotten himself a Celestial tier weapon with immeasurable Strength. Even before the weapon, the player was famous for his extraordinary skill."


    Jiang Fei left the staff alone and went back to the side of the arena.

    "Hmm! I'll be waiting for you! People Not People!"

    Jiang Fei marked down the name in the back of his head. Excited, Jiang Fei hoped to be matched with him! Even if he would not be matched anytime soon, he would surely be facing him in the arena!
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