677 Farming Attributes!

    During the last match of the day, Jiang Fei ended it with a clean headshot. Although he was disappointed that he could not fight a player with a Treasured Cauldron, he was not disheartened since he would eventually fight them.

    Once the PvP battles were over for the day, Jiang Fei left the City of Sinners and headed back to the Emperor's Palace. He had already stolen the Naga's Soul and it was about time he returned to complete the quest.

    "You're here earlier than I'd expected. Have you completed the task?" said Poseidon. Stealing the Naga's Soul was no easy task. Jiang Fei should have taken much longer than that.

    "That is correct. Here it is," said Jiang Fei as he took out the gemstone and handed it over to the Emperor.

    "Is that it?!" Poseidon cried. He knew that Jiang Fei could accomplish the mission perfectly, but he did not expect it to be completed so soon! He examined the gemstone and gave it back to Jiang Fei. Even though it was an important artifact of the Naga race, it mattered not to the Merfolk. Jiang Fei recognized its importance and was glad that Poseidon returned it to him. As for Poseidon, he did not care about the artifact. As long as the gemstone was not in the hands of the Naga, all would be well.

    Ding! Eliminating the Threat quest has been completed! Obtained 110,000,000 Experience Points, 2,000 Gold Coins, 500 Merfolk Reputation Points!

    So far, 100 million experience points meant absolutely nothing since it would take more than a billion experience points to actually make a bump on his experience gauge.

    "Emperor Poseidon, when do you plan to send out your soldiers?" said Jiang Fei. The main purpose why he had helped Poseidon to steal the Naga's Soul was to allow the Merfolk to have the upper hand against the Naga and fight the Light Faction.

    "Not quite yet. We need to secure my territory and launch an attack the Naga!" said Poseidon. Since the Naga's Soul was no longer with the Naga, Poseidon had effectively cut off all future attack forces of the Naga race. However, the current Naga attack force was still strong. That was why Poseidon needed to attack them first. To put it bluntly, the root was gone, but he needed to take care of the weeds.

    "I understand. Perhaps, I could lend a hand," said Jiang Fei after thinking about it.

    Helping the Merfolk was just an excuse. The real reason was for himself. The ring he had-Merfolk's Revenge-was a ring that could grow stronger, simply by killing Nagas. If he could participate in the war against the Naga, he would be able to take advantage of the situation.

    Having to go to war with the Naga was certainly a huge issue. However, with Mirage by Jiang Fei's side, he would be able to gain extensive information about the defenses of the city.

    "Any help would be welcomed," said Poseidon.

    "As the saying goes, strike while the iron is hot, I would like to request for an army to command, and I shall be on my way," said Jiang Fei. The Queen of Naga knew that he had "taken" Mirage away and if he delayed any longer, a new female Commissioner would be elected. There was a chance that the new Commissioner would modify the defense layout. Mirage's insider knowledge would be wasted.

    "Not a problem. Would you be happy with the Elite Hammerheads?" said the Emperor.

    "Yes. That will be good," said Jiang Fei. He had mingled amongst the Seafolk for a while now and realized that the Hammerheads were not as strong as the Whale Warriors. However, they were still considered as the second-best fighters.

    "Godspeed! I wish you good luck. I will inform the Hammerheads to follow you in the war," said Poseidon.

    Ding! You have obtained Commanding Authority for the Hammerhead Army!

    "Thank you, Emperor. I shall take my leave now," said Jiang Fei before turning around and leaving the palace.

    Once he was outside, an army of 50,000 Hammerhead soldiers gathered and waited for his order.

    "Alright men, follow me!" said Jiang Fei. He was too lazy to give pep talks and went straight for the Naga's Territory.

    With Jiang Fei leading the enormous army, he first arrived at the outskirts of the Naga Territory. Even though that part of the sea was considered as the Naga's, it was not fortified. At most, there were Markruras who ran away when they saw Jiang Fei and his army.

    After that, Jiang Fei proceeded further without facing any enemies. It was quite a journey before he finally reached an outpost where he finally saw a group of organized soldiers defending it.

    It was still a good distance away from Gold Watercity and most of the Seafolk living in this part of the sea were anything but Nagas. The strongest enemy he was facing was just an Inspector, a High Lord tier boss.

    The soldiers that the Inspector was leading were a mess as there were many different kinds of Seafolk. There were turtles, crabs, prawns, lobsters, and other crustaceans. Even though they outnumbered Jiang Fei's army, they were just too weak to fight against 50,000 Hammerhead soldiers.

    "Onward! Kill the enemy!" Jiang Fei roared and signaled for the entire army to charge. Without using any sort of tactic or strategy, the Hammerheads charged in like a pack of hungry wolves. Despite having thick shells and carapaces, the Hammerheads only used their hands and fins to tear the enemy apart. The army of soldiers that Jiang Fei was leading were mostly Advanced Elite Level 80 Hammerheads. Some higher ranks like squad captain and commander were a mini boss! Against an army of Elite Level 70 soldiers, Jiang Fei's army tore through their formation like a hot knife through butter.

    In less than 20 minutes, the enemy's formation was in a mess while Jiang Fei's side faced zero casualties. None of his soldiers had sustained any damage! The High Lord tier Inspector was immediately killed by Jiang Fei before he could land a single attack.

    Jiang Fei starting Attack Power was over 50,000 but after attacking 10 times, he would gain a power boost, resulting in 160,000 Attack Power which would absolutely obliterate any monster that stood in his path. The boss might last longer but only for a few seconds. Even with over 10 million health points, Jiang Fei only needed several seconds to fire out a rain of arrows to kill his enemy.
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