679 Superior Suppor

    The Naga female Commissioner's attack had truly caught Jiang Fei off guard. That stroke of luck had made Jiang Fei felt like he had missed the grim reaper's scythe by a hair's length.

    Without the death immunity effect, Jiang Fei could not afford to play around anymore. From there on out, he would have to be careful.

    Shadow Barrier!

    The skill allowed him to negate any attacks three times, fatal or not.

    "Die! Scum of the sea!" the Commissioner roared at Jiang Fei. The attack not only made Jiang Fei dropped his balls, Akatziris too was alerted of the Commissioner's power.

    If Jiang Fei was killed, he would only be losing parts of his equipment. However, according to the contract that Akatziris had with Jiang Fei, Jiang Fei's death would ultimately result in her death as well. With that in mind, Akatziris bore so much grudge on the Commissioner that she would whip her skin off her flesh!

    Sadistic Whip!


    Akatziris whip extended a little before she used it to whip the back of the Commissioner. Even though it did not cause much damage, it did leave two extremely potent debuffs.

    Damage Amplification: Receive 20% extra damage for the next 20 seconds!

    Torment: For the next 20 seconds, every attack will be amplified by 10 times its pain, and has a 10% chance to be stunned for 2 seconds.

    After Akatziris' whip returned to its normal length, she continued to attack. Jiang Fei took his stance and began to send out a shower of arrows to attack.

    The pain amplification was nothing but a disabling effect which caused the character to scream and shout in agony. It did not amplify the damage dealt. However, 10% chance to be stunned for 2 seconds was powerful as Jiang Fei's 8 attacks per second was fast enough to ensure that the Commissioner was almost permanently stunned!

    20 seconds was too long as Jiang Fei had made a beehive out of her within seconds.

    Ding! You have killed Erina the Commissioner! Obtained 45,000,000 Experience Points, 150 Gold Coins!

    Jiang Fei received a tiny bit of experience points upon killing the boss. Naturally, he did not care about experience points nor the rewards. What mattered most was the stat bonus he would gain from the ring!

    Once the Commissioner was killed, the army of the Naga collapsed into chaos. Without a leader, the army lost its direction and ran rampant in the city. Some tried to run while some tried to make a last stand against Jiang Fei's army. In the end, every single one of the Naga soldiers was killed. Jiang Fei was jubilant to see his ring growing so much stronger.

    After Gold Watercity fell completely to the Merfolk, Jiang Fei decided to take a rest instead of pushing forward.

    "Rest and recuperate. Take this time to regroup and return into your formation," said Jiang Fei.

    Even though the city was taken, it was just the start as the Gold Watercity was far from the center of the Naga's Territory. The defense would be much stronger and fiercer as he moved on and it would be best to wait for reinforcements.

    After two hours of randomly sweeping the streets to kill strays of Naga soldiers, Jiang Fei returned to the army and found that reinforcements had come from Poseidon. The new soldiers were disappointingly weak as they were only random Crabmen. However, that could only mean that Poseidon had made his move against the Light Faction. If Jiang Fei waited for a little longer, there would be more reinforcements heading his way to support him.

    By the time the server was almost shutting down, the entire Gold Watercity had been fully occupied by the Merfolk. More and more reinforcements came, and Jiang Fei would only need to wait for another batch of stronger soldiers to arrive before proceeding with the invasion.

    Before he could wait any longer, the game shut down and Jiang Fei was kicked out.

    When he woke up, he felt something light pressing against his chest. He opened his eyes to see little Ariel curling up by his side, with her head buried in his chest like a pillow. Jiang Fei reached out his hand that was not being crushed by Ariel and played with her hair.

    Ariel woke up after Jiang Fei played with her hair for a couple of minutes.

    "Good morning, my dear. I have to say, when you sleep, you sleep like a log! It's so cute! You didn't even wake up when I helped myself to you," said Ariel as she reached out her hands to hug Jiang Fei.

    "Hehe. How could I not? If I don't sleep, I would not have the energy to be with you all day!" said Jiang Fei.

    At that moment, he could not bring himself to tell Ariel about the game. He did not want to reveal that she was only a program created by humans for entertainment.

    After a simple breakfast, both Jiang Fei and Ariel resumed their search for ship parts.

    The icy tundra of the North Pole was truly frightening. The snow was coming in from all directions and there was nothing in sight that could be marked as a landmark for future reference. Even though he was flying in the air with the Giant Sword, he felt inferior. A perspective that made him felt that humanity was... too small.

    Searching across the ice continent was boring, but fortunately, he had someone with him. Ariel was as clingy as she was in the game but now, she was just too overly attached to Jiang Fei. Although it was supposed to be annoying, Jiang Fei hardly felt that any of her caring touches was troublesome. In fact, he was truly grateful for her being with him.

    "Captain, the Fission Suppressor that you had ordered is completed!"

    0541 reported in after Jiang Fei flew for several hours.

    "Nice," said Jiang Fei. With the Fission Suppressor, he would not have to worry about being nuked by any other country.

    "Do you have any weapons that can be made quickly and easily? They also have to be easy to control," said Jiang Fei.

    "Captain? Are you thinking of participating in the war yourself?" said 0541.

    "Not directly. I'm participating in the war by providing support from behind the front lines. It is to defend my country, my family, and my friends. I do not wish for anything to happen to them," said Jiang Fei.

    "I see. I have a few weapon designs that fit your description!" 0541 projected a few holograms, showcasing a few types of weapons.

    "Is that a plane?" said Jiang Fei.

    "Correct. It is called an Interceptor. Its main function is to intercept airborne hostile projectiles. Examples include guided missiles, rockets, intercontinental ballistic missile, and other weapons of that kind. The plane itself is not made for combat but it would be more than enough to bully other Earth-type technologies!"

    "Huh. So... They are strong!" said Jiang Fei.

    "Not quite. This plane is nothing but cannon fodders back in international warfare. However, against Earth beings, this machine would prove to be lethal. It has a top speed five times that of Earth's fastest aircraft now. It also has a perfect stealth system that allows it to fly undetected by any radar and detection system. This machine also allows weapons attachment such as Highly Compressed Particle Beam weapons and Energy Cannons. The high compression rate of Particle Beams would allow the plane to take down incoming airborne missiles from afar while the Energy Cannons are used for bombardment missions."

    "Is it easy to use?" Jiang Fei asked. He had been inside the Bridge of Braveheart and he knew just how complex it would be. Not even the most experienced pilot would be able to master the controls.

    "Well, the plane is not meant for human controls as it is a ground base, computer controlled system. However, I can always change its design to fit a pilot inside!" said 0541.

    "Good. How many can you make?" said Jiang Fei.

    "The design of the plane is not cost-heavy. Since we have more than enough materials, I can easily make over a few hundred of them. However, I suggest we make only 30. Making them do not cost much but flying the plane would burn a large amount of fuel, lest mention the weapon's power source. Based on China's overall military strength, having 30 Interceptors would be more than they could handle. Anymore and they would burn away the last of the country's energy source!"

    "I understand," said Jiang Fei. Currently, the only military force that could provide such energy to power the plan would be the Zhang family. They had the technology to build a portable nuclear-powered fuel cell. However, even they had a limited amount of them. Jiang Fei would not want to waste any of his Energy Crystals on powering the plane!

    Besides the Interceptors, Jiang Fei had also made a batch of Anti-Air Artillery weapons. The AAA could be attached to the radar and sensory machines to detect and take down any incoming hostile aircraft and missiles. With the Interceptors modified into fighter jets, and the AAA to defend against incoming attacks, China would be an impregnable iron fortress!

    "I can finally stop worrying about China for a while after I give Han Tianyu all the weapons," said Jiang Fei. The amount of energy he had was extremely scarce. Making a few weapons for him was more than he could allocate. As long as he provided a means of protection to China, he could then leave China whenever he wanted to and not worry about an attack while he was away!
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