680 A Brawl in the North Pole

    After he had 0541 to start manufacturing the weapons, Jiang Fei continued to find parts of Braveheart.

    Even though it was still Summer in the North Pole, there was barely any heat in the air. The snow was still forming even in the sunlight. Without proper guidance, one could easily lose his direction and get lost. A compass would do not much help here.

    Jiang Fei had 0541 to guide him around, making sure that Jiang Fei does not make a round trip to where he had already passed. 0541 basically digitized and cataloged the entire North Pole and ensured that Jiang Fei covered the entire continent.

    "Ariel, do you fancy a rest?" said Jiang Fei after flying constantly for three hours.

    "A rest would do us good for the long run," said Ariel as she smiled and leaned in. After mastering her newly obtained body, Ariel was able to fly with her own powers and not rely on Jiang Fei's Giant Sword. Even so, from time to time, she would lean on Jiang Fei and rest on his arms. All because she was lazy to fly on her own and of course, not missing the chance to be pampered by Jiang Fei.

    Once they were on land, Jiang Fei set up an igloo and rested inside. He whipped out a few energy bars for the both of them to eat. Even though it did not taste that bad, it was the best they could have in such frigid temperature. Jiang Fei would have to remind himself to pack other wholesome meals for the next trip.

    "I could really use a bowl of hot wonton soup right now-"

    Before Jiang Fei could finish his sentence, Ariel jumped to her feet and pressed her finger on Jiang Fei's lips.

    "Shhhh..." said Ariel as she got out of the igloo.

    "What's wrong?" said Jiang Fei.

    "Someone... No... There's more than one... They are fighting. Over there," said Ariel as she pointed towards the general direction where the sun rose.

    "0541, scan for any sign of life!" said Jiang Fei.

    "Command confirmed!"

    0541 focused its energy and broadcasted a powerful signal towards the direction Ariel had pointed. To save power and energy, 0541's proximity sensor had always been in passive mode. Only targets that came close towards Jiang Fei would be detected. Ariel, on the other hand, did not run on energy. Her sensory powers were always on its maximum range and it only depends on Ariel whether she would concentrate on it.

    "1100 direction, 105 kilometers. There are three Level 4 Metahumans fighting," said 0541.

    "A fight? Who on earth would fight in this frigid land?" said Jiang Fei as he hopped on his hoverboard. Three Level 4 Metahumans was a surprise. Alone, Jiang Fei might even be too weak to fight them. However, Ariel was there, and she alone could deal with all three of them.

    "Okay, dear," said Ariel as she jumped on Jiang Fei's arm and let him princess carry her to the destination.

    "You little minx," said Jiang Fei as he softly nudged Ariel's nose.

    "Oh! Ariel, could you please suppress your aura to that of a Level 3 Metahuman?"

    "Yes, dear," said Ariel as she closed her eyes and decreased her powers.

    In no time at all, Jiang Fei and Ariel arrived at a mountainous area. He landed on a hidden blind spot and put away the hoverboard, hiding its existence from the enemy.

    When Jiang Fei started to run, Ariel decided to help herself instead of having Jiang Fei to carry her like a princess. While Jiang Fei ran, Ariel followed closely behind. All of a sudden, Jiang Fei was jerked by an invisible force.

    "Dear! Something is wrong! They had stopped fighting!" said Ariel worriedly.

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    "That is because they are chasing after us!" said Jiang Fei. At that distance, even Jiang Fei could feel their presence approaching his direction.

    In less than 5 minutes, Jiang Fei could see the three Metahumans.

    "What the-? Bloodborne and Lycans?!" cried Jiang Fei when he finally had a clear sight on them.

    "Please help me!" cried the Vampire when he saw Jiang Fei coming towards him.

    "What's going on? Aren't you guys are on the same side?" said Jiang Fei as he held the Vampire on his shoulder to support him.

    There was a war going on in Europe. It was common knowledge that since ancient times, the Church had been at war with the evil Darkness. However, as the years went by, humanity had seen the advancement of technology. The world was connected and naturally, the European Church was introduced to the Metahumans in America and the Martial Artists in the East. All conflicts within Europe were dissolved as they realized the only way they could stand in the world was to work together.

    All powerful individuals such as Knights, Apostles, Inquisitors, Cardinal, and even the Pope who had fought against the creatures of the dark, stopped fighting and even made their peace with them. In the modern world, almost every Metahuman, non-humans, and humans alike had grouped together to form the European Church. That was why Jiang Fei felt odd when he saw two Lycans attacking a Vampire. They were supposed to be allies.

    At that moment, he felt that something was odd. He suspected that the Vampire might be acting to lower his guard and when the Lycans arrived, all three of them would attack him. Even so, he had Ariel by his side, she could easily remove them from existence with a simple snap of her fingers! There was literally nothing to be afraid of.

    "Please help me..." cried the Vampire as he fell to the ground despite being supported by Jiang Fei. It was then when Jiang Fei realized that there was no plot against him. The Vampire was badly hurt. If he was a martial artist, he would have died! There was a wound in his chest so large that Jiang Fei could even see his heart beating weakly. Despite being a Vampire-famed for their longevity-this one was about to bite the dust!

    "Explain yourself," said Jiang Fei.

    "I... I... Save... me..."

    The Vampire was too weak to hear what Jiang Fei had said to him. All he could do was breathe frantically as he struggled to stay alive.

    "Oh well. Might as well save this poor fellow. I might even get some information out of him later," said Jiang Fei. He then slid an Evil Purging Pill between his fangs and pushed it down his throat.

    As soon as the pill was swallowed, a purifying energy surge throughout his body. Black colored goo oozed out from his open wound in his chest and onto the icy ground. 0541 had identified the black colored goo as a poisonous substance that could prove to be fatal if were to remain in his body for too long.

    Right when Jiang Fei was making a Grand Restore Pill, he realized that the wound in the Vampire's chest had already healed itself.

    "As expected of Vampires! Nothing can kill them except a stake through the heart," said Jiang Fei with amazement. Lazy to put it back into the ring, Jiang Fei forcefully opened the Vampire's mouth and pushed the pill down his throat.

    At this point, the Lycans arrived.

    "The Chinese? What is he doing here?" one of the Lycans cried.

    "It matters not! He needs to be killed!" cried the other Lycan before leaping towards Jiang Fei, with claws and fangs ready to kill.
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