681 Two on One

    "Ah ho?"

    Jiang Fei scoffed when the Lycan bared his fangs at him. He leaped away to Ariel's side.

    "Wait. Let me," said Jiang Fei as he stopped Ariel from attacking. He wanted to fight the two Lycans alone. He had just received a power boost from the Bio-Potion. It was time for him to test his newly obtained strength.

    The two Lycans that were coming for Jiang Fei were at the Advance stage of Level 4. If Jiang Fei had encountered these two 10 days ago, he would have to run! After having the Bio-Potion and reaching the Pinnacle stage of Level 4, Jiang Fei would surely be able to defeat these monsters that relied on their bloodline. However, it would still be a challenge for Jiang Fei to fight against the martial artists, European Knights or Paladins. They all gained their strength through pure training.

    Just as the Lycan was about to claw Jiang Fei into shreds, Jiang Fei turned and let the claws land on his Chengying Sword. Sparks burst out from the claw and the blade. To compensate for the momentum of the Lycan's attack, Jiang Fei spun around rapidly at the same point whilst brandishing his sword.

    Both the Lycans were blasted away from the powerful sword swing. Without wasting the opportunity, Jiang Fei sped through the icy floor and delivered a thrust towards one of the Lycans that had only just gotten up to his feet.


    A loud metal banging sound was heard and the Chengying Sword was parried away.

    "Sheesh! That's one hard skull!" cried Jiang Fei as he took several steps back. Jiang Fei was surprised to see his sword being parried away simply with a headbutt. He thought that infusing the power of Metal into the blade would be enough to cut his head off!

    Knowing that the enemy was not that strong, the two Lycans howled and launched a combo attack on Jiang Fei.

    "Interesting! Come one, come two, I shall behead you all the same!" Jiang Fei roared.

    Jiang Fei might not be a seasoned hunter but he knew that although wolves might have a strong head and an agile tail, they had a weak abdomen. Even though the Lycans were not wolves, they should share some similarities!

    When the Lycans split up to attack Jiang Fei from different directions simultaneously, Jiang Fei tried his best to evade and defend. Even with armor that could block gunshots at point blank range, he knew that the Level 4 Lycans could tear him apart easily, like a sheet of paper. Jiang Fei kept on evading and parrying attacks until he understood how they moved and attacked. Only then, did he started his counter-attack and went on the offensive!

    After parrying so many claw attacks, Jiang Fei found their biggest weakness! Whenever they tried to claw, they would need to raise their arms up high. That was when they left their entire chest area exposed! With this knowledge, Jiang Fei landed cuts after cuts, but something was wrong.

    'How are they still moving?' Jiang Fei thought.

    The wounds on their side and midsection was more than enough to weaken them, yet there were no signs of it! On the contrary, the Lycans were moving much faster than before!

    From the perspective of normal eyes, all they could see was blurred images. Jiang Fei increased his speed to match the ferocious Lycans but there seemed to be no end of it. Eventually, they reached a point where Jiang Fei could not keep up.

    It was one of the traits of Lycans. The more injuries they received, the more powerful they became. If there was a name for it, it would be called Berserk. As more and more cuts landed on their body, their eyes glowed redder and their movement speed and strength were boosted.

    While he was frantically trying to land more cuts on the Lycan, Jiang Fei had failed to watch his footing and slipped on slippery ice that had blood on it.


    At that moment, one of the Lycans took the chance and leaped towards Jiang Fei with his fangs bared open to bite Jiang Fei's throat.

    "Hmph! Bite this instead!" Jiang Fei roared as he borrowed his momentum to regain his footing. He knew that he could no longer keep up with the Lycans but that did not mean that the battle could not escalate any further! The Lycan were practically shooting towards him like a missile but Jiang Fei was still able to grasp the moment perfectly.

    He infused his sword with the power of Metal once more and kept pouring more and more power until the excess power buzzed around the sword like an electric saw!

    Just then, the Lycan realized its mistake. But he was too late. His speed was too fast and Jiang Fei's sword thrust was quick. Before he could even react, Jiang Fei's sword was already in between his teeth and out of the back of his head.

    Although it was tough to pierce through his skull, the Lycan's throat and mouth were still soft and vulnerable. Jiang Fei could still kill the Lycan the same way without infusing the power of Metal into it.

    Although the Lycan was pierced through his throat, it was not instant death. Despite being gravely injured, the Lycan's incredible life force had prevented his death and kept him conscious the whole time the sword was inside his mouth. However, without immediate treatment, the Lycan would die in a few minutes.

    "You killed him!" the other Lycan roared with bloodshot eyes.

    "Oh, is he your friend? Shall I send you to the other side as well? To keep him company?" Jiang Fei swung his sword so hard that the blood on his blade splattered onto the ice.

    Jiang Fei returned to his fighting stance and prepared to fight the other Lycan. He was no longer the naive little shut-in after hanging out in the Metahuman society. The most important lesson he had learnt from them was power. Power was everything. The second lesson was simple, either kill or be killed. No one would play fair in such a cruel world.

    The Lycan snarled fiercely at Jiang Fei and leaped towards him. Learning from his friend's mistake, he did not try to bite Jiang Fei, lest giving the enemy a chance to attack his mouth.

    "Aren't you a smart little puppy!" Jiang Fei scoffed arrogantly and kicked the ground for a boost. The kick was so powerful that it made a crater. In the next second, before the sound of the sound crater forming could even reach the Lycan's ears, Jiang Fei appeared next to him.


    "No need to understand, just die."

    Not being able to react, the Lycan was opened for attacks from all directions. With another kick to the ground, Jiang Fei struck his sword towards the Lycan's throat.

    The Lycan was not able to dodge the attack but it was still fast enough to catch Jiang Fei's sword's swing in midair!

    Although he was able to prevent his throat from being sliced, he injured his palms from gripping the sword too hard.


    The Lycan growled loudly as he tried to break the sword by punching it from the side.


    "Hmph, do you really think you could break this sword?! This ain't any ordinary sword that you have seen!" Jiang Fei scoffed as he infused Origin Force into the blade and pulled his sword backwards, cutting the Lycan's palm as he did.

    "Now, sit down!" Jiang Fei roared as he used the flat side of his sword to hammer the Lycan to the ground. This time, he had infused the power of Lightning into the sword, delivering a powerful thrust. If that was not enough, he had also used Gale Thunder Kick to smash the Lycan's body at the same time.


    The Lycan was not only in the ground, but he was also in a large crater made by the force of the impact!

    Jiang Fei plunged from the sky. As he did, he infused his sword once more with the power of Metal and stabbed the Lycan in his eyes.
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