682 The Calamity that Befalls the Vampire Race


    The Lycan cried in agony as he could feel every inch of the blade. One thing that Lycans had to suffer for having superior lifeforce was the fact that they would have to feel more pain as they would not die so easily. Much like how Jiang Fei felt every time he consumed a Bio-Potion.

    "URGH!" Jiang Fei grunted as he kicked off the ground again to gain thrust to push the blade further into his eye socket and into his brain.

    Even when the blade was already halfway through his brain, the Lycan was still moving and writhing! Not wanting to die just yet, the Lycan growled and charged his claws with energy, making it glow with a blue light. Desperate, the Lycan slashed Jiang Fei, trying to force him to retreat.

    "What the hell! How are you still alive!?" Jiang Fei grunted as he dodged the claw by jumping upwards. Instead of jumping away to safety, Jiang Fei landed backward and onto the Lycan's shoulder, dragging his sword sideways to cut his head horizontally.

    The blade was stuck in the eye socket, preventing it from moving, but Jiang Fei was not done with it yet. The poor Lycan had to endure every little movement of the blade as it wriggled inside his brain! The pain was so intense that it made the Lycan cried in agony yet not strong enough to cause shock.

    "Hmph! Let's see if you can still live after this!"

    Jiang Fei had already saved the Vampire. He did not need one more person to extract information. Jiang Fei grabbed the sword's hilt with both arms and charge it with all the power of Origin Force to it. The energy flowed from the hilt to the point of the sword.

    "Feel this!" Jiang Fei cried as he unleashed the power in the sword to explode from inside the Lycan's brain!

    After a disgusting explosion, Jiang Fei was still unable to crack the Lycan's skill. However, unlike bones, the Lycan's brain was still as soft as common tofu. The explosion had instantly pushed out all of the Lycan's brains, eyes, blood vessels, and tissue out of the Lycan's eye socket.

    Even so! The Lycan was still struggling around. Jiang Fei knew that the Lycan was officially dead but due to the powerful lifeforce in him, his body still wriggled around for a few minutes, desperately trying to move before dying.

    "Hmm... What a waste of a good body," said Jiang Fei. He charged the power of fire into his fist and blasted the two dead bodies to burn them.

    Supposedly, if Jiang Fei had not burned them, 0541 could use their remains to make Bio-Potions. However, Jiang Fei possessed an unlimited source of Level 5 materials to make Bio-Potions. There was no need for him to keep the Lycans around anymore. Moreover, Jiang Fei always felt uncomfortable using living conscious humanoid beings as materials for the Bio-Potion.

    Half an hour later, the bodies of the Lycans were burned to ashes thoroughly. Jiang Fei returned to where Ariel was and saw that the Vampire that he had saved was still unconscious.

    "How is he? I've already fed him pills. He should be up and lively right now, even without my pills!" said Jiang Fei.

    "Dear, when you had killed the second Lycan, he had already regained consciousness. He is only pretending to be out!" Ariel whispered to Jiang Fei as she leaned in for a hug.

    "I see," Jiang Fei whispered back and smirked. The Vampire must be frightened to the core when he saw how Jiang Fei defeated the Lycans easily. It was only natural for him to be that way since China and Europe had never been on good terms with each other. He was probably scared since China was hiding its hostility towards the European Church. He was more scared at the fact that he might even come after him after he was done with the Lycans!

    When the Vampire was injured to the brink of death, he did not care whether Jiang Fei was friend or foe. He pleaded to be rescued and when he was healed, he started to think of a way to escape from Jiang Fei!

    "Oh well, it would be a drag to carry him back. Might as well just end his suffering right here and now!" said Jiang Fei loudly on purpose.

    "Hold on!" The Vampire quickly jumped to his feet and begged on his knees.

    "I'm fine! I'm alright now! Thank you for helping me!"

    The Vampire understood that if Jiang Fei wanted to kill him, he could do so with ease. He had just witnessed how strong Jiang Fei was and there was no way to stop him if he wanted to.

    "Are you done playing a fool?" said Jiang Fei coldly.

    "I'm truly sorry. Please forgive this insolent one," said the Vampire as he lowered his head. It would be suicidal to continue lying to the man who had just saved him.

    "Don't fret. First, tell me who you are and why did those two doggies wanted to kill you," said Jiang Fei with a warning glare.

    "Sir, my name is Franco. I am but a lowly Marquiss in the Vampire Bund. Sir, I'm not the only one that was being chased after. The entire bund is in danger as they were being hunted and killed! Every single one of them!" said Franco.

    "What about your Lord?" said Jiang Fei.

    "Count Dracula is dead..." said Franco as he sulked.

    "Are you sure?" siad Jiang Fei. He knows that if the body of such a pure-blooded Vampire was still in existence, there was a chance to revive him.

    "Yes. His remains were purified with Holy Water and burnt by the Level 5 Great God's Apostle. There is nothing left of him..."

    "Hm... Even the Level 5 Vampire was killed. What did you guys do to anger others so?" said Jiang Fei.

    "Nothing! We are guilty of being powerful!" said Franco.

    "Hm?" Jiang Fei was stunned. He had no idea why he would say such a thing. If they were powerful, why would they be hunted instead of being the hunter?

    "Allow me to explain..." said Franco.

    His life was now in the hands of the man called Jiang Fei. There was no reason to hide the truth anymore.

    The situation was as Franco had said, guilty for being powerful. The Mutants had obtained the technology for Bio-Human research. Naturally, they immediately rushed for production. However, the research had revealed a piece of vital information, the Mutants were lacking one crucial ingredient for making Bio-Humans-the same kind the Japanese had used-powerful life force.

    The materials that the Japanese once used for their production of Bio-Humans were either captured prisoners or flesh and blood from the Level 5 Alien Beast that was guarding Japan. The Japanese cared for the beast and in return, the beast allowed itself to be used.

    Now, the location of the Level 5 alien beast was unknown. They were desperate. They had already betrayed the Chinese Martial Artist Alliance just to obtain the research and yet they could not start making Bio-Humans just because they lacked the materials.

    The cost of attacking Japan was huge as they had lost a great number of soldiers and fighters of their own. If they could not replenish their fighting force, they would ultimately be consumed by other forces of the world.

    The research had stated that the materials for creating Bio-Humans had to be of Beast origin. Not even Level 5 Metahumans would be strong enough. Human genes were too weak to handle such immense powers.

    In the end, after thorough research, someone in the Mutant Brotherhood had heard that the Vampire Bund had something called the Holy Grail. Rumor has it that the grail was holding the blood of the first Vampire.

    Desperate for more materials, the Mutants forced themselves into the European Church and demanded the Holy Grail. Members of the Church and the Lycanthrope clan were unable to fight back, while the Vampire Bund adamantly refused to give away their sacred artifact. As such, the Lycans gave in to the Mutants' demands fought the Vampires, leading to where Jiang Fei was now.
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