685 The Man I’ve Been Expecting

    Jiang Fei rested for the entire time while talking and answering Ariel's many questions about the world. He rested until it was time to log into the game.

    At this point, the invasion of the Merfolk into the Naga territory had almost reached its fruition. For the entire time, Jiang Fei had killed so many bosses that his ring had gained a huge boost of stats. Before jumping back into the war, Jiang Fei checked his character's profile.

    Player: Verdure Glider

    Race: Covet Nephilim (High Human)

    Level: 88

    Class: Beginner God of Crafts

    Health Points: 187,776

    Mana Points: 21,110

    Attack Power: 84,086

    Strength: 2,956

    Agility: 1,956

    Intelligence: 211

    Spirit: 100,213

    Physical Defence: 14,751

    Magic Defence: 6,425

    At this point, the ring had boosted Jiang Fei's attack power to a staggering 84,000, 28,000 more than what he used to have. A significant boost that was considered almost cheating!

    The Hammerhead soldiers that Jiang Fei was leading had killed no fewer than 100,000 enemies. However, a large portion of them were not Naga but random Seafolk. Killing them would not be counted into the ring's boosting effect. The real number of Naga that was killed by Jiang Fei was only over 10,000.

    The Merfolk's Revenge ring boosted attribute was not limited to just attack power. Every time Jiang Fei killed a Leader tier boss, the ring would gain 2 points of Strength. Fortunately, the enemies had many Leader tier bosses roaming around. Jiang Fei had killed almost over 600 of them in the span of the week and had gained over 1,200 points of Strength. Coupled with the attack power boost, Jiang Fei's final Attack Power had reached over 80,000.

    Lord tier and Overlord tier bosses were much rarer than Leader tier bosses. In total Jiang Fei had killed only over a hundred Lord tier boss and only three Overlord tier boss. Lord tier boss would grant Vitality points whilst Overlord tier boss would extend the ring's special transformation skill's duration. All in all, Jiang Fei had gained over 300 points of Vitality and extended the transformation active time by 15 seconds.

    The war was clearly dominated by the Merfolk as the Nagas had retreated all the way back into their Holy City. Even though Jiang Fei wanted to finish the war, he had a PvP match today that he could not miss! He had heard rumors that the player that he was going to be matched with was Freewill!

    Although he knew that the Cauldron of Intelligence would be wasted on a Strength based player like him, there was no way he could allow Freewill to continue holding the Cauldron as he needed it to start the War of the Heavens.

    Without hesitation, Jiang Fei informed the Sea Emperor, Poseidon that he had urgent matters to tend to. He took a Teleportation Circle back to the City of Sinners and let Poseidon lead the final charge into the Holy City.

    It was the decisive war that Poseidon had been waiting for thousands of years ever since the day the Nagas came into the ocean. It was the day when the Primordial Moon God cursed the Ancient Elves into Naga, forcing the entire race to seek refuge underwater. As a result, the Merfolk was directly affected by it. Having their territory taken from an unknown race without any negotiations was unacceptable for Poseidon. Today, he was finally able to reclaim his territory from the Naga and eliminate them from the face of the Earth! It was both exciting and exhilarating for Poseidon as he had been waiting for it.

    While Poseidon was leading his army for a final push, Jiang Fei was slowly making his way towards the Battle Arena just outside the City of Sinners.

    Today, Jiang Fei had two matches, all set to start before noon. The first match was easily won by Jiang Fei as the opponent was literally cannon fodder to liven up the audience. However, the next opponent that was matched up was the one man that Jiang Fei had been expecting. Freewill!

    When the announcer finally introduced the two fighters, the crowd went wild as some cheered for Jiang Fei and some cheered for Freewill.

    The moment Jiang Fei entered the battleground, the crowd jumped and cheered with excitement. He was already famous for many reasons but today, the atmosphere in the arena was surprisingly exceptionally merry.

    On the other side of the arena was Freewill. Although Jiang Fei could not make it out, he could at least estimate that more than half of the audience was cheering for him. Even the ones that had cheered for Jiang Fei, cheered for Freewill.

    "Ladies and gentleman! Today, we will bear witness to a clash of the titans! On my left is a player that does not need an introduction! He is the man, the Demon, the idol of the Shadow Faction, the one that had stolen the heart of the Saint of the Light, the one that had dared to anger the God! I give you, Verdure Glider!"

    "Verdure Glider!"

    "I love you!"

    "Have my babies!"


    "Haha! I can see the excitement on the bench there as well!" said the announcer as he waited for the audience to calm down before introducing Freewill.

    "Ladies and gentleman. On my right is another man that is well known to all! He is a player that had shared the same time record in this PvP competition! A man that could kill the enemy in one strike! No matter who he was fighting against, he would never lose a single drop of HP! He is the magic man, the legendary magician. HE IS FREEWILL!"

    Jiang Fei immediately understood how Freewill never lost a single drop of health points. It was the Cauldron of Intelligence. 100,000 Intelligence points would grant Freewill a total of four million mana points. With Mana Shield active, Freewill would be able to tank over 10 million damage before his mana was depleted. That was why he had never taken a single point of damage.

    With such an impregnable shield as well as powerful magic attack, any player would be instantly killed even with the weakest magic spell. Tank players might still have a chance, to survive after the first strike but not the second. That was how Freewill got almost the same time record as Jiang Fei.

    In terms of one-hit-killing ability, People Not People might not have the luxury of having that skill. The Treasure Cauldron that he had was the Cauldron of Strength, which grants Physical Attacks. In the game, there were just too many ways to reduce Physical type damage. Even though People Not People had an overwhelming attack power, his attacks could be easily negated with Block, Evade, Interception, Damage Reduction, and Defense. Even so, it would be hard for someone to survive the match just by defending against his attack. Eventually, one would run out of skills to block his attacks and perish.

    "This is going to be a match of the century! Who shall emerge victoriously? Would it be the man who had dared to challenge the gods? Or would it be the invulnerable man of magic?"

    The audience was maddened with excitement when the announcer was continuously trying to motivate the crowd. Whatever he was doing, he was doing a great job at it as Jiang Fei could not stand the deafening cheers from the arena.

    The question that lingered in everyone's mind, besides Jiang Fei, was the fact that how would Jiang Fei defeat Freewill when he had a powerful impregnable Mana Shield. Jiang Fei may have demonstrated his power by instantly his opponent with a single hit. However, he had never faced a player such as Freewill before in the arena. Jiang Fei had never shown any powerful skill before. How would Jiang Fei defeat the player with an impregnable Mana Shield and a Magic Attack that was overwhelmingly powerful?

    "Hmph. Just the man that I've been waiting for..." said Jiang Fei as he smirked when he had received the system notification informing him about Freewill possessing one of the Treasure Cauldron. Concurrently, Freewill started to panic as he realized that his opponent had a Treasure Cauldron.
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