687 To Tempt Fate

    "I've finally got it," said Jiang Fei to himself. The Cauldrons were the only reason that he had decided to waste his time in the arena.

    "Can you please tell me how you defeated me?" said Freewill as he approached Jiang Fei after the match was over. He had lost the Cauldron of Intelligence. Without it, Freewill became a normal player with normal stats. No more impregnable Mana Shield and overwhelmingly power Magic Attack. That was why he had withdrawn from any further matches in the PvP competition. Even so, he was not being too moody about it. All he wanted to know was how Jiang Fei could kill him with a shield around him that could absorb up to 10 million damage.

    "Oh. I thought you would know about it. It's called the Chaos type attack attribute. You can look it up in the official site!" said Jiang Fei. He then extended his hand.

    "It was a good fight. However, I doubt that we will ever meet again in the arena," said Jiang Fei.

    Freewill was stunned. However, he nodded, smiled back, and reached his own hand to shake Jiang Fei's.

    "Yeah. It was a good fight. It was a pleasure to finally meet the legendary Verdure Glider," said Freewill.

    Before Jiang Fei could walk away, Freewill suddenly shouted.

    "WTF!? Ignores Defense and Barrier effects?!" he cried loudly before giving a thumbs up to Jiang Fei.

    Jiang Fei snickered and gave him one back before leaving him alone.

    "You win. I've lost all hope in continuing this PvP competition," said Freewill as Jiang Fei left. He understood that without the Cauldron of Intelligence, he would be an average Joe.

    Someone in the audience seats overheard the conversation between Jiang Fei and Freewill and decided to check the information about Chaos attack.

    At that moment...

    "Since when did the game had such a broken attack attribute?!"

    "What's that now?"

    "It's Chaos! Chaos type attack attribute! It's on the official site!"

    "Woah! What on earth is this!?"


    News about discovering a "new" attack element spread amongst the audience and then the entire gaming community like wildfire. In fact, through the same categorization, many players also discovered other types of elements including, Holy, Destructive, natural elements, and others. It did not take long for even the Professional players to know about the new attack elements. For them, it was as if they had just discovered fire. Having special attack attributes would ultimately help them in fights, be it PvP or PvE.

    Players such as People Not People were shocked to discover such a stat. Before the discovery, he would not have a single chance to win against players like Freewill. Having a shield that could absorb 10 million damage was... crazy!

    Besides "bugged" players like Freewill, other players with classes that granted skills like Invulnerability would be dangerous for players that own Cauldrons. For example, when People Not People still had the Cauldron of Strength, he might be a powerful Physical Attack but he would have a defense on par with anyone else. His opponent could simply activate skills to negate all attacks for several seconds, just enough to kill him easily! To turn the tables around, all they had to do was to get their hands on an attack attribute that could ignore Damage Mitigation skills!

    However, it would be extremely hard for any random player to get special attack attribute since more than half of it came from having special classes or even special race! Even so, it was not impossible. All it would take was hard work and some intelligence.

    After leaving the arena, Jiang Fei planned to return to the sea to kill more Naga and end the war along with Poseidon. However, it all changed when someone unexpected showed up.

    "Verdure Glider, I need you to come with me, my father wants to have a talk with you," said the Elder Prince, Otis!

    "Very well," said Jiang Fei. If Otis himself was there to pick him up, it must be something incredibly urgent.

    To save time, and Jiang Fei was being lazy but he just did not want to admit it, Jiang Fei opened the Abyssal Gate and moved straight up to the 10th Floor of the Abyss.

    "Brother, what does father want with my master?" said Akatziris. Even though Akatziris was considered an outcast by the Nephilim, she and Otis shared a bond that was almost the same as Isabella.

    "I'm not too sure myself, little sister. However, if I were to guess, it has to do with the Light Faction," said Otis as she patted Akatziris on her head.

    "I see... So that means..." Jiang Fei muttered to himself. Right at that moment, the Nagas were almost defeated by the Merfolk. It was only a matter of time. By the time the Sea Emperor had finished the war and aligned with the Shadow Faction, he would work with the Nephilim Jing to take down the Light Faction! Jiang Fei smiled because he would finally have his revenge for the death of Isabella and Ariel.

    After walking for a little bit, the three of them entered the royal chamber and met with the King. This time, everything about the royal chamber was grand and official. There were many Demons and nobles were in the hall as Jiang Fei entered.

    "Your Highness!"

    "Your Highness!"

    Both Jiang Fei and Akatziris bowed to the King.

    "No need for such formality. Verdure Glider, do you know why I summoned you here?" said the King as he had failed to hide his smirk. It looked like something joyous had happened.

    "Your Highness? I'm afraid this one was not informed," said Jiang Fei. Although he had Nephilim blood flowing in his veins, officially, he was no longer a pure-blooded Nephilim. However, since he was "given" Akatziris, he was still somewhat related to the Royal Nephilim.

    "Haha! Just so you know, your plans have worked brilliantly! Members of the Light Faction are now at war with the Draconian!" cried the King.

    "At war? Your Highness?" said Jiang Fei. If Jiang Fei's plan went right, the Light Faction and the Draconians would surely be hostile to each other but not to the point where they would wage war with one another!

    "Haha! It is what they had got to tempt fate itself!" The King laughed before he explained the situation.

    The Light Faction had obtained information and verified that it was indeed one of the Dragons that had infiltrated and raided the Tomb of the Pope. Once the information was treated as truth, members of the Light Faction went ahead and start blaming the Dragons. Naturally, because he had done it, the Dragon God refused to make an appearance.

    While it was the truth, the Divine Light God could not possibly be at every meeting. Hence, he had instructed several Archbishops to stand in his stead.

    It was a daily routine where the Archbishops would lead their followers to curse the Dragons and spread negative words about them. Naturally, a few of the younger Dragons with bad temper showed up a few days later to return the favor.

    In no time at all, quarrels escalated into brawls. When both sides sustained greater injuries, the fight escalated into a big one. Even so, there was no death, until the illegitimate son of the Dragon decided to appear.

    As he was curious about the fight, the son of the Dragon God had wanted to only spectate. Unfortunately, a stray spell hit him, killing the poor little kind that was no stronger than an Intermediate Lord tier. An attack from a High Overlord boss would surely be fatal to such a little boy!

    In the end, the Dragons had traced the spell to a follower of the Archbishop.

    When the Dragons present at the scene witnessed the death of the son of the Dragon God, they could not and did not hold back anymore. Word spread out fast and many other Dragons had joined the fight and it escalated once more. That was when the war began. The first few to fall were the ones that had participated in the fight that led to the death of the Dragon God's son.

    The Draconians fought the Light Faction in the name of revenge.

    The Light Faction fought the Dragon was in the name of justice for raiding the Tomb of the Pope.
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