691 The Inevitable!

    "That's sorted then! I will break down the walls once I get back!" Han Tianyu's eyes glistened. He did not care if Jiang Fei had made a loss in the trade. All he cared about was acquiring the weapons before him.

    The super weapons from Planet Namek had an absolute advantage over Earth's weapons. As long as Jiang Fei could produce these battle equipment for Han Tianyu, Han Tianyu was confident that they could wipe out both the major rice-exporting country as well as the European armies.

    Of course, Han Tianyu was only responsible for the technological warfare. He would not take charge of the battle between metahumans. After all, Han Tianyu was only a Level 2 martial artist. He could not control the metahumans' affairs even if he wanted to.

    "What are these?" Although Han Tianyu was familiar with the battle aircraft and the defense cannons, he was unsure of the other weapons in the chest. He had never seen such items in the alien gaming console.

    "It's a Fission Suppressor! Not only can it suppress nuclear fission, it can also suppress nuclear fusion. With that around, nuclear weapons in the surrounding area would not function!" Jiang Fei explained.

    "That's great! This is exactly what we need!" Han Tianyu's eyes widened. He had received intel long ago that the major rice-exporting country had developed a similar kind of weapon setup. However, as the cost of creating it was too high, they could only set it up in the main city. Even so, that gave the major rice-exporting country the ability to initiate a nuclear war.

    With the appearance of such a weapon setup, the major rice-exporting country began to target China. Now that China also had such a weapon setup, the one-sided advantage of the major rice-exporting country was demolished. Moreover, the nuclear weapons which both parties possessed were no longer of value. If a real war were to happen, Han Tianyu, who had acquired Planet Namek's military weapons, did not even look at the major rice-exporting country as a threat.

    "Hehe, we will be able to blast the major rice-exporting country soon!" Jiang Fei laughed.

    "That doesn't really matter..." Han Tianyu shook his head. Perhaps Jiang Fei did not know that the major rice-exporting country had a similar weapon. Moreover, as a non-militant, Jiang Fei did not know the true dangers of a nuclear bomb. He only thought it might be fun to attack his enemies with a nuclear bomb. However, Han Tianyu was a military merchant who knew very well that a nuclear weapon should be avoided at all costs. The weapon had very high radioactivity which could affect multiple generations. Not only would the damaged land become useless, the act of using a nuclear bomb itself was also inhumane.

    After everything had been arranged, Jiang Fei brought Ariel along as he joined Han Tianyu in boarding the aircraft carrier a short distance away from the small island. At the same time, Han Tianyu started coordinating the heavy-duty helicopters to start transporting the gifts from Jiang Fei.

    As Planet Namek's equipment were mostly block models, they were not too difficult to transport after being deconstructed. Therefore, after a few hours, the equipment Jiang Fei had created for Han Tianyu were successfully loaded onto the aircraft carrier.

    "Where will you go next?" Han Tianyu asked Jiang Fei.

    "I'll return home!" Jiang Fei said after a moment.

    Jiang Fei had been away for a very long time. It was only appropriate for him to return home so his parents could see that he was fine.

    "Alright! I will get a plane for you!" Han Tianyu nodded.

    "Husband, are we going to see your parents?" After seeing that Han Tianyu had walked away, Ariel asked Jiang Fei softly. She blushed like any daughter-in-law would when meeting her parents-in-law for the first time.

    "Yeah!" Jiang Fei nodded. However, Jiang Fei was feeling conflicted as he did not know how to explain who Ariel was to Si Tuying. Moreover, he could not abandon Ariel who knew no one else but Jiang Fei in this world.

    Jiang Fei had always been indecisive when it came to expressing his feelings. Otherwise, he would not have attracted so many ladies. Regardless of whether it was in reality or in the game, Jiang Fei never knew how to reject others, especially the girls who had truly fallen for him.

    "Haih! I'll think about it then. Everything will work out in the end!" Jiang Fei finally decided to delay the inevitable, as he always did.

    Han Tianyu was very efficient. Within half an hour, Jiang Fei and Ariel had boarded a plane and took off from the aircraft carrier.

    After approximately two hours, Jiang Fei and Ariel landed at a military airport near the city Jiang Fei's parents lived in.

    "Follow me, both of you!" The person in charge of arranging transport to send Jiang Fei and Ariel home called out after they had landed. This time, Han Tianyu did not return with Jiang Fei as he had other matters to attend to.

    Han Tianyu had already obtained the first batch of equipment Jiang Fei supplied him with. Firstly, he needed to coordinate manpower to distribute the Fission Suppressors to important locations so that they cover all areas within China's borders.

    Secondly, Han Tianyu also had to coordinate the installation of the defense cannons at the borders of China. Once that was done, aircrafts and guided missiles from their enemies would not be able to enter China's airspace.

    Apart from coordinating these equipment setup, Han Tianyu also had to relocate nuclear energy from the Zhang family to power these equipment. He would also have to get someone to protect these important setup to prevent spies or special forces from destroying them.

    Finally, Han Tianyu also had to select the best pilots to be trained to operate the new battle aircrafts. Although the battle aircrafts from Planet Namek had been enhanced with China's cabin, there were still various functions which required the pilots' familiarity to be fully effective in battle.

    Moreover, Han Tianyu needed to report related information to leaders of the country in the capital city. Although he had ties to the government and the military, and also a lot of special powers in the government, Han Tianyu was only a military merchant and not an actual military commander. Therefore, the final decisions in warfare still had to come from his superiors.

    While Han Tianyu kept himself occupied, Jiang Fei finally returned home. As he stood before Manda Square, Jiang Fei pondered about what to do once he met Si Tuying as he hesitated on entering the house.

    However, the inevitable finally came. Just as Jiang Fei was hesitant about entering his house, someone shouted excitedly from behind him, "B*stard! You have finally come home!"

    "Ahh!" Jiang Fei was surprised. As he turned around, a gentle and demure figure jumped into his embrace.

    The person who jumped into Jiang Fei's embrace was none other than Si Tuying. While Jiang Fei was away, Si Tuying would always accompany Jiang Fei's mother at home. She had planned to do the same today. However, before Si Tuying had even entered Manda Square, she saw a familiar figure.

    "Husband, is she your girlfriend in this world? She's very beautiful!" As Ariel had gotten used to Jiang Fei being surrounded by beautiful women, on top of her being accustomed to polyamory, she did not care about Si Tuying's existence.

    "Sh*t!" After hearing Ariel calling him her husband, Jiang Fei suddenly felt his knees turning weak. At the same time, he felt a sharp pain in his waist. Clearly, Si Tuying had also heard what Ariel had called him.
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