692 Power of Love

    "Ah Fei! Who is she?" Si Tuying pushed Jiang Fei away angrily as she pointed at Ariel.

    "This..." Jiang Fei was flabbergasted. As Si Tuying did not know about the metahuman, not only could Jiang Fei not tell her about Ariel's true origins, he also could not use the excuse of saying that Ariel was his junior.

    "Husband, is she Si Tuying? She is very pretty!" Ariel walked toward them.

    "Who are you?!" Si Tuying was clearly hostile toward Ariel.

    "Husband, go on home. We'll catch up after a few words!" Ariel gave Jiang Fei a reassuring look.

    "Don't bully her!" Jiang Fei called out. After all, Ariel was more than capable of brainwashing Si Tuying who was only a normal human being with her Soul Energy. However, Jiang Fei did not want Si Tuying to get hurt.

    "Don't worry. I won't!" Ariel laughed.

    "What do you mean by bullying me? Do you think I am afraid of her? I am an expert in combat!" Seeing how Jiang Fei and Ariel were sharing glances, Si Tuying became even more infuriated. Unfortunately, she had no idea that her skills in combat were no match for Ariel who was a Level 5 metahuman.

    With Ariel's promise, Jiang Fei decided to escape the heat by running back home. On one hand, he was eager to see his parents. On the other hand, he also acknowledged that he was not skilled in handling multiple women.

    Moreover, Jiang Fei had a good understanding of Ariel's capabilities. Ariel was even able to convince Isabella when they had met previously. Therefore, doing the same to Si Tuying would not be an issue at all.

    "I'm glad I had decided to revive Ariel first!" Jiang Fei thought on the way up the building. He was glad that he had not revived Isabella first, as she would definitely have gotten into a fight with Si Tuying immediately.

    After returning home, Jiang Fei got the shock of his life. Shang Guanqi was actually cooking with his mother. In fact, she was smiling from ear to ear and she looked completely different from the cold-hearted killing machine Jiang Fei had known previously.

    "Mother, I'm home!" Jiang Fei called out softly.

    "Ahh!" His mother was first stunned. She only recollected herself after she had turned around and stared at Jiang Fei for a whole minute.

    "Clang..." The spatula in her hand fell to the ground.

    "You horrible child! Why didn't you call home after being away for so long..." Jiang Fei's mother charged out of the kitchen and hugged him. Jiang Fei could feel her body shaking.

    Indeed, Jiang Fei had been away far longer this time than he ever had in the past. Moreover, most of the folks in China had become aware of the navy fleets from the major rice-exporting country and Europe which were patrolling outside of China's borders. The entire China was fully prepared for the battle to take place. Therefore, Jiang Fei's parents were even more worried about his safety.

    "I'm fine. It's very safe where my master is located!" Jiang Fei consoled his mother while looking at Shang Guanqi.

    Shang Guanqi nodded with a smile. She had already sensed Jiang Fei's presence long before Jiang Fei had walked through the doors. Therefore, she was not too surprised when he showed up. Shang Guanqi had been very happy staying in Jiang Fei's house all this while.

    Jiang Fei's mother cared for Shang Guanqi, her adopted daughter, so much so that Shang Guanqi was able to feel the closeness she had missed out on for the past twenty years. Although Shang Guanqi had only been with Jiang Fei's mother for slightly over a month, she had been successfully transformed from a cold-hearted killing machine to a blossoming young lady.

    The Soaring Cloud Sect had spent more than ten years to train Shang Guanqi as killing machine through hatred and assassination. However, Jiang Fei's mother had only used a single month to turn her into a normal girl. One could tell how much stronger the power of love was compared to hatred and assassination.

    "My good son, will you leave again?" Jiang Fei's mother asked after she recollected herself.

    "Not anytime soon!" Jiang Fei said. As he needed to wait for Han Tianyu's energy blocks, he did not plan on leaving the house for some time.

    "That's great! Great!" Jiang Fei's mother exclaimed happily. Although she knew that Jiang Fei was on a very different path of growth, she also looked forward to spending time with his son as much as she could.

    "Mother, spend more time with Little Fei. I'll cook today!" Shang Guanqi said and laughed. After spending so much time here, Shang Guanqi had already fully integrated with the household. She treated Jiang Fei's parents as her own and also treated Jiang Fei as her younger brother.

    "Alright. Little Fei, did you know that Little Qi learns very quickly? Her culinary skills are even better than mine now!" Jiang Fei's mother had not changed at all. As soon as Jiang Fei got home, she started praising her adopted daughter.

    "Hehe, that's for sure..." Jiang Fei laughed. As a Level 4 martial artist, Shang Guanqi's hand-eye coordination ability was unlike normal humans. Her grasp in culinary arts was even more precise than a computer. Cooking, to her, was more like child's play.

    "Eh? Why has Little Ying not come yet?" Jiang Fei's mother asked after chatting with Jiang Fei for a while. She suddenly thought of her daughter-in-law when only a moment ago she was praising her adopted daughter.

    "She should be here in a while..." Jiang Fei laughed awkwardly.

    "Tell me! Are you keeping something from me?" Jiang Fei's mother noticed something odd from Jiang Fei's expression.

    "Ehh..." Just as Jiang Fei was thinking of how to explain himself, the door opened. Si Tuying and Ariel walked in.

    "Hehe, Little Ying has arrived. Speaking of the devil!" Jiang Fei's mother laughed happily when she saw Si Tuying.

    "Is this your friend?" Jiang Fei's mother also noticed Ariel who stood behind Si Tuying.

    "Hi, aunty!" Ariel greeted Jiang Fei's mother respectfully.

    "Yeah! This is Ariel. She is my friend and also one of Ah Fei's girlfriends!" Si Tuying said as she stared at Jiang Fei. However, she did not seem as angry as she did before. Clearly, Ariel was very capable in doing what she did.

    "Erk-hem..." Jiang Fei coughed awkwardly.

    "Another girlfriend?" Jiang Fei's mother was stunned as she turned around to face him. "Little Fei, tell me, what's going on? How can you do this to Little Ying?"

    "This..." When he saw his mother's stern look, Jiang Fei panicked. He was unsure of what to say.

    "Aunty, stop pretending. You don't even look that angry! You must be happy beyond reason, aren't you?" Si Tuying plopped down next to Jiang Fei's mother and hugged her arm. Although Si Tuying spoke words of complaint, her tone sounded much more like coquetry.

    "Haih, did you see through me so easily?" Jiang Fei's mother was stunned. She could not keep a straight face any longer. Although she felt that Jiang Fei had done something wrong against Si Tuying, she was glad that her son was liked by many girls. Moreover, since Si Tuying did not seem to mind that Jiang Fei had another girlfriend, Jiang Fei's mother became less worried.
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