693 Si Tuyings Desired Compensation

    "Little Ying, why did you come so late today? I..." Right then, Shang Guanqi popped her head out from the kitchen. Shang Guanqi had a pretty good relationship with Si Tuying after spending so much time together. However, she stood still when she saw Ariel.

    As a Level 4 martial artist, and also one skilled in assault, Shang Guanqi had a very strong sensing ability. She could detect Pinnacle Level 4 metahumans like Jiang Fei the moment he walked through the front door.

    However, Shang Guanqi was only able to detect Si Tuying's presence. She only realized Ariel was there when she came out from the kitchen. It was a great surprise.

    "This..." As Shang Guanqi discovered that Ariel was a metahuman, she immediately looked at Jiang Fei. Until then, she had not thought that it could be a Level 5 expert.

    "I am Jiang Fei's junior!" Ariel took the initiative to introduce herself. She had already explained everything about metahumans to Si Tuying when they were downstairs. Otherwise, there was a lot that could not be explained clearly.

    "Oh!" Shang Guanqi nodded as she said to Si Tuying, "Little Ying, come and help me out in the kitchen!"

    "Alright! I'm coming!" Si Tuying stood up and walked into the kitchen.

    "Have you told her everything about metahumans?" Jiang Fei asked Ariel after Si Tuying had left.

    "Yeah!" Ariel nodded.

    "Ah Fei, is she like you..." Jiang Fei's mother asked.

    "Yes, Ariel is my junior. Like me, she has special abilities!" Jiang Fei nodded.

    "Aunty, don't worry. Although we have super powers, we will not use them to bully normal humans." Ariel said gently.

    Jiang Fei had already told Ariel about how his parents were once kidnapped. Therefore, Ariel could understand why his parents had a thing against metahumans. That was why she made it a point to tell Jiang Fei's mother that she had no ill intentions.

    Moreover, although Ariel was very close to Jiang Fei, she was too embarrassed to call him her husband in front of his parents. Therefore, she addressed him as her senior instead.

    "Alright! Come, have a seat. It must have been a tiring journey!" Jiang Fei's mother treated her as part of the family when she heard about their relationship. Moreover, Si Tuying seemed to describe Ariel as someone very close to Jiang Fei. Therefore, she no longer treated Ariel as an outsider despite her being a metahuman.

    At the same time, Shang Guanqi and Si Tuying started chatting in private as they cooked.

    "Little Ying, don't you mind that Jiang Fei has other women?" Shang Guanqi asked.

    "What can I do about it? I'm only a normal human. I can only blame myself for falling for him..." Si Tuying sighed. As a woman, Si Tuying was definitely jealous when she found out that Jiang Fei had other women around him. However, she could not bring herself to leave him. Therefore, she could only accept the fact.

    "So you know about metahumans?" Shang Guanqi immediately realized something from what Si Tuying said.

    "Yeah! I know everything now. Say, you are also a metahuman, aren't you?" Si Tuying asked.

    "Yes, I am. However, I would rather be a normal human!" Shang Guanqi sighed. When she looked back on the past ten years of her life, she would rather have been a normal girl with parents who looked after her.

    "Tsk. You don't know how lucky you are. I am very envious of people like you!" Si Tuying said honestly.

    "If you really hope to acquire powers, you can let Jiang Fei test your talents. If your talents permit, coupled with a few decades of hard work, you may be able to reach Level 2..." Shang Guanqi said. As Si Tuying was already way too old, it would be difficult for her to get any stronger unless she had natural talents.

    "Level 2? Is that strong?" Si Tuying asked curiously. After all, she had only just learned about metahumans. Therefore, she still had a strong sense of curiosity about them.

    "Very strong. You can even fight against a few ten special soldiers!" Shang Guanqi laughed.

    "That's amazing! What about yourself?" Si Tuying asked.

    "I am Beginner Level 4." Shang Guanqi said honestly.

    "Compared to Level 2, which is stronger?" Si Tuying asked excitedly.

    "If you gave me time, I can fight a few ten thousand Level 2 metahumans..." Shang Guanqi laughed.

    "Ahh? Such a big difference!" Si Tuying said deflatedly. After all, if she had to train for decades and still not be anywhere close to Shang Guanqi, there was no point in training at all.

    "The main factor is that you are far too old. You have missed the golden age of training. However, if you ask Jiang Fei about it, he might be able to help you since he has a Level 5 expert as his master." Shang Guanqi said after some thoughts.

    "Level 5? How strong is that?" Si Tuying looked bewildered.

    "Level 5 is the strongest known level. I can't really describe it in detail. However, they are able to stay alive despite being at the center of a nuclear explosion. You can go figure the rest out on your own!" Shang Guanqi said and laughed.

    "Ahh?! Is that even human?" Si Tuying was thoroughly shocked by how Shang Guanqi had described Level 5 experts.

    "Perhaps they still are... They are more like living gods..." Shang Guanqi was equally amazed by Level 5 experts.

    "Alright! Hang in there. I am definitely going to ask Jiang Fei about it! Hmph! How dare he find other women behind my back. He must compensate me!" Si Tuying said with a pout.

    To be honest, Si Tuying had accepted Jiang Fei's behaviour of having multiple women partly because of her own family background. Her father was not a loyal man. As the head of a group of gangsters, her father had had affairs with other women. It was an open secret in the world of gangsters. Both Si Tuying and her mother knew about it. However, as the wife of a gangster, Si Tuying's mother could only turn a blind eye to what was happening. If she made a fuss about it, it would only benefit the other women who surrounded her husband.

    Due to the nature of her family background, Si Tuying was subconsciously accepting of powerful men who had more than one woman in his life. Therefore, when she saw Jiang Fei with Ariel today, she kept her cool even though she was secretly jealous. On top of that, Ariel was very good in communicating. Hence, the two ladies had very quickly arrived at a consensus.

    "I feel sorry for you!" Shang Guanqi sighed. After all, Shang Guanqi had spent more time with Si Tuying and therefore sided with her.

    After a while, Jiang Fei's father returned from work. The entire family sat down for a reunion dinner.
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