695 The Gnome Castle

    After the group was completely formed, Jiang Fei and his entourage came over to the Commander's Hall.

    "Frontline Commander, I have gathered the men as you wished!" Jiang Fei said to Ivan.

    "Great! I knew you were an excellent youth hand-picked by his majesty. You truly are efficient!" Ivan said pleasantly. He then continued, "Are you ready?"

    "We are ready!" Jiang Fei answered.

    "Alright! Off you go then! Someone else will tell you exactly what you need to do for the quest!" Ivan said as he waved. Jiang Fei and the players in his group were instantly teleported to a new map.

    "Ding! Map changed!"

    "Where is this?" Little Rain asked.

    "I'm not sure..." Jiang Fei looked around. It was very dark with less than a fifty-meter range of visibility. The sky looked equally dark which meant none of them could see the surroundings clearly.

    "Bandits, search the ground!" Billy Boy started giving instructions.

    Very soon, more than ten of the Bandits split up and searched in different directions after entering Stealth mode.

    "I'll check from the sky!" Jiang Fei said as he attempted to summon his mount.

    However, Jiang Fei was unable to summon his mount as he wished for a system notification interrupted his action of summoning.

    "Ding! This is an indoor map. You may not summon your mount!"

    "Indoor? How large is this house?" Jiang Fei looked around. He discovered that despite the lack of visibility, there was no wall blocking their way in a fifty-meter radius.

    "Indoor maps are not limited to constructed buildings. Some underground locations are also considered indoor maps. They both restrict the summoning of mounts!" Billy Boy explained.

    "I see!" Jiang Fei nodded as he summoned Akatziris.

    "Ahh... Master..." Akatziris seemed a little unhappy about being locked by Jiang Fei in the small black house.

    "D*mn! Guild master, you have another girl now?" Little Rain and the others around him were shocked. Jiang Fei used to bring Isabella along wherever he went. Everyone had gotten used to Jiang Fei's human-form pet dragon. However, none of them had seen Isabella for a very long time and were starting to miss her. They did not expect Jiang Fei to bring a new girl along.

    "Don't ask me about it..." Jiang Fei waved his hand. He did not want to talk about Isabella. Although he could resurrect her, he was still bothered by the fact that she had died for him.

    Although people like Billy Boy were curious, they did not dare to ask any further when they saw Jiang Fei's facial expression. Everyone started doing what they were supposed to.

    "Do you know where this is?" Jiang Fei asked Akatziris.

    "From the looks of the surrounding, this should be the Underground World's outer layer!" After all, Akatziris was a native in the game. Her understanding of the game's world was much better than all other players.

    "Underground World? Outer layer?" Jiang Fei was stunned.

    "Yeah! Apart from the surface of the world, there is another world in the underground. However, the Underground World is split into different layers. The outermost layer is the outer layer, followed by the inner layer and finally the Abyss!" Akatziris explained.

    "I see!" Jiang Fei was familiar with the Abyss. That was where the Nephilim had their main camp. He would visit the Abyss frequently as well.

    Although Akatziris knew they were in the outer layer of the Underground World, she did not know exactly where they were located. After all, the Underground World was vast. There was also no obvious landmark or building around. Therefore, there was no way for her to pinpoint their location.

    Very soon, the Bandits who had gone off to look around came back with some news. Jiang Fei and the rest were located in a place that seemed like a huge underground hall with only one exit.

    "That's great. We won't have to waste anymore time or effort!" After hearing the news, Jiang Fei dropped his arms to his sides.

    If there were more than one exit, Jiang Fei and the rest would have had trouble in deciding on where to go next as there were no quest hints.

    Now that there was only one way to go, Jiang Fei did not have any other options. After all the Bandits had returned, Jiang Fei and the rest had started walking along the only path out.

    Compared to the huge hall, the pathway was much narrower. However, it was still wide enough for Jiang Fei and his group. The pathway was approximately a few meters in width and seven to eight meters tall. They went down the seemingly endless path which twisted and turned along the way.

    As there were Bandits leading the way in the front, Jiang Fei and the rest were able to progress smoothly. However, the peaceful journey did not last very long.

    "Ding! Your group member Leisure Monkey has died!"

    The sudden system notification surprised Jiang Fei and the rest.

    "What happened, Monkey?" Billy Boy asked in the group channel. That was an advantage for players as they could still converse despite being dead.

    "I don't know! I died without any warning! The battle record did not show anything either..." Leisure Monkey sounded equally confused.

    Very soon, Jiang Fei and the rest made their way to where Leisure Monkey's corpse was located.

    "Magician, Illuminate! Cleric, resurrect him! Everyone else, stay alert!" Billy Boy was very experienced after all. He immediately gave instructions with clarity.

    "Shuffle!" A bright light rose and brightly illuminated the area around Leisure Monkey's corpse.

    Billy Boy and the rest had not dared to use Illuminate earlier because they were concerned about being discovered by their enemies. However, now that they had been attacked, it meant that their group's location had already been exposed. Therefore, it would be easier to defend themselves if they lit up the area.

    As Illuminate allowed the surrounding to be lit up, all the players became alert. The cleric in charge of reviving Leisure Monkey began to work.

    Resurrection was a very advanced skill. Although it could not compare to ultimate skill books like Seal Curse Spells, very few lucky healing Professions could learn the skill.

    The casting time of Resurrection was rather long, at almost one minute. In the state of battle, almost none of the Clerics would stop defending themselves to use the spell. Therefore, this type of skill would normally only be used after a battle had ended.

    "What is this?" Just as the Cleric had resurrected Leisure Monkey, a more observant female Bandit discovered a needle on the ground.

    "Gnome Spike!" Akatziris immediately recognized the item.

    "Do you know what it is?" Jiang Fei was overjoyed. He was glad that he had brought someone native along.

    "Yeah! This is an item that belongs to the Ancient Gnome Kingdom. It's a very powerful trap setup! It's possible that this is one of the sunken Gnome Castles!" Akatziris stated.

    "Trap? Bandits, be careful when you are exploring! Beware of traps!" Billy Boy ordered.

    "It's pointless. The Gnome's traps are very finely made. Normal Bandits would not be able to discover them or even unlock them!" Akatziris shook her head.

    Although Bandits had the skill to unlock traps and also had corrections to their chances of being affected by traps, they were helpless against the Gnome's technology. The only way to escape the traps was to sacrifice their own lives.
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