696 Spectral Investigator

    "We have no other choice in that case. Monkey and the rest of you, we're counting on you lot!" Billy Boy said after hearing what Akatziris had said.

    "Don't worry about it. It's just dying after all. We aren't called heroes for nothing!" Leisure Monkey said jokingly.

    Although Leisure Monkey had only just been resurrected, he did not seem to oppose the idea of becoming a human radar. That was because he was located in the faction region which meant he would not lose any Experience points upon death. Moreover, since there were no enemies around, he would only have to pick up the equipment and items he dropped. There was no loss so as to speak. The only thing which annoyed him was that he would have to die every few minutes.

    Very soon, eight of the Bandits began their search in front of the group with Leisure Monkey in the lead. Jiang Fei and the rest followed behind him with a thirty-meter gap in between.

    "Ahh! I died. Cleric, save me..."

    "Ahh! I died too..."

    "Save me as well!"

    "I'm sorry to trouble you, sister Cleric, I died again..."


    Ever since Leisure Monkey's first death, it was as if Jiang Fei and the rest had entered a trap zone. A trap was lying in wait for them every few steps.

    Most of these traps could not be identified by even the Bandits. Although they were able to identify the remaining traps, Bandits like Leisure Monkey had no way of dismantling these traps. Therefore, the only way to deal with these traps was to sacrifice their own players' lives.

    The cycle of death and resurrection repeated over and over again. On average, each of them died no less than thirty times. Most of them had become numb to death. They eventually gave up calling out for help. All of those who died just lay there quietly until the Clerics made their way to resurrect each of them.

    "How big is this trap area..." After around two hours, Jiang Fei started to get impatient.

    Although the Bandits and the Clerics were the ones occupied most of the time, the rate of advancing was very slow. After two hours, Jiang Fei and the rest still had not gone very far.

    "I have no idea... Ahh... I died again..." Leisure Monkey shouted as he was killed by a ball of flame that came out of nowhere.

    "Resurrect him..." Jiang Fei rolled his eyes. Although the pathway was not very long, it was tedious for the Bandits and the Clerics. The Bandits, especially, had to go through a lot of mental torture.

    After another half an hour, Jiang Fei was beginning to lose his cool. He was starting to feel bad for the Bandits who had died over fifty times.

    "Ask Rosette Rose to compensate these Bandits for the mental torture they have to go through..." Jiang Fei turned around to tell Billy Boy.

    "All hail big boss!" Leisure Monkey sprang up as soon as he heard the compensation. He knew that the Empyreal Dragon was filthy rich and, moreover, Jiang Fei did not really care too much about the money he earned or spent. Therefore, he treated his guild members generously. Each of the compensations he awarded was a large sum of money.

    While the Leisure Monkey was overjoyed, there was an impending tragedy upon the rest of the group.

    Leisure Monkey's jumping around seemed to have triggered a trapdoor. Thereafter, the ceiling started collapsing. In an instant, eight of the Bandits were all crushed to death by the collapsed ceiling.

    "D*mn! You darned monkey. Stay away from me..." While the Bandits were waiting for Clerics to resurrect them, they started reprimanding Leisure Monkey in the group channel.

    After a few minutes, all of the Bandits were resurrected. They then resumed their exploration.

    Perhaps, the collapsed ceiling was the last of the defensive traps. After the Bandits' resurrection, none of them encountered any further traps.

    "Is it finally over?" Jiang Fei let out a sigh of relief. The less than one thousand meter journey took them more than three hours to complete.

    Although the road ahead was still a long winding path, there were no longer any traps in their way. Jiang Fei and the rest moved at a much faster pace. Fifteen minutes later, Jiang Fei and the group finally came out of the pathway and into a broad open space.

    "D*mn! This isn't the Underground World! It's not any different from the world on the surface!" Billy Boy exclaimed as he looked around.

    Jiang Fei and the rest were located in a huge empty space. There did not seem to be any ending to the space around them. While there was still a ceiling, it was hundreds of meters above them. There were countless blue crystals attached to the ceiling which refracted light that lit up the entire space.

    Not only was the space wide, there were also plants and animals on the ground. Although the species of these plants and animals were different from those on the surface, it made the place seem much more lively.

    "Bandits, split up!" Billy Boy ordered. As they were no longer in a narrow space, they needed to widen their search zone. Therefore, the Bandits' job had become much more difficult.

    After much walking, Jiang Fei and the rest finally discovered something new after half an hour.

    "Guild master, there is a mysterious old man here!" One of the Bandits shouted out in the group channel.

    "Someone's here?!" Jiang Fei was stunned. He then became overjoyed. They had finally found someone alive. This old man must be the person in charge of their quest's continuation.

    Very soon, Jiang Fei and the rest arrived before the old man.

    Lost Old Man (Human Race, Elite)

    Level: 70

    Health Points: 100%

    Remark: A Disguised Spectral Investigator.

    Although he appeared to be a mysterious old man to the others and seemed to be mumbling something which they could not understand, the old man did not respond even though the Bandit from before tried to speak to him.

    However, due to the mysterious ring, Jiang Fei was able to uncover the old man's true identity.

    "Akatziris, talk to him!" Although Jiang Fei held a high position in the Nephilim race, the fellow before him was only a Spectral Investigator. Although they both belonged to the Dark Faction, the difference in their levels was too great. Therefore, the Spectre would not recognize Jiang Fei even if he approached him.

    However, things had gotten easier with Akatziris around. Even if the Spectral Investigator could not identify Akatziris as the Nephilim Race's Third Princess, Akatziris' Nephilim race would be sufficient.

    "Spectre! Are you in charge of receiving us here?" Akatziris asked the old man.

    "Ahh?!" The old man was stunned when he realized his identity had been revealed. He very quickly confirmed Akatziris status as a Nephilim.

    "Greetings, Nephilim master! I am the Demon Flame Fortress' Lieutenant Scout of the Fourth Army!" The old man immediately stopped his mysterious act. He instantly tore away the human skin he wore as a disguise to reveal his own decaying body.

    "Alright! What's the continuation of our quest?" Akatziris did not greet him in return. She merely waved her hand. The Nephilims held a very high rank in the Dark Faction after all and were way above the Spectres.
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