697 A Professional Bully

    With Akatziris carrying the conversation, the Spectral Investigator quickly explained the next steps of the quest to Jiang Fei and the rest.

    "Ding! Quest renewed!"

    Jiang Fei and the rest received a renewed quest at the sound of the system notification. All of the quest's objectives had been listed out.

    The Spectral Investigator was stationed here to spy on a drilling site. It was an abandoned part of the Ancient Gnome City. Unfortunately, it was discovered by the Light Faction beforehand. Therefore, Ivan did not want to alert the opponent before they had enough manpower. Ivan only decided to rob the Gnome's ancient site after the Nephilim King had sent Jiang Fei over to assist him.

    Jiang Fei and the rest had a very simple quest, which was to kill all of the Light Faction soldiers and players in the drilling site. Their main objective was to take control of the drilling machine at the center of the drilling site.

    "It doesn't sound too hard!" Billy Boy laughed.

    "The quest wouldn't be this simple. We should still stay alert!" Jiang Fei frowned. This quest was too easy for him. He felt very suspicious as it was very unlike the level of difficulty of quests he had taken on before.

    "Bandits, have a look around the drilling site to gather some intel!" Billy Boy waved. The few ten Bandits split up and started investigating the area which the Spectral Investigator had pointed out.

    Very soon, the Bandits returned with the intel of what they had discovered. Jiang Fei and the rest also had a better understanding of the drilling site.

    The entire drilling site was not small. The drilling machine was still humming. It appeared that the Light Faction's drilling had not stopped yet. There were not many Light Faction players at the drilling site, only thirty to forty pub players were doing quests in the area. There were mostly Light Faction workers and soldiers on the ground.

    To Jiang Fei and the rest, those workers were not a threat to them at all. They were merely some Level 50 and Level 60 Elite monsters which any of Jiang Fei's players could easily finish.

    However, the soldiers were mostly made up of Level 70 and above Elite monsters. Moreover, there were several commanders amongst them. The commanders were at the very least Leader Bosses. There were even two Master Bosses.

    "This can't be right. It is a main storyline quest after all. How could it be this simple?" Jiang Fei mumbled to himself. The abilities of these defense soldiers were far too weak. Jiang Fei could eliminate all of them single-handedly and they wouldn't last more than two minutes.

    "Guild master, what should we do?" Billy Boy asked.

    "Let's kill them!" Jiang Fei shook his head. Although he felt that something was amiss, he could not tell what it was. He would have to play along for now and figure it out as they continued.

    "Alright!" Billy Boy nodded. They then began to adjust their strategy.

    Very soon, under Billy Boy's command, two hundred of the Empyreal Dragon's players went into their formation as they hid somewhere in the dark.

    "Monkey, it's all on you now!" Billy Boy glanced at Leisure Monkey.

    "You can count on me!" Leisure Monkey sneakily walked up a small hill. The small hill was slightly further away from the drilling side. However, as it was much higher than the flat ground, most of the players in the drilling site would be able to see it.

    After reaching the top of the small hill, Leisure Monkey retrieved a magic scroll from his backpack. It looked like a toy from the city's stores. After tearing the scroll open, a white light appeared. It was like the light that flashed when players were done teleporting. However, it did not have any actual effect. It was just a toy with visual effects.

    "Scratch..." Leisure Monkey came out from his Stealth mode as he tore the scroll open.

    A white light flashed on the small hill as Leisure Monkey appeared. It truly looked as if he had just teleported there.

    "D*mn! This fellow is too good at it. You people must have bullied a lot of other people like this, haven't you?" Jiang Fei turned around to ask Billy Boy.

    "Hehe, we always do this in the battlefield. The enemy players would mistake Monkey as having accidentally teleported there with a random teleportation scroll. Therefore, they will be attracted to the circle of trap very soon!" Billy Boy laughed.

    "You are bullying these people despite your absolute advantage. You people are horrible!" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes as he spoke.


    Just as Jiang Fei and Billy Boy were whispering to each other, the Light Faction players in the drilling site noticed Leisure Monkey.

    Right then, Leisure Monkey was standing above the small hill without any shelter around him. Moreover, based on the looks of Leisure Monkey with a huge red name above his head, the Light Faction players thought he could not have been a more obvious target.

    "Screw me! Such an unlucky b*stard!"

    "He is alone! Let's kill him!"

    "Haha. He was actually brought here by random teleportation. If we don't kill him, the heavens would not forgive us!"


    The Light Faction players had clearly fallen for Leisure Monkey's trap. The pub players charged out of the drilling site in groups of threes and fives as they targeted Leisure Monkey.

    "Eh? Where is this?" Although Leisure Monkey saw that the Light Faction players were charging at him, he still put up with the act. He looked confusedly around him as if he truly was an unlucky b*stard who had teleported there unintentionally.

    "It's such a waste if he doesn't become an actor!" Jiang Fei exclaimed. Leisure Monkey was really good at acting. He was very convincing in pretending to look around as if he was completely unfamiliar with the location.

    "Screw me! That's a lot of people!" When the Light Faction players got close enough, Leisure Monkey pretended to have only just noticed them. He then turned around and started running.

    "Chase after him! Don't let him get away!"

    "Corner him!"


    The Light Faction players thought they were the hunters in that situation. However, little did they know that they were actually the true prey.

    While Leisure Monkey ran forward as if he had no clue where to run to, he was actually leading these Light Faction players into the trap that Jiang Fei and the rest had set up.

    "It's no wonder that Billy Boy and these people have never lost in a battle. D*mn it. They are always bullying others!" Jiang Fei mumbled to himself when he saw how well Leisure Monkey worked with the players who waited to ambush their unaware opponents.

    "My beloveds, goodbye!" Once the Light Faction players had totally entered the trap, Leisure Monkey turned around and threw them a flying kiss. He then activated his Stealth mode and disappeared into thin air.

    "Sh*T! He is a Bandit! We've wasted our time!"

    "D*mn! What a waste of effort!"


    Until then, the Light Faction players were still unaware of the danger they have gotten into.

    "It's time for fresh meat, my boys!" As Billy Boy shouted, two hundred players from Empyreal Dragon leapt out from their hiding spots and started attacking these completely undefended Light Faction players.

    On one hand, there were well-trained and experienced PvP players. On the other hand, there was a group of untrained pub players. Similarly, there was a complete group of two hundred players one on side, and the other had thirty to forty solo players. One party had a predetermined plan of assault, while the other was being attacked by surprise. All these factors resulted in one final outcome-a massacre!

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